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  • 5 min read

A 5th year anniversary is a big deal. That’s a half-decade of good times and connection, even ­­if it means overcoming some struggles and challenges.  We’re not going to pretend that relationships are easy to manage, but they are so worth it when you hit the five-year point.

Giving a gift to your partner should be the easy part, but when it comes to anniversary gifts, it’s rough out there. This is the person you spend the most time with – why is it so damn hard to figure out what to give them?

We’ve all dealt with the pressure of an upcoming deadline, and nobody should scramble at the last minute for a gift this important. We’re here to come in clutch with a full list of cool items for your significant other when the 5-year bell rings.

Whether you’re a guy or girl, there will be something that catches your eye, guaranteed.

Enough waiting; let’s get into it.

1. Round Cut Or Princess Cut Earrings

It’s all about earrings right now, and there are more styles to choose from than ever before. Take a stroll through a local department store or browse the online offerings on your favorite website – have you ever seen so many kinds of earrings?

Sure, it’s fun to experiment with different designs and materials on your ears, and they can make for a bold fashion statement from time to time, but you’ve got to stick with the classics when celebrating a 5th year anniversary.

Round cut diamond earrings never disappoint, and both husbands and wives will be thrilled to open up that square box to see a shiny new pair. Circular and symmetrical, round cut is classic for a reason – they look good on everyone and can be worn for almost any occasion.  From casual to formal, round cut always works.

Princess cut earrings, on the other hand, have a more complex thing going on but still bring that simple vibe. They look elegant on women in a gown, and make any young man look like a king with those hard, angular lines that shine in every dimension.

Earrings should never be overlooked, and these two options will serve you well when putting together your anniversary gift.

2. Low-Key Diamond Tennis Chain

There’s something so clean about a great tennis chain that can’t be explained in words. The effect is undeniable – the minimal design of the round cut diamonds in a loop hanging casually sends a message of confidence.

You know that a man or woman has style when they rock a tennis chain. Tennis chains let you flex in a cool, subtle way wherever you go.

Maybe your partner is the strong, silent type who doesn’t like to make a loud statement. If so, adiamond tennis chain is the right move for your upcoming anniversary gift.

3. Diamond Prong Cuban Bracelet

Some men wear beads on their wrists, while others prefer leather bands in a more rugged style. But when you’re giving an anniversary gift, you need to raise the stakes with a bracelet that turns heads from every corner of the room.

We’re talking about a bracelet that says “I made it” and earns the respect of friends and business partners with a single handshake. When you give your man adiamond prong bracelet, you give him a ticket to the top of his game. That extra confidence is something that you can’t put a price tag on.

Some guys prefer bracelets to be a bit slimmer, while others always prefer thick 19mm links around their wrist. A 12mm bracelet is a great compromise, bringing the right amount of boldness without going overboard.

Look for that definitive Cuban Prong Style, and your gift will be a home run for sure.

4. Iced-Out Presidential Watch

Nothing ties an outfit together like a diamond watch, and the versatility goes a long way in every business meeting, date night, and family event.

Maybe your partner is still sporting that watch from years ago out of habit. A digital watch can tell the time just fine, but that’s the bare minimum. They might not know the power of adiamond presidential watch, so bring them into the light for your anniversary gift.

Pick smart when selecting a timepiecefor your anniversary gift. You’ve gotta consider the color of the dial, the color of the gold or silver, and how much flash you want when it comes to diamonds.

It’s a lot to take into account, but the more thought you put into finding a watch that matches his style, the more he’ll like it.

5. Customized Letter Pendant

Seeing our name in bright, glistening letters is a sick way to display your personal style.

Unlock this with acustom letter-print pendantfor your loved one when the 5th year mark arrives. A personalized piece shows you care enough to think long term, and a quality piece from 6 Ice will be worn for years.

Block letters, baguette gems, or old-school script letters are all great options for your husband or wife, depending on their unique personality. Spell out their full name to keep things formal, or use a nickname or pet name for way more fun.

A custom pendant means that NOBODY else on the planet will have the same one – how can you make a gift more special than that? A five-year anniversary only happens once, and this is a great way to make it count for more.

6. The Perfect Relationship Ring

We know you exchanged ringsfive years ago, but you’ve got plenty of fingers with empty space.  Why not add more rings to the mix?

If your partner’s wedding band is looking lonely, a more exciting ring may be just the thing they need to spice things up. Aspinning layered diamond ring is like a gemstone merry-go-round on your hand, while a more baguette eternity ring is steadier and more stable.

Do some research to figure out which ring styles work best for how your partner dresses. You want them to wear this ring and never forget who gave it to them.

Take this gift to another level by coordinating with your partner ahead of time to get matching rings to wear on the same finger 24/7.

7. Legendary Infinity Chain

Let’s face it; guys aren’t the most talented at giving gifts to their wives and girlfriends, even if they’re great in all other ways. It’s not an easy task, which is why giving something like adripping infinity chain can make any guy look like an expert.

This necklace will draw compliments from everyone, everywhere. Interlocking bands of 18k gold or white gold form an interesting chain, with a slow-drip effect that combines fire and ice.

It’s a bold statement piece that she can wear to the most important occasions like birthday parties, holiday get-togethers, and weddings.

8. Pendants

By the 5-year mark, you and your partner know each other well and have stories that only you two will know.

By giving pendants like aHamsa Hand or iced-outPyramid, you can tap into that connection that nobody else has with your special someone. Maybe it wouldn’t be the right gift for a brand new boyfriend or girlfriend, but you two have been through a lot. You can get them something they’re interested in or speak to their faith with this piece of jewelry.

Look into cool, original pendants that tell a story. 


Five years down, many more to go. An anniversary is a big thing, and your gift to your partner should reflect your relationship.

Any one of these gift suggestions will rise to the occasion, so take your pick and enjoy the celebration to the fullest.