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  • 5 min read

Canada has given us maple syrup and peanut butter; they also gave us one of the best rappers in the game right now. Tory Lanez has gone through a fair share of controversy and scandal since skyrocketing into the mainstream, but his jewelry collection is one that’s not really up for debate.

Let’s take a look at the rapper’s insane collection of diamonds and golden chains so you can start to find some inspiration as you start to craft up your own look.

Diamond Rings

Rings are sometimes slotted as a support crew, the roadies, the backup singers. However, Tory Lanez is one of those people who makes his rings the star of the show, the headliner at Madison Square Garden. Everywhere you see him, you’ll notice diamond-studded rings on every one of his digits.

And Lanez has been humble about the fact that his rings really don’t cost him that much. And while $7,000 is still a lot for most people, Lanez makes it clear that when other rappers try to act like their rings are upwards of $40,000; they’re just lying to get some extra clout.

Regardless, if Lanez said his rings were that expensive, we wouldn’t know any different. These pieces are unique, stunning, and impossible to turn away from. The good news is that you can get your own versions of these same rings for just a fraction of the price.

The Double Step Signet Ring and the Diamond Star Ring look and feel exactly like the ones that Lanez wears all the time. The only difference is that these are backed by our lifetime guarantee, so we’ll help you get a replacement if your ring breaks due to normal wear and tear. Which you might need if you’re wearing them as much as Lanez.

Giant Cuban Chain

Cuban chains are a staple for anyone in the hip-hop realm. They’re almost like a rite of passage to truly become a household name. And, of course, Tory Lanez has one that’s as big as an entire household itself.

Lanez’ first big chain purchase came from the famous celebrity jeweler Rafaello, and he got his hands on it for just over $175,000 – a stark contrast to his humble chains. But if you could feel the weight of this giant, bulky, diamond-covered piece, you’d probably be able to understand why it cost him so much money.

Tory Lanez Flexes His Insane Jewelry Collection

Everyone needs a chain, but you shouldn’t be chained down to spending nearly $200k just to get your hands on one. 6 Ice’s collection of chains can suit any style and any budget for any occasion. Our Cuban Chains are just as high quality as Lanez, and that price tag will have him jealous of how much he could have saved.

Forever Umbrella Pendant

When you have chains as large as Lanez, you also need to make sure you have some pendants to coincide. Lanez has a forever umbrella pendant that’s covered in diamonds to represent his very own clothing line.

Lanez’ record label, One Umbrella, means a lot to him, and his clothing line is sentimental in the same way. His umbrella logo represents the fact that no matter where you are and no matter where you go, “We’ve got you covered.”

To commemorate his line and his label, Lanez had this giant 3D custom piece commissioned. It’s a classy piece that’s highly detailed and embroidered with baguette stones along the border. What makes it even more special is that Lanez dropped this piece on the ground, and the “M” in the umbrella is now missing. This gives the piece even more character than it already had.

Tory Lanez Flexes His Insane Jewelry Collection

Of course, if he had a lifetime guarantee from 6 Ice, we might have been able to help him fix the damage with ease. Regardless, you can make your very own custom pendant from the ground up so you can feel that sentimental value in the same way.

Toronto Uzi Pendant

Lanez holds his birthplace of Toronto, Canada, close to his heart — both literally and metaphorically. He had a custom Toronto pendant made by his favorite jeweler, Rafaello, but he gave it a little signature Lanez twist.

The logo is meant to mimic the Toronto Raptors logo, but instead of a basketball on the inside, Lanez requested that the inner portion of the circle be filled with a detailed, diamond-studded Uzi weapon.

It’s meant to help him remain prideful of his roots – even if they weren’t always picturesque. He even got the same logo tattooed on his bicep.

This pendant was over $45,000, and we can’t really blame him for spending so much on such a meaningful piece. Make your own custom picture pendant to give back to your hometown in the exact same way.

Diamond Tennis Chain

If you’re trying to wear a piece that looks good for any occasion, a tennis chain is usually the way to go. This accessory has a delightful and famous history: Tennis chains are one of the most popular jewelry items for a good reason.

Lanez’ tennis chain really doesn’t look too much different from the get-go, but considering it’s made with 100% pure diamonds on all sides, and it ran him over $60,000, it definitely stands out from the typical chain.

Tennis chains are polished and professional, but they can still make waves at the club or in the bar. Get your own tennis chain in white gold, traditional gold, or even rose gold to start making waves instantly.

Sky-Dweller Watch

The Sky-Dweller watch is a symbol of wealth, class, and prestige. It’s a Rolex variant that is one of the most sought-after pieces on the market. And naturally, Tory Lanez has one with a solid gold face.

Lanez has mentioned that he doesn’t really like to gloat about his jewelry, as we've seen with his humble rings. But this is an exception to the rule. We’re not exactly sure how much his sky dweller piece ran him, but considering it’s got over 40 emerald-cut diamonds around just the band itself, we really can only imagine.

The good news is that you don’t need a Sky-Dweller to skyrocket your jewelry game into the atmosphere. 6 Ice’s line of Rocketeer and Presidential Watches are enough to satisfy your cravings for glitz and glam without tarnishing the polish and maturity that watches can exude. Get your hands (or wrists) on one today.

In Conclusion

Tory Lanez is one of the most divisive figures in the game, but there’s not much room for debate when it comes to his stunning collection of gold, diamonds, and everything in between. From custom rings to personalized pendants, he’s sort of got a knack for everything.

If you’re inspired by his collection, and you’re ready to start one of your own, 6 Ice is the finest purveyor of hip hop jewelry. Make your own custom pendants or get nearly identical variations of his bracelets and chains so you can make a name for yourself just like Lanez.



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