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  • 5 min read

21 Savage is one of the most well-known and well-respected Atlanta-based rappers in the game right now. And while he used to sport some of the wildest chains and bracelets in the rap world, he’s made the bold decision to stop spending as much money on his style.

While this might not seem like a big deal, many hip hop icons use golden chains and flashy jewelry to assert their dominance and prove their wealth. By taking a step back, 21 Savage is representing humility and poise that is not often seen in the industry.

Why exactly did he give it all up? What is he spending his money on if he’s not purchasing new pieces for his collection? Let’s take a look at some of his main reasons so you can decide if you agree with his decision or not.

Here are the three reasons behind this style transition:

He Outgrew It

One of the main reasons that 21 decided to give up the gold is because he felt like he had outgrown it. He noticed that everybody wears jewelry — it’s not something that really sets people apart anymore. And he felt like he just wasn’t putting his money to good use when he was dropping thousands on pendants and rings.

It’s representative of his maturity as an artist and a creator, and he has taken major steps towards growth as an individual. Even though we feel like jewelry isn’t always representative of immaturity, we see where he’s coming from.

Of course, it’s always possible that 21 just wasn’t looking in the right places for his pieces. At 6 Ice, our styles are always polished, so you won’t feel juvenile when you throw on one of our pieces. In fact, something like this iced presidential watch exudes professionalism, and we even think it would be enough for 21 to change his thinking.

He Thinks It’s Superficial

21 Savage listed another reason for ditching the diamonds. He mentioned that he feels jewelry is superficial in the sense that people only wear it to make themselves appear wealthy and successful. He noted that some of the richest and most successful people he’s ever met didn’t have a single piece of jewelry on them.

Wearing jewelry has always been somewhat of a power dynamic, and many people only wear it to give themselves a heightened appearance of wealth. However, 21 feels like the people with the most power don’t need to show it through jewelry.

The reasoning behind wearing a piece of jewelry can differ for everyone, and it doesn’t always have to be about flaunting your successes. In fact, wearing jewelry can have a lot of sentimental value when you wear it for the right reasons.

Custom pendants are a great example of how you can wear a piece that feels genuine and unique. From word pendants to picture pendants, adding your own meaning and ideation behind a piece of jewelry makes it impossible for it to be superficial. So maybe if 21 took a look at our selection of custom pendants, he’d have a change of heart about his perception of jewels.

He’d Rather Use the Money for Other Things

Jewelry can be expensive, especially when you’re in the hip-hop game. Icons like Kanye West, Megan Thee Stallion, and Lil Wayne have dropped thousands (even hundreds of thousands) on chains, rings, bracelets, and everything in between. And 21 felt like he could use this money for bigger and better things.

21 Savage noted that he wanted to start putting his money towards investing and saving rather than blowing it on jewelry, investing in crypto and real estate. He even mentioned that he’s been getting richer ever since he broke the shopping spree habit. He’s launched his “Bank Account” campaign to teach teens about financial literacy, credit card debt, and creating budgets.

And while we think that fiscal responsibility is a mature and undoubtedly important skill to have, we also think that there’s a way to find a balance. Jewelry doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg to look like a million bucks.

While rappers like to flaunt solid gold and diamonds on their necks or wrists, these look pretty much identical to gold plating or gold vermeil. These pieces still use real gold — it’s just a thinner layer that falls over the top of less expensive base metals, such as copper or stainless steel.

6 Ice has solid gold, gold vermeil, and gold plating options to match any price range. So you can still get richer by saving your money while also making yourself lookricher with some high-quality gold and white gold jewelry.

How To Buy Jewelry Responsibly

If you decide to choose a jewelry-free lifestyle like 21 Savage, we’re here to support your decision. However, we also feel like you can amplify your look with jewelry without compromising your integrity or bank account.

The first rule of thumb when buying jewelry is to make sure there is some kind of guarantee or warranty on the product in the event that it breaks from normal wear and tear. Not only does this help you prevent more money loss from repair, but it lets you know that the creator of the piece has full confidence in their product. Otherwise, they wouldn’t offer to replace it for free.

Additionally, make sure you’re only loading up on pieces that you really need. If you already have a 3mm gold rope chain, for instance, you probably don’t need to get another one to go with your new pendant.

And if you already have tons of gold pieces, it might be time for you to switch it up and go with white gold instead. This can help you prioritize and mix and match so that you’re never running out of styles without going over budget.

You also shouldn’t be afraid to spend a little bit less money for pieces that use diamond simulants. Cubic zirconia diamonds look nearly identical to the real thing. The only difference is that it costs thousands of dollars less. Of course, if diamonds are your best friend, there is no reason not to go for the authentic thing if that matches your style. Moderation is key to everything in life.

Intentionality in All Things

21 Savage is one of the most respected names in rap, and his new view on jewelry has made him even more respected by many. He’s decided to quit buying new jewelry because it feels superficial, he’s grown too mature for it, and he feels like he'd rather use the money for other ventures.

And while we respect his decision, we can’t help but feel like you can still be mature and authentic when wearing jewelry without also breaking the bank. 6 Ice is proud to provide the finest selection of hip hop jewelry to the masses, and with our lifetime guarantee and fast shipping, we think that we might be able to bring 21 Savage back into his jewelry-loving regimen.


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