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  • 5 min read

The man who has everything is on the cutting edge. He’s got the coolest car, the freshest threads, and a social media following hanging on his every word. 

But when his birthday rolls around or it’s time to give him a holiday gift, what are you supposed to buy? His house is already decked out, and the sneakers on his feet haven’t even been released to the public.

If you’re drawing a blank on what to give your friend, there is still hope. You need to think outside the box and add a personal touch to your gift that nobody else can accomplish. Here are ten ideas to get you moving in the right direction.

1. Original Baguette Diamond Custom Pendant

The best way to give a gift is to customize a piece specifically for that person. A man may already have his fair share of luxury goods, but he definitely won’t have a specially-designed pendant with unique text and quality materials.

Order acustom pendant with baguette diamonds in the center of each letter, and you’ve got a great gift. The man of the hour can wear his initials around his neck, represent his crew or company, or show everyone he is the true GOAT with those four glistening letters.

These powerful pendants are always a hit, think ahead and order one in advance.

2. Ice-Cold Band Bracelet

Old-school design houses like Cartier have been doing it for ages, but now that the 21st century is here, it’s time to rethink the Iced Band Bracelets we all know and love.

Too many men have overlooked this classic design in favor of different bracelet styles, but you can bring it back with this gift.

Choose between 18k gold or white gold finish and upgrade the style of any guy you know, even if he’s already got drip. A genuine Iced Band Bracelet is versatile, too, so it shines for a business meeting, date night, or night out with friends.

3. Slim And Sleek White Gold Tennis Chain

What you wear around your neck says a lot about your personality. Asubtle tennis chain makes a statement that this man doesn’t mess around. He doesn’t want to be weighed down by haters and fake friends.

The tennis chain was originally meant for the court, but now it’s great for anything. With a white gold finish over stainless steel, this tennis chain is built to last as long as it’s worn and cared for. 

For the man who has it all, quality is the No. 1 criteria, so give nothing but the best.

4. Eternity Ring With Everlasting Shine

Rings are very personal, and we often don’t question why or when somebody wears jewelry on their fingers. We assume it’s something intimate and important – maybe a relationship or a membership to a secret society.

But rings can also just be fun and fresh accessories that we wear for any reason at all. Some men like to wear minimal charcoal bands, while others go for big and bold designs to make a status statement.

For the guy who seems to have everything, his ring collection might be lagging. He could have a wedding band, and the rest of his fingers are bare 24/7. Help him upgrade in a big way with a striking, masculine Eternity Ring that he’ll keep forever.

5. Quintessential Round Cut Diamond Earrings

A man who wears earrings is on another level of confidence, and only top-tier men know just how sick this jewelry can look. Even the guys who have it all often don’t have an eye for earrings, but you can help him change that.

Round cut earrings are your best bet for this type of gift. They are the ultimate multitaskers in the world of earrings and can go from the office to the gym, then into the nightclub scene without a problem.

Premium earrings aren’t easy to find these days – lots of knockoffs and mass-produced items fill the malls of America and will not inspire a high-class guy. Give him a set ofround cut earrings to raise the stakes.

6. 2-Tone Gucci Cuban Diamond Chain

In this fast-moving world, styles get played out quickly, and it can be tough to stay ahead of the curve. Even the most stylish guys need to refresh their wardrobe with something new from time to time, and you have a chance to help with a game-changing gift.

ATwo-Tone Curb Chain with Baguette Diamonds should only be given to the realest among us. It has substantial weight to the 18 or 22-inch chain, and the 12mm width can’t be ignored.

Blending the best of both worlds – rose and white gold – this chain looks like something from your favorite music video brought to life with a fierce design.

This is a legendary gift for legendary men, so be selective about who gets one.

7. Pristine Presidential Watch

For most guys, a watch is a predictable gift that gets nothing but a yawn and a fake smile. 

You can change this by leveling up the design and flash factor with aPresidential Watch that has just the right amount of glitz.

If you give a sparkling, high-performance watch, you make sure that diamond-studded face gets burned into the brains of anyone passing by.

Here’s the truth about watches: most guys play it safe and don’t push the boundaries of style and shine. Your role as a friend is to inspire confidence and expand the idea of what’s possible in this world. An iced out watch can do just that.

8. Ferocious Spiked Cuban Chain In White Gold

Clustered tennis chains, square baguettes, and classic Cuban links are good, but when’s the last time you saw a chain that made your jaw DROP? It doesn’t happen often, and it’s the sign that a piece is awesome.

This Spiked Cuban Chain looks like something from another dimension, blasted with diamonds and plated with 14k white gold.

When he walks into the room wearing this, they won’t have a choice but to stop and stare. This is NOT a piece for the faint of heart – real champions only.

9. Time-Warp Spinning Custom Picture Pendant

Is there a picture sitting on your phone’s hard drive or a photo in your wallet that brings back your favorite memories? For max nostalgia with your next gift, place that pic in ashiny spinning pendant.

The guy who has everything definitely doesn’t have a piece like this, and the one-of-a-kind creation will stick around for the long haul. Maybe it’s an old high-school photo of a fallen friend or family member, or it could be a good-times pic from an epic night out.

Whatever image you choose for the piece, it’s going to look fresh.

10. Mighty Micro Cuban Chain

True ballers already have the thick chains they need to make a statement, but once you reach a certain level of success, you might want to opt for a moreminimal necklace that says, “I’ve got nothing more to prove.”

Cuban chain links look great when oversized, but real confident men are wise enough to wear smaller, more discrete links and still look like kings.


That relative or friend may have a lot in his life, but he doesn’t have gifts like these. Bring the heat this holiday season or make his birthday an unforgettable occasion with any one of these amazing gifts.