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  • 5 min read

If you’ve ever seen the viral interview, you know that DJ Khaled has a little trouble pronouncing the word “jewelry.” But based on his insane collection, he doesn’t have much trouble throwing on some stunning pieces and making waves with his look. And most importantly, he has no issue releasing hit songs that end up on Billboard's Top 100. 

The rapper/producer is known for his eccentric style and personality, and his jewelry collection only emphasizes his lovable vibe. Here’s a deep dive into his arsenal of pieces so you can have a better idea of how to craft a look of your very own.

Platinum Rolex Watch

DJ Khaled has more watches than many other rappers we’ve seen and admired. But he didn’t mind getting himself “another one” — especially when that meant it would become his favorite watch that he owns. 

This custom-made Rolex piece is made of pure platinum around the watch face and on the watchband. The face itself features Arabic numbers with a baby blue backdrop. It is a quintessential piece that somehow screams DJ Khaled while remaining subtle and professional.

The producer didn’t even know how much he spent on this watch, but he thinks it was anywhere between $70k and $80k. The good news is that you can match his style without matching his bank statements.

Our Iced Rocketeer watches are fit for kings, but they’re made for everyone. Using the same cutting-edge tech as Swiss manufacturers, this design is as timeless as the sweeping quartz movements inside of them. This 18k gold variation with a white dial looks strikingly similar to Khaled’s favorite piece, but it only costs a fraction of the value. It’s made from 316L Surgical Stainless Steel, and every single one is professionally hand-polished for a shine unlike any other. 

“The Famous Chandelier” Watch

If you walk into a home with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, you can usually already feel that the homeowners have some wealth. And if you wear a chandelier around your wrist, you get that same essence right away.

While this custom piece doesn’t technically look like a chandelier, it still shines like one. It’s covered in handset baguette stones from the band to the face, reflecting the light in unmistakable ways. In fact, his version has a larger watch face than the other versions of this watch that were produced, making it even more striking.

DJ Khaled wasn’t forthcoming about how expensive this piece was — but he alluded to it being almost one million dollars until he was able to bargain it down a little. Some sources report he paid close to $300,000, so the mystery continues on the final bill. 

This is the type of watch that many of us dream of getting our hands on, but you don’t need to be a successful music producer just to look your best. Pair one of our Rocketeer watches with a baguette chain to get the best of both worlds at just a single, affordable price.

Rockefeller Cuban Chain

Wearing jewelry because it looks cool is one thing, but it can take on a whole new level of sentimentality when your chain has a meaning behind it. DJ Khaled’s Rockefeller Cuban Chain hits both of these criteria with ease.

This custom pendant is loaded with pure gold and natural diamonds on all sides, making it easy to look at. But considering that this piece was gifted to DJ Khaled by the ultra-famous Jay-Z, this piece is one of his all-time favorites. In fact, Jay-Z took this piece right off his own neck and gave it to DJ Khaled as a gesture.

You can give jewelry new meaning by making it your very own. While custom jewelry might seem out of your reach, it’s actually a lot easier to create than you might think. 6 Ice gives you all the tools you need — all that’s left is your personal input.

From word pendants to picture pendants, you have full control over the content of the piece, the base metal, and even a matching chain. It’s the easiest way to make a piece that is truly yours, and you can amplify it by attaching your own sentimental undertones. Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll be gifting DJ Khaled a custom-made pendant yourself.

Double Key Pendant

The easiest way to load up on expensive jewelry without spending a dime is to have famous friends. And we’d say Drake is perhaps the best you can get. The Canadian rapper gifted a custom pendant to DJ Khaled on his birthday.

This pendant features two interlocking keys – one in white gold and one in traditional gold. One key is labeled “Khaled,” and the other is labeled “Asahd” to represent the DJ’s first and only son. If you’ve ever listened to a DJ Khaled song, then you know how much his son truly means to him. So this is an amazing way to show off his bond even when he’s not with his son.

While DJ Khaled has the keys, you can have the locks. These traditional gold and white gold lock pendants can be shared with a friend or a loved one to denote your shared secrets and trust.

Or, you can just wear them on your own to represent your own protective and defensive nature. Whatever you decide to do, these are statement pieces that will have people stopping and staring.

Allah Pendant

Using jewelry to represent your faith is one of the best ways to show devotion without sacrificing your style. And DJ Khaled knows this better than anyone. His iced-out Allah pendant is a stunning piece that is loaded with pure diamonds. Yet it's the meaning and value behind it that is more persuasive.

His son has a matching pendant, allowing his whole family to take part in their shared beliefs. And considering that religion is a big part of Khaled’s life, this is a piece that the DJ doesn’t leave the house without.

You can get a nearly identical pendant from 6 Ice for just a fraction of the cost. Our Baguette Allah Pendant is the perfect way to show devotion to your faith without losing sight of your own personal style.

A Star-Studded Collection

DJ Khaled is known for making waves with his music and for having some of the most insane features in the songs he produces. Yet, his jewelry collection might be just as impressive as his discography.

From custom pendants to Cuban chains, from headline-worthy watches to sentimental symbols, he’s got something in his collection that speaks to everyone. So if you’re looking to get your feet wet in the world of jewelry, he is definitely an icon to take after.

Get your start by taking a look at our expansive catalog of jewelry. From rings to custom pendants, all of our pieces are backed by a lifetime guarantee. So you can have confidence in the quality of the products you buy. 

6 Ice is the purveyor of quality hip hop jewelry. Get started towards the best version of yourself today.



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