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  • 5 min read

We’ve lost a lot of legends in the past few years, but the loss of rap icon Pop Smoke really hit us hard. While the Brooklyn-based rapperpassed prematurely in 2020, his legacy has continued to live on through his music — as well as his signature style.

Smoke (Bashar Barakah Jackson) was no stranger to wearing some of the most extravagant pieces on the market, and his easily recognizable chains and pendants secured him a spot as one of the most stylish rappers on the market. It takes some serious talent to spit bars like him while also having enough time to amp up his outfits.

Let’s take a look at some of his priciest pieces to help you build out your own collection and honor one of hip hop’s greatest.

Who Was Pop Smoke?

Even if you’re new to the world of hip hop, you still probably know who Pop Smoke is because of the scandal and controversy surrounding his untimely death. In February of 2020, the rapper was killed in a Los Angeles rental house during a home invasion. 

Before that, the 20-year-old creator had already cemented himself as a respected name in the hip hop industry. Withsongs like “Invincible” and “For the Night,” he had inspired an entire generation of songwriters to pursue their dreams from humble beginnings.

Pop Smoke is known for being at the forefront of drill music, which is a style of trap defined by the dark lyrical content and ominous beats. It’s the type of music that will easily pump you up at the club, a rave, or even at the gym.

“Woo Star” Pendants

Pop Smoke was in the midst of crafting up a new album at the time that he passed. And since the vocals had been completed, all it took was a little bit of mixing and sound editing to finish the product. So in July of 2020, when the album was completed, Smoke’s friends and family all joined together to hear the album’s debut.

To commemorate the bittersweet moment, famous celebrity jeweler Benny the Jeweler whipped up some custom “Woo Star” pendants to give to those closest to Smoke. Among them was Smoke’s brother Mike Dee, as well as four other men from the same record label.

The word pendant is decked out in 20 karats of VS diamonds, which is one of the highest diamond clarities there are. Plus, each is made entirely of solid gold. So what was the total price tag? A whopping $18,000… each.

If you want to commemorate this legend without needing to drop as many racks, you can do just that. Create acustom word pendant with the same “Woo Star” signage, or choose a phrase of your own to help tell a story without ever needing to say a single word. You can even have full control over the base metal and coinciding chain to really make it your own.

3D Self-Portrait Picture Pendant

At the same album launch event, Smoke’s girlfriend Alyssa Danielle was gifted some extra special custom bling from Benny. Rather than the word pendant, she was given a highly detailed picture pendant of Pop Smoke’s face. 

The huge pendant was made with hand-painted enamel, and the outer edges are lined with VVS diamonds. It’s the perfect way for her to always keep Smoke closer to her heart, even though he’s not with us anymore.

Picture pendants can speak a thousand words, and you can make your own to honor a lost loved one or even just show off a design that you love. Choose your own logo, chain, and even your base metal to make a piece that is entirely unique to you.

Pop Smoke Custom Pendant

Perhaps the most iconic piece that Smoke would wear around his neck was his very own Pop Smoke custom pendant. While some might think it’s just a very expensive name tag, we think that this piece was exemplary of a lot more.

It says a lot when you can wear a piece that merely labels your pseudonym and still have it work. Pop Smoke has become a household name, and he’d wear this pendant as a way to remind people of who he was and how far he’s come.

The piece itself was a classic golden word pendant with diamonds on every single letter. While we don’t know exactly how much this piece cost him, we can guess it was a pretty penny based on his other jewelry taste.

“92” Custom Pendant

If you’re noticing a trend here, you’re not crazy. Pop Smoke definitely loved pendants as his preferred type of jewelry, and it’s probably because he loved to tell stories with them in the same way that he loved telling stories with his music.

His “92” pendant was representative of 92nd street in Brooklyn, where he was born and raised. The bulky, diamond-encrusted numbers rest on a solid gold and diamond backdrop to make for a huge, heavy, and eye-catching piece that’s fit for a king like Smoke.

We also don’t know what he spent on this piece, but we can guess that there were plenty ofdollar signs involved. But you can get your owniced-out chain and pendant that looks just as nice for a reasonable price from 6 Ice.

Diamond Watch

It seems like every rapper owns a blinged-out watch that they love to show off around their wrist, and Pop Smoke was no different. He can often be seen wearing a pristine diamond watch with handset bezels on the band, watch face, and the exterior surface. Combine that with thewhite gold finish, and it makes for a wrist piece that’s as timeless as the rapper wearing it.

If you’re looking for an easy way to take your style to the next level, adiamond watch is really the way to go. It works with pretty much any style, it matches other jewelry items, and it gives you the functional advantage of being able to tell the time.

But if you’re worried about making the investment, you can rest assured knowing that 6 Ice has a lifetime guarantee in case your high-quality product breaks down from normal wear and tear.

Iconic Styles

Pop Smoke’s legacy will live on forever. And there’s really no better way for your memory to live on than with some stunning jewelry. Smoke’s collection was always pretty subtle, but we think that fit right in with his humble personality.

Smoke owned some custom chains himself, like a solid gold Pop Smoke word pendant and a 92 chain. But the people most important to him, like his brother and girlfriend, also have their own Pop Smoke memorabilia to wear around and commemorate his posthumous success.

If you want to honor one of the greatest rappers to ever live, you can follow in his footsteps by getting some of the finest hip hop jewelry from6 Ice. With free shipping on orders over $300 and a lifetime guarantee for normal wear and tear, you can find comfort knowing that your pieces will stand the test of time, just like Pop Smoke’s timeless music.


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