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  • 5 min read

2021 is racing towards the finish line. That means you only have a few months left to show off some of the top trends before the year changes. But just because the clock is ticking doesn’t mean you don’t have some time to make an impact at your next social gathering.

While your favorite tees and shoes might be able to draw some attention, you’re going to want something a little bit more noticeable to really command the room. And what better way to do that than with a polished gold pendant.

If you’re a veteran pendant wearer, or even if you’ve never worn one in your life, there are some things you’ll want to look for in a 2021 gold pendant so you can go out in style.

1. Jesus Pendant

Pendants are one of the few pieces of jewelry that can convey meaning rather than just serve as an accessory. And being able to show off expression to your faith while also maintaining your look is something that only a golden Jesus Pendant can accomplish.

This Jesus pendant is a highly detailed representation of your beliefs that doesn’t sacrifice style. The large surface area leaves plenty of room to cover with high-quality golden plating. It’s a solid piece with the iconic metallic luster that will draw attention from across the room.

Plus, it’s covered in diamonds to really make you feel like a champion while simultaneously telling a story. It’s a must-have pendant for your 2021 collection.

When you dawn this pendant in public, make sure you have a sturdy golden chain that matches  the pendant and helps support its durable weight.

2. Baguette Bolt Pendant

While a Jesus pendant tells a story on its own, you might want to rock a look that is more mysterious. Sometimes, you just want something that will shock the crowd and add an extra jolt to your look. Luckily, the Baguette Bolt Pendant is the perfect addition to your 2021 pendant stash.

The bolt pendant takes on the shape of a lightning bolt, but it might have even more of a flash. The baguettes in the middle stand out about this piece, which serves as a great contrast to the golden frame that holds them together. 

Couple that with layered, round-cut diamonds around the edges, and you’ll have everyone in the room bracing for the storm. Not to mention, you can get this piece in white gold if you’re looking for a variation on the classic.

This is a piece that we think looks great with pretty much any outfit, though it might look best up against a black tee or another shirt without patterns.

3. World Is Yours Pendant

Wearing the right piece of jewelry can really make it feel like you run the world. The classic luster of a golden piece exudes confidence and success that is reminiscent of the hip hop icons who defined the genre. Show people that you’re not here to mess around with a World Is Yours Pendant.

While most pendants lay flat against your chest, this one stands out in more ways than one. It’s a 3D piece that not only gives more dimensions to cover with solid gold plating but it also has more surface area to incorporate some stunning round cut diamonds.

There’s no better way to work towards running the world than by wearing it around your neck. The World Is Yours pendant will take you one step closer to achieving your wildest dreams.

With a piece this big, try for a more subtle but strong chain pairing to really let the globe shine. 

4. Broken Heart Pendant

Broken bones heal. Broken glass can be replaced. But a broken heart is eternal. Show off your sensitive side this year with a Broken Heart Pendant.

The broken heart pendant is another piece that tells a story without using any words. Not to mention, it’s got plenty of space to exude the iconic sheen of solid gold in unison with the luminance of CZ diamond studs.

We also love the red accent color on the inside of the broken heart. This gives the piece an authentic feel that really gives off the impression that you’ve been heartbroken or done some heartbreaking yourself.

And don’t worry, you can get this one in white gold too, if you’re not quite sure if traditional gold will work with your existing outfits.

This is a pendant that stands out on its own. Don’t worry about loading up on rings, bracelets, or earrings when this piece can do pretty much all of the talking.

5. Lock Pendant

Everyone’s got their secrets. And while some people might read like an open book, it’s important to keep some of your most important secrets, feelings, and emotions locked up. You can accomplish that in style with this Lock Pendant.

The lock pendant helps keep your heart safe from harm with its high-quality, hand-paved 5A CZ stones. With gold and white gold finishes, you’ll never have to worry about making sure this piece matches your current set of 2021 outfits.

This pendant looks great against a solid-colored shirt in white or black. Not to mention, it’d turn  some heads if you pair it with some matching gold bracelets or shining stud earrings to help balance out the entire look.

In Conclusion

Wearing a golden pendant is an easy way to flaunt your success and show everyone around you that you’re a force to be reckoned with. In 2021, it’s all about making bold statements that people will remember.

For a bold, gold piece that tells a story about your beliefs and experiences, you'll definitely want to go with either the Jesus Pendant or the Broken Heart Pendant. These give people insight into who you are without having ever met you.

As for a piece that just looks amazing, the Bolt pendant and World Is Yours pendant both feature intricate designs that are unlike anything you already have in your jewelry collection.

And for a little bit of both? Go for the Lock pendant that combines the iconic luster and sheen of golden diamonds with the ambiguity of the locked symbol.

Of course, you can also just get every single one so that you have something to match every occasion. 2021 is almost over, so it’s time to make the most of it before it’s too late.



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