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  • 6 min read

Birthdays. Valentine’s Day. Winter Holidays. Anniversaries. There are so many days throughout the year where we need to give gifts to the people we love. This can make it extremely difficult to keep thinking up new ideas that are memorable, unique, and useful.

Clothes, kitchen appliances, and chocolates are all gift-giving staples. But why not switch it up a little bit this time around? Give a gift that is truly one of a kind with a personalized piece of icy jewelry.

Jewelry is a great gift for many reasons, but you can really up the ante by adding your own personal touch. It’s thoughtful, meaningful, and is sure to start a conversation when they wear it out and about. Let’s take a look at why personalized jewelry gifts are really the move.

Why Is Jewelry Such a Great Gift?

Clothing and household items are easy options that don’t often make an impact. Even without adding a personal touch, jewelry stands out above alternative gift ideas.

It’s Long Lasting

Many gifts have a predetermined lifespan. Clothes will naturally tear, food will be eaten, and experiences only happen once. But jewelry is an offering that can last a lifetime.

A new pair of earrings or a blinged-outtennis chain will never go out of style in the same way that shirts and jeans do. The right jewelry is a timeless gift that can be worn again and again. And each time the recipient puts them on, they’ll think of the person who gave it to them.

Cushion-cut Cluster Tennis Chain 18k Gold

People Don’t Normally Buy Jewelry for Themselves

It can feel a bit strange to head to the jeweler to buy a ring or a necklace for oneself, so that’s why many people don’t. But that doesn’t mean that wearers are fine with their limited assortment of options.

Jewelry is a chance to give something to a loved one that they’ve wanted for a while, just never had the chance to go get it for themselves. It’s a nice little luxury that will go a long way.

It Can Be Given to Anyone

Although jewelry was once perceived as a purely feminine article, times have changed, and it has become much morecommonplace for all genders to add accessories to their everyday fits. Jewelry can be given to all ages and genders regardless of their prior experience with it.

While earrings obviously require a piercing, you can still gift bracelets, watches, chains, or rings. This might even convince a loved one to consider getting an ear piercing to further their ability to express themselves.

It Completes an Outfit

When throwing on our clothes in the morning, it can often feel like something’s missing. But with jewelry, we can widen versatility and really max out our style on a daily basis.

Necklaces, earrings, rings, or bracelets might be just the thing that’s been left out of that brand new fit, or it could really help to rejuvenate a tired look that you haven’t tried wearing in a while. Giving the gift of jewelry simultaneously gives the gift of more freedom of expression.

It Works For Any Occasion

One of the biggest reasons why jewelry is such an ideal gift is because it truly can be gifted on any occasion. Anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays are all perfect times to give someone a new ring or an iced bracelet.

Of course, jewelry can be worn on any occasion. From fancy dinners to casual trips to the store, there isn’t a time or place when a gifted piece can’t be worn. It’s a versatile present that keeps on giving.

How Can Personalized Jewelry Make a Difference?

Personalizing jewelry takes all of these benefits and adds even more. This allows you to take full control to give a present that is truly one of a kind.

It Adds Sentimental Value

Gifts mean a lot more when you can tell that thought was put into it. While any piece of jewelry from a jeweler can be very personal, there’s really nothing quite like the sentimentality that comes from customizing a unique piece. In fact, people don’t receivesentimental gifts as much as they would like.

Custom Heart Lockets let you express your love in a distinctive way by allowing you to literally stay close to a loved one at all times. The inside of the locket could be filled with a picture of you, or it could even be a picture of another loved one that means a lot to the receiver. And since the outside is studded with flawless VVS simulated diamonds and plated with real 18k gold, it’s a personalized gift with a lot of style.

Heart Locket Custom Picture Pendant

But lockets aren’t the only types of jewelry that can be customized to add some sentimental value. If a word, name, or phrase means a lot to a loved one, consider getting aBlock Custom Letter Pendant so that those words can hang around their neck all day, every day. This shows that you know the person really well, and they’re sure to brag about you the next time someone asks them about it.

It’s Different From Any Other Gift

There’s a time and a place for gift cards, new shirts, or a brand new pair of shoes. But these gifts can get stale after a while, especially when you feel like you’re receiving them over and over again.

A personalized pendant could never feel overdone because each unique piece has never been done before. It’s a present that stands out from all of the boring and mundane gifts that might be received from most people. This means that your loved one will remember it for a long time and be proud to show it off.

It Gives You Full Control

If you know you want to get someone a piece of jewelry for a special occasion, it can be hard to find just the right one. It’s a lot of pressure to browse different pieces to look for the perfect accessory that will match your loved one’s style.

Sometimes it might feel like nothing is clicking, but with jewelry customization, you can take full control over the situation and create exactly the type of piece that you’ve been spending days looking for.

Bubble Letter Custom Pendant

Not only can you have agency over the picture or lettering on the pendant, but you can evencustomize the plating material and chain type. This gives you a nearly endless array of combinations to try out. With so many options, it will be easy to craft that ideal piece for the special people in your life.

What Goes Around Comes Around

When gifting someone a studded custom pendant, it’s easy to want one for yourself as well. Many people don’t realize that jewelry customization is so accessible and easy, so when a loved one finds out that they could use this option too, you might just receive your very own piece of personalized bling in the future.

How Can I Make Custom Jewelry?

There are many in-person jewelers that offer customization options, but they can often be extremely expensive and inconvenient. Many online jewelers also offer personalization, but they’re limited in the number of styles available.

6 Ice has one of the widest catalogs of customizable pendants available. With other 20 different styles of pendants that can be personalized to your choosing, there’s really no doubt that you’ll be able to craft up the best gift they’ve ever gotten.

Each one is crafted and tested individually, so you know that the quality of the piece is high. And since most used flawlessVVS diamonds and real gold plating, each piece feels and looks like luxury.

In Conclusion

Gift giving can be tough, and finding just the right type of present that’s both practical but thoughtful seems impossible. Jewelry is a great gift that lasts a lifetime, can be worn anywhere, and works for any occasion. On top of that, anyone can be gifted a piece of jewelry, so it works for everyone in your life.

But if you want to really make an impact, customizing jewelry is the way to go. This takes all of the benefits of regular jewelry but adds even more. For one, it adds sentimental value that really proves you care about the recipient. And even more so, it gives you full control over the gift, letting you craft the perfect accessory for the perfect people in your life.

Customizing jewelry is extremely simple and easy, especially with reliable sites like6 Ice, who are masters in jewelry personalization. With so many different options and styles to choose from, you’ll be giving a one-of-a-kind gift that will never be beat.



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