Kodak Black Gifts Insane Gremlin Chain

Kodak Black is one of the most divisive figures in hip hop. While plenty of people will tell you that he doesn’t deserve all of the acclaim purely because of his eccentric style and unique look, we like to argue that this is exactlywhy he should be respected in the rap world. 

And while he might not necessarily have as many number-one hits as someone like Jay-Z or Kanye West, he’s still an important figure in the music landscape. Plus, he’s got the crazy jewelry to match.

Let’s take a look at the insane gremlin chain that he was gifted during one of his shows, as well as some of the other pieces he owns.

Glow in the Dark Gremlin

Kodak is known for a number of different songs that you’d probably heard before, and one of those is his recent release “Super Gremlin.” To commemorate this success, his producer hopped on stage during a live performance of the song to give Kodak this insane chain.

Kodak debuted this piece at a Miami nightclub, and his producer mentioned that Kodak had his eyes on this piece for a while. It was on TraxNYC’s website, and Kodak figured that he needed to have it because of how well it fits with the theme of his new song.

This is a quirky, silly-looking pendant that really couldn’t be pulled off by anyone except for Kodak. It’s a green gremlin with golden diamonds in its eyes and sparkly dreadlocks hanging out of a Boston Red Sox bucket hat.

We’re not really sure why he’s wearing a Boston bucket hat, but we’re not mad about it. This insane piece gets even more insane as it hangs from a tennis chain made with pure diamonds. It’s a piece with sentimental meaning to commemorate his new song, but it’s also not meant to be taken too seriously.

Regardless, we’ve seen Kodak wear this piece for a while, so he’s definitely getting his money’s worth. While you might never have a need to get a pendant that looks the same, you can certainly use this to get some inspiration for your own piece.

At 6 Ice, you can have full control over your own custom pendant. From picture pendants to word pendants and everything in between, you can have the freedom to make a piece that truly speaks to you. Pick the style, pick the base type of gold, and then finish it off by pairing it with a matching chain of your choosing.

To take a look at your options and start to amp up your style today, create your own custom piece.

Kodak Black’s Collection

The gremlin chain is definitely a statement piece that the rapper loves flaunting every second he can, but it is certainly not the only one that he owns. In fact, there are pieces in his collection that might be even more insane than the iconic gremlin chain.

Hebrew Chain

Kodak Black’s music is full of surprises, but so is his personal life. He shocked many of his fans by coming out as an Israelite. While he hasn’t yet converted to Judaism, the rapper proudly shows off his devotion to his faith through his jewelry.

His Hebrew pendant is a giant, diamond-studded piece that perfectly embodies the star of David. It’s a piece that allows the rapper to show off his personal side without sacrificing his style.

Kodak Black Gifts Insane Gremlin Chain

Jewelry is one of the best ways to stay devoted to your faith that also amps up your look. This Diamond Cross Pendant lets you show off your love for the Christian faith, and this Baguette Crescent Allah Pendant stylishly connects you back to Islam. It’s always a good idea to have something in your wardrobe that lets you be proud of who you are.

Pacifier Pendant

Kodak Black has wanted a custom piece from Eliantte, one of the most famous celebrity jewelers in the world, for a minute now. So, in order to celebrate his new song, “Project Baby,” he felt like the perfect symbol would be a diamond-encrusted pacifier.

This pacifier pendant is covered in white gold and black diamonds for a cheeky look that is somehow poised and polished. We think that one of the reasons why this piece feels so mature is because of its $180,000 price tag. Either way, this 98-carat piece is one that really couldn’t be pulled off by anyone except Kodak.

Kodak Black Gifts Insane Gremlin Chain

While his Hebrew chain has a sentimental meaning, not every piece of jewelry needs to be taken seriously. This pacifier chain is just meant to represent having a good time and not taking yourself too seriously. This Freeway Pendant has the same aura and the same energy as the pacifier piece. The only difference is that it will only run you a fraction of the price tag.

1800 Block Pendant

Kodak Black grew up in Florida, and he really doesn’t want people to forget about his roots. His 1800 block pendant is symbolic of the 1800 block of Pompano Beach, Florida.

This area is now known by locals as the “Kodak hood” because it’s where the famous rapper got his start. This is an area that Kodak holds near and dear to him, so he might as well literallyhold it close to his heart at all times.

This pendant is a statement piece by definition. Its large surface area is covered in solid gold and pure diamonds in every nook and cranny. At the center of the pendant are large, embroidered numbers spelling out “1800” to represent his home.

Sniper Gang Pendant

It’s hard to know exactly when a musical artist has “made it big,” but typically, when you have your own apparel line, you can consider yourself top talent. Kodak’s apparel line is called “Sniper Gang,” and its logo incorporates a backward “S” right next to a capital “G.”

Naturally, the rapper had to commemorate the launch of his line with a piece of exclusive custom jewelry. He proudly wears his logo around his neck in all of its diamond and golden glory to get more eyes on his precious brand.

In Conclusion

Kodak Black is perhaps best known for his eccentric style and otherworldly look. However, his music career has also garnered him lots of success. From hit songs like “Pimpin Ain’t Eazy” to “ZEZE,” he’s cemented himself as a name to be respected.

With that respect comes a lot of success, so in order to show off his worth, he has to load up on custom jewelry. Speaking of gremlins, his custom gremlin pendant is a showstopping piece that the rapper used to commemorate the launch of his new single “Super Gremlin.”

But he’s also got custom pendants to represent his religion, his hometown, and more. He’s got a versatile wardrobe that we’re always excited to see and even more eager to try to copy.

You can find similar styles for just a fraction of the price at 6 Ice. From chains to pendants and everything in between, we are the finest purveyors of hip-hop jewelry to help you take your look to a whole new level.



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