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3mm Franco Chain White Gold

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Cuban Pearl Bracelet 18k Gold

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3mm Franco Chain 18k Gold

-43% OFF

$96.00 $54.00

Sharingan Pendant 18k Gold

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5mm Tennis Bracelet White Gold

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About Us

Our Mission

Founded in Toronto in 2018, 6 ICE is a distinctive urban jewelry label. It is committed to constant evolution, characterized by premium materials and one-of-a-kind designs. The brand draws inspiration from the city's vibrant urban and hip hop culture, often referred to as 'The 6'.

All creations are conceived and designed at the brand's headquarters located in downtown Toronto. 6 ICE is renowned for pushing limits and reaching new heights, crafting jewelry intended for the up-and-coming generation.



Our exquisite range of products undergoes a 5 times dip in authentic 18k gold, a process that effectively wards off tarnishing. We also offer .925 Sterling Silver and Solid Gold pieces, crafted to balance style and trustworthiness.

Each piece features hand-set CZ stones placed delicately in a micro pave setting. We also offer superior VVS moissanite and real diamonds. Our goal is to deliver the finest quality jewelry tailored to suit your budget.