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5mm Pink Tennis Bracelet Rose Gold

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5mm Tri-Blue Tennis Bracelet

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Diamond Cross Earrings 14k White Vermeil

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[ONE-TIME OFFER] 12mm Diamond Prong Cuban Bracelet White Gold

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6 Reasons Why People Are Buying Plated Jewelry

Real gold, silver & diamond jewelry at fair prices

1.Real Silver, Gold & Diamonds

6 ICE plated jewelry is made from real silver, gold, and diamonds. The jewelry is dipped in the precious metal coatings multiple times, ensuring that the coating is thick, durable and scratch-resistant. This means that you can enjoy the look and feel of precious metals and gemstones without the hefty price tag that typically comes with them.

2.Affordable Price Point

6 ICE offers plated jewelry at an affordable price point. You can add some high quality sparkle to your collection without breaking the bank. Plus, with the added bonus of real silver, gold, and diamonds, you can get more bang for your buck.

3.Doesn’t Turn Green & Stain Skin

One of the biggest concerns with some plated jewelry is that it can turn green or stain your skin after a few wears. However, with 6 ICE plated jewelry, you don’t have to worry about this. The jewelry is made with materials that won’t tarnish or cause skin irritation, making it perfect for everyday wear.


Another unique benefit of 6 ICE plated jewelry is that it’s waterproof. You don’t have to worry about taking it off every time you wash your hands or go for a swim. This makes it a great option for people who are always on the go.

5.Looks Fire & Is Easily Stackable

6 ICE plated jewelry looks amazing and is easily stackable. You can mix and match different pieces to create your own unique look. Whether you’re going for a simple, understated look or something more bold and eye-catching, 6 Ice has got you covered.

6.Has A Lifetime Warranty

Last but not least, 6 ICE offers a lifetime warranty on their plated jewelry. This means that you can enjoy your pieces for years to come without worrying about any damage or defects. If anything goes wrong with your jewelry, you can simply send it back for a replacement or repair.