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  • 6 min read

Whether he’s single, taken, or looking for love, there is nothing more attractive than a well-dressed man. The clothes you wear can make a huge impact on first impressions, and every little detail could make or break a budding romance.

The thing is: clothes and shoes can only go so far. There’s nothing better than a well-matched outfit, but that won’t help you stand out among a crowd. You’ll need a few other tricks to really elevate your style, and luckily there is a gold mine of options to help accessorize.

Most accessories are viewed as a fairly feminine addition to an outfit, typically associated with female beauty. Here’s the deal: that type of thinking is preventing men from really reaching their true style potential. Jewelry has long represented royalty and luxury sincemedieval times, so there’s no shame in wanting to join the ranks of royalty.

Let’s take a look at some of the best accessories for men that are tried and true ways to maximize your appearance.


If you’ve never worn anything besides shirts and pants, bracelets are an excellent to foray into the world of accessorizing. Bracelets are discreet enough that they won’t completely overhaul your look, but they’ve also got just the right amount of flash to really grab someone’s attention. So, it’s important you find one that’s comfortable and fashionable.

Best Men’s Accessories That Will Never Go Out Of Style

19mm Diamond Prong Cuban Bracelet 2 Tone White/Rose Gold

Before you go out and buy your first piece, consider which type would match your style. Do you typically wear suits and more professional attire? If so, you’ll definitely want to go with something more metallic and bold, like thisDiamond Prong Cuban Bracelet. Professional suits are great, but this will really spruce up your look.

If you tend to dress more casually, you’ll probably want something a bit more on the laid-back end. Leather anchor bracelets can be good choices, along with macrame. However, aDiamond Tennis Bracelet combines the boldness of a metallic piece with the casual qualities of a laid-back bracelet, making it a great all-around option for a first-time bracelet buyer.


If you love a bracelet but feel like it needs a bit more spice, add a clock. Watches rank among the top men’s accessories almost every single year, for good reason. Not only are they a stylish counterpart to any outfit, but they’re actually useful for keeping you on time.

Best Men’s Accessories That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Iced Presidential Watch w/ Red Dial in White Gold

When buying a watch, you’ll want to think similarly to bracelets. One benefit, however, is that the watch faces and bands can take on unique styles of their own. Take thisIced Presidential Watch, for example. Its stainless steel band pairs with a red face, making for an appearance that would fit any outfit, any day.

What’s great about most watches and bracelets is that they come with adjustable straps, so they can comfortably fit wrists of all sizes. But, it never hurts to measure your wrist beforehand. With your palm facing up, wrap a measuring tape around your wrist until it feels snug. Many watch band sizes are written in centimeters, so make sure you convert from inches before buying your next piece of drip.


Nothing pairs with a wrist accessory quite like a ring. These are easy to wear and really make a bold statement right away. You’ll want to add a couple to your accessory collection.

Something important to consider about rings before you buy one is that they are not adjustable like most bracelets and watches. Wearing a ring too loose will make it fall off, but wearing it too tight could causeinjury or discomfort. To size your finger, you can wrap a piece of string around your ring finger and mark the area where the string overlaps with a pen. Then measure that in millimeters and use a ring chart to find your size.

The best advice for wearing rings is to make sure it matches your bracelet. So, if you have a flashy Cuban bracelet, you’ll definitely want to consider pairing it with an equally icyCuban Prong Ring. But of course, you can wear a ring without bracelets too. 


Moving away from the wrist, your neck is one of the most prominent areas to accessorize. You’ll be surprised to see how something as simple as a chain necklace can revolutionize your look, so it’s worth doing some research and grabbing a few that will get you looking as stylish as ever.

Chains are becoming more popular each year, and a lot of that has to do with the durability of many newer options on the market. Most modern chains use stainless steel, which won’t rust or fade over time, meaning that their lifespan is just as timeless as their style.

Best Men’s Accessories That Will Never Go Out Of Style

5mm Round Cut Diamond Tennis Chain White Gold

If you want a chain that can be worn with nearly any outfit, you may want to consider aDiamond Tennis Chain in White Gold. Diamond is a neutral color, so it can pair with any colored outfit of your choosing with endless possibilities. But, if you really want to stand out and make your accessory popover your clothing, you’ll want something like thisMiami Cuban Chain 18k Gold. A shimmering gold chain will cement you as a trendsetter.


Pendants don’t normally come to mind when we think of the best accessories for men, but in reality, they are the most personal and unique accessories that you could wear. Pendants really give people a sense of who you really are, and there are a plethora of options to choose from.

A pendant is a small piece that can hang from a chain or necklace of your choosing, so make sure you have some of them on hand first. Then, think about what you might want your pendant to say about you. Do you want something that people will remember you by, or are you just going for something cool to improve up your look?

If it’s the former, this is a great way to represent your religion and beliefs in a way that will simultaneously improve your style.Cross pendants orBaguette Allah pendants are expressions of faith with just enough flair to accompany your latest look. 

Otherwise, the world is really your oyster when it comes to wearing pendants. They can have sentimental meaning, or they can really just be fun to look at, like thisPop Tart Pendant that shows you’re just as fun as you are fashionable.


Unlike any other accessory, earrings require a body modification to be worn. But the effort is worth it because you can catch someone’s attention without ever even opening your mouth. These are often the first accessories that someone will notice, so take some time to think about your options.

If you haven’t gotten your ears pierced and are considering it, you’ll want to start with a simple earlobe piercing before expanding your style options with cartilage piercings. Remember that it’s unsafe to change out your earring before your stud heals, usuallysix weeks or more. But you can start shopping now so that you’re ready.

Best Men’s Accessories That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Solid 925 Silver Round Cut Diamond Earrings Pair

Once you’ve safely gotten a piercing, you can start thinking about what you want your earrings to do to your look. Small hoop earrings, or hanging earrings, are conversation starters. These are a bit more striking than a typical stud, so you’ll want to throw on a pair of these if you’re looking to be the life of the party.

But if you want to make a statement, diamond earrings are the way to go. They catch the light just as well as they catch eyes, and thisSilver Round Cut Diamond Earrings Pair will make powerful impressions with little effort. 


Dress to impress isn’t just a figure of speech: it’s a true statement. First impressions matter, and there’s no better way to come off strong than by showing that you know a thing or two about style. Accessories are the perfect way to do that, and there’s no limit to what you can do with something so simple.

Bracelets, rings, and watches are perfect ways to keep your hands looking sleek, and the attention to detail will gain respect from anyone around. Chains, pendants, and earrings will make a bold statement right off the bat, catching the attention of everyone you walk by.

Whether you’re new to accessorizing or you’re a seasoned veteran, there is really no way to go wrong with your next piece. The only way to dress incorrectly is by not being yourself.