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  • 5 min read

You may love your partner to death, but when Valentine’s Day comes around each year, finding the perfect gift is rough. It shouldn’t be so hard, but we all end up in the same situation. Time runs out, and you need to get a giftnow.

This year, you’re in luck. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you in this article with great gifts for every type of man.

Whether he’s a forward-thinking fashion icon, a gym rat who loves to lift, or a serious businessman who stays on his grind – we’ve got all the bases covered.

Stop freaking out about Valentine’s Day because you’re in good hands. Here are the gifts you should consider for your partner when Cupid’s Arrow strikes.

1. Figaro Bracelet

Capture cool, old-world vibes with a Figaro-pattern bracelet with white or yellow gold.

This is a classic Italian chain that alternates several small links with one long link, creating a distinctive, European look. This is the perfect piece to wear with a button-down shirt and a blazer, or a long sleeve tee on a cold evening.

If your man loves the jewelry designs of Gucci and Cartier, this is the bracelet you want to lock down for him this Valentine’s Day.

2. Byzantine Chain

You’ve got yourself a man unlike any other, and he deserves to wear a chain that is bursting with originality and energy. There aren’t many designs quite like Byzantine links, which play on horizontal and vertical planes on a long, shimmering chain.

You need to see the cool look of this chain in person to believe it’s even real. At a width of 10mm and a weight of 140 grams, this Diamond Byzantine Chain is an serious statement for any social setting.

3. Round Cut Earrings

Earrings might seem like an odd gift, but if your guy has his ears pierced,round cut diamond earrings are it. 

From the second he opens the box with these earrings inside, the reflection of these high-clarity gems will let you know that you made the right choice. You will know that you made the right pick – no better feeling than that.

The best part about round cut earrings is that they can be worn every single day. That means when he looks in the mirror, he’ll think of you 24/7, 365. And that’s pretty much the goal, right?

4. Pendant Picture Frame

Some couples are always snapping selfies wherever they go, but most of the pictures just end up sitting on your phone and never fully appreciated. It’s time to put your favorite pic to good use in a pendant to hang around your partner’s neck.

This is some serious old-school romance here, but you know deep down that this is a good gifting move.

Select a pendant that opens up locket-style, or frame the picture in a circular chamber that will always be treasured. The exact details of the piece are up to you, and the memories you capture will be with you at all times.

4. Eternity Ring To Make It Last Forever

A word like “eternity” is a big deal, but if you’re spending Valentine’s Day with that special someone, why not go all-out with the words and gestures?

This majestic 3-Row Eternity Ring is brimming with radiant gems and can be white or yellow gold plated or made of vermeil. This is an eye-catching item that draws attention to the hand and complements any wedding band.

Whether this is your first Valentine’s Day spent together, or you’ve been partnered up for decades, a shimmering ring like this is going to be the star of the show.  

5. Clean Tennis Bracelet

Not all men like to flash big rocks wherever they go, but a little bit of bling goes a long way for any guy who looks after his looks.

A slim and sleekTennis Bracelet is the perfect pick if your husband or boyfriend likes to be more laid-back with his style – this piece does the trick without blinding the whole room.

Round cut diamonds make this bracelet pop with the right amount of shine, and he will love the way it looks with any outfit. Plus, he can wear it while working out and not worry about too much bulk on his wrist.

6. Jet-Setter Watch

Want to make this Valentine’s Day the best one yet? Go BIG with a fully Iced Jet-Setter Watch that will have him head-over-heels. You’ve never seen a watch on this level before – gold plated with thousands of quality handset stones.

You may have to keep a closer eye on your man once he starts getting all that extra attention for this watch. He’s going to look like a certified celebrity every time he walks into a room, and he’ll receive more compliments than he can handle.

Believe us when we say – if you give him this watch, he’ll always make time for you in his day.

7. Baguette Mariner Bracelet

The mariner chain design was inspired by the ocean, but you’re sure tosea that this is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Alternating baguette diamonds and bold chain links make this style totally original and match well with a cool button-down shirt or bomber jacket. It’s also casual enough to wear while shopping for groceries or taking the dog for a walk – complete flexibility is a plus.

This masculine Mariner Bracelet with Rose Gold is something you don’t see that often, so if your man doesn’t like to follow the crowds, this is the piece for him.

8. Pendants With A Purpose

The best jewelry can capture a piece of somebody’s personality and display it in an elegant way with visual appeal. This is easier said than done, but you know your man better than anyone, so work it to your advantage.

Maybe he has a strong connection withmysterious religious imagery, or there’s aparticular plant leafthat he appreciates more than others. You know which one we’re talking about.

Some guys even like to add a little humor to their style now and then, and a pendant offers the perfect canvas for fun. We all love a man who can laugh.

Browse some of our favorite designer pendants and present one with pride on Valentine’s Day. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know exactly which one he wants most.

9. Your Ideal Combination Of Smaller Pieces

The question you should always ask yourself on Valentine’s Day is whether you should give one big gift or assemble a set of little ones to give as a set.

It’s easier to take the one-and-done route, but sometimes it’s more satisfying to wrap up small pieces and hand them over in a specific order. Who doesn’t love unwrapping more presents?

For example, you can create a hand-written card for your man, buy him his favorite bottle of bourbon, then throw in a sleek tennis bracelet to top it all off. 

This is a great way to spread the love without spending a boatload because you put that extra thought and care into the gift presentation. At the end of the day, that’s what matters most, so think about creative ways to make an impression this Valentine’s Day.

A gift in many parts is always appreciated, and even if the total price tag isn’t monumental, the effect may be more powerful than any single gift you can give.


There are few holidays trickier than Valentine’s Day. Restaurants are full, expectations are high, and some people even end up splitting for good. That isn’t going to be you.

To make sure your celebration goes smoothly, just give one of the gifts we talked about here. Take the pressure off yourself and follow our advice.

Each gift on this list is a winner, and you can’t go wrong, so feel the love and have fun.