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Travis Scott Balls Out On His Crew With Eliantte & Co Jewelry

If you’re a fan of hip-hop music, or if you’ve watched the news over the past few months, you probably know all about Travis Scott. And while his infamousAstroworld scandal has caused the Houston-based rapper to come under fire, his drip is still entirely icy.

While Scott is definitely no stranger to flaunting his successes with giant diamonds on his wrist, neck, and fingers, being friends with him also comes with perks. That’s because Scott loves to give his friends some of his favorite jewelry items too.

Let’s take a look at some of the extravagant pieces that Scott gave to his closest crew, as well as some ways that you can get in on the action.

Giving the Crew a Cut

When you’re as successful as someone like Travis Scott, you’re bound to have some pretty high-priority friends in your contacts list. And while gifting others an expensive piece of original jewelry is usually reserved for a special occasion, Scott’s crew got a stunning pendant for no reason at all.

The piece in question was a stunning, colorful pendant based on Takashi Murakami’s original artwork “Melted Utopia Dream.” The colorful, euphoric piece was adapted into an original chain by Elliantte & Co, a New York-based jewelry company owned by Elliot Eliantte. He’s created pieces for other top rappers like Roddy Rich, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and more.

But just one pendant for himself wasn’t enough, so Scott shared the love by giving a few of his closest friends a piece of the pie. Luxury Tax, a signer of his Cactus Jack record label, as well as The Weeknd’s manager Amir Esmailian, were among the select few who received this custom pendant.

Bootleg or Legit?

Despite the intricate and beautiful work that Elliante created with this piece, it didn’t go without a little bit of controversy. Mainly, the critiques came from celebrity jeweler Ben Baller, as he suggested that the piece was “bootleg” because it isn’t an official Murakami collaboration.

While Elliantte recreated a piece of Murakami’s art for the piece, it was made without his co-signature. In fact, Murakami didn’t even know about the piece being made in the first place.

Regardless, it really doesn’t take away from the fact that this is an extremely beautiful pendant that is entirely unmistakable. Thepure diamonds mixed with the colorful gemstones and zany designs definitely make us jealous that we can’t actually get our hands on one ourselves.

Travis Scott’s Baller Collection

While Scott loves giving other people jewelry as gifts, he also loves to hold onto some chains, bracelets, pendants, and rings for himself.

Let’s take a look at his insane collection so you can get some ideas forhow to complete your look.

Astroworld Chain

Eliantte and Co didn’t just stop at the Murakami piece — they also put in some work to make Scott one of the most detailed diamond pendants we’ve ever seen. Inspired by Astroworld, the giant pendant is an entire theme park attached to chains that look like roller coaster tracks.

This is a sight to behold, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Scott charged people admission just tosee the theme park around his neck. Apparently, the pendant was meant to closely resemble his concert layout and set design, giving the piece an added ounce of individuality and personal flair.

While you’ll probably never be able to get your hands on a piece as intricate, detailed, and expensive as this one, you can still have the freedom tocraft your very own pendant with ease. 

At 6 Ice, you can have full control over the contents of your pendant, the color of the base metal, and even the chain attached to your very own piece. It’s the best way to tell a story about who you are without ever needing to open your mouth.

Cactus Jack Chain

If you don’t recognize Travis Scott by his real name, you very well may recognize him with his pseudonym: Cactus Jack. And since this name represents both his record label as well as his hometown, he frequently uses it as part of his work.

The Cactus Jack logo features the word Cactus written vertically, while Jack cuts across it horizontally. And to commemorate the success of his label, he had a custom pendant made where that logo was shrouded in solid diamonds. It’s a highly personalized piece, which is exactly what pendants are meant to be.

But perhaps an even bigger draw of the pendant is the stunning mariner chain that it’s attached to. Mariner chains have a nautical, unique look with a wide surface area that really makes them pop when they’re loaded with diamonds andwhite gold.

Scott loves to show love by wearing his Cactus Jack pendant, so if you want to spread the same feeling, thisClustered Heart Cut Pendant is exactly what you need. This detailed heart-shaped charm is layered with diamonds and paired with a 3 mm tennis chain, making for a balanced piece that will turn heads and exude the same sentimentality as Scott’s.

Stormi Necklace

When you’re as high profile as someone like Travis Scott, you’re bound to have a high profile girlfriend. And in his case, that might even be an understatement, as his relationship with Kylie Jenner is constantly under a microscope.

With that in mind, their first child Stormi Scott rocked the world when she was born. And even though Scott likes to act like he’s rough and tumble, we’ve seen how soft he gets when he’s around his pride and joy.

His Stormi pendant not only looks stunning with its golden and diamond layers, but it also allows him to always hold his child close to his heart even when she’s not around. The beautiful, cursive font gives it an extravagance and nuance that is unlike most of what Scott likes to wear. But somehow, it feels just right on him.

Custom word pendants are one of the best ways to show a special someone how much you care for them. Fill out your very own word pendant with a statement or phrase that speaks to you specifically.

Living Large

Travis Scott is one of the most renowned, yet infamous, rappers in the entire game. But love or hate him, it’s hard to deny that his jewelry game is pretty top tier. 

But keeping all of it for himself just isn’t the way he rolls. That’s why he shared the love by giving some of his closest friends a custom Eliantte and Co piece that was inspired by Takashi Murakami’s artwork. It pays to be friends with the hottest rapper in the game.

But you don’t need to be famous, or friends of the famous, to look like a million bucks.6 Ice is the finest purveyor of hip hop jewelry, and we’re committed to bringing you the hottest trends in jewelry at fair prices. Look through our high-quality collection to find your perfect match.


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