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  • 3 min read

Hip-hop has completely revolutionized the music industry, and its grasp over popular culture continues to evolve every single day. But hip-hop is a lot more than just music. It’s a social movement with its own style and its own identity. And even though the songs and beats continue to change, the goal of 6 Ice has remained the same: to give you high-quality jewelry that’s just as powerful as the people who inspired it.

Take one look at any hip-hop legend, and you’ll notice the sheer amount of diamonds all over their bodies. Like you, we’ve always wanted to get designer jewelry on our hands, but we just never had the fame or the resources. That’s why we decided to branch off to help others get the same astonishing jewelry for a price that won’t break the bank. And we’re proud to say that we’re getting the job done.

In addition to our flagship office in Los Angeles, we’ve recently opened a brand new office in Downtown Toronto that will serve as our new headquarters. This 1,600 square foot space is just one of many new ways that we’re able to offer better customer service and content creation so we can expand the influence of hip-hop gems to even more people. 

This new office is already starting to give us some new ideas, like this brand new Marquise-Cut Clustered Tennis Chain that’s built to exude the royalty and elegance of hip-hop jewelry in all of its glamor. With our signature flawless VVS simulant diamonds reinforced with white gold plating, it’s just one example of how committed we are to setting the bar even higher than we left it.

On top of that, we opened a new fulfillment center in Pittston, Pennsylvania, so we can better serve our community of customers. The 10,000 square foot space has cut our delivery times in half, so you’ll be able to get your luxury pieces within just a week. It even allows us to offer express 2-Day and overnight shipping for those times when you need some last-minute gems for a post-quarantine party.

We’re thrilled to announce these expansions, not only because it’s a testament to the hard work of the 6 Ice team but because we can now serve our loyal customers more efficiently than ever before.

Of course, we wouldn’t be making these improvements if there weren’t a demand. Our company keeps growing because our jewelry truly stands out from the competition. Every 6 Ice product is dipped in 14-18k gold five times, which is the highest quality plating method available on the market. We’re confident it will stand the test of time, and that’s why we offer a lifetime guarantee should your piece fade, break, or tarnish.

And our hard work isn’t going unnoticed. We’re proud to have had 6 Ice jewelry featured in a List Wire article, where they praised our affordability, creativity, and commitment to quality. To see everything they had to say, including some great tips for wearing men’s jewelry, read the whole piece here.

While we’re happy and proud to be getting recognized by reputable publications, our commitment to our customers will never change. No matter how much publicity or success 6 Ice sees as we continue to grow, we will never stop supplying you with the highest quality luxury jewelry available. 

We’re not stopping anytime soon, and we hope you’ll be along for the ride.