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12mm Diamond Prong Cuban Bracelet White Gold

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  • 5 min read

Jewelry has long been considered a woman’s accessory. Since the dawn of time, it seems that wearing diamond necklaces and golden bracelets is very much a woman’s domain.

At 6 Ice, we’re not about those antiquated ideas. Everyone should be able to enjoy a stunning piece of bling regardless of their gender, and that includes men. It’s time to squash the stereotype and let men wear just as much jewelry as their female counterparts.

So if you’re a guy who’s ready to try some diamonds, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best pieces of men’s bracelets that are in fashion now and won’t go out of fashion anytime soon.

1. Clustered Tennis Bracelet White Gold

Tennis bracelets are one of the most classic pieces of jewelry in the entire world, and it’s one of the only ones with such a cool backstory. Not to mention, they’re a great choice because you can share them with your lady if she ever wants to borrow your stuff.

But even more so, tennis chains are a great way to get your feet wet in the world of jewelry with a neutral piece that still gets the job done. The chains on a tennis braceletarethe diamonds, so you’ll amplify your look easily. But since it’s thin in width, it won’t be too overpowering.

Tennis bracelets are timeless pieces of jewelry that have maintained a prominent place in the world of men’s and women’s fashion. This is a great place to start on your journey towards a completely diamond-filled wardrobe.

2. 12mm Diamond Cuban Bracelet 18k Gold

One of the main reasons that jewelry can be worn by men can be attributed to the rise of hip hop in the 80s and 90s. Hip hop icons like DJ Kool Herc and Notorious B.I.G wore giant chains and diamonds to show off their success against other rappers, as well as mainstream music stars. And the styles continued to gain respect until they became a staple of men’s fashion.

When you think of this kind of rapper jewelry, you probably envision a Cuban chain. And these are link variations that haven’t gone out of style since the formative years of hip hop.

This 12mm Diamond Cuban Bracelet combines the intricacy of a modern Cuban chain with the essence of tradition. The glimmering luster of brassy gold contrasted with translucent diamonds is a look that any guy can pull off, but not every guy can master.

This type of bracelet looks best when worn with a suit and tie, but there’s nothing wrong with throwing it on for a casual dinner or night out.

3. Diamond Byzantine Bracelet White Gold

If there’s one thing that nearly all men have in common, it’s that they like to keep their inner emotions and thoughts pretty private. And while you probably don’t want to wear an entire piece of medieval armor to keep yourself guarded, you can get a taste by wearing a diamond Byzantine Chain Bracelet in White Gold.

Byzantine chains have some of the most unique links of any other chain on the market. And even though the style originated in the Byzantine Empire as the composition of chain link armor, it has stood the test of time and continued to be an attractive, unique staple in jewelry-making.

And speaking of armor, this diamond Byzantine bracelet might protect you from spears and arrows just like an entire suit. Diamonds are the hardest natural material on Planet Earth, so this is a piece that will last you through thick and thin.

This bracelet looks best when paired with other white gold accessories, like rings or necklaces. Additionally, the contrast of white gold against dark-colored long sleeves can make the bracelet really stand out.

4. 15mm Baguette Mariner Bracelet Rose Gold

You don’t need to be a sailor in order to enjoy life at sea. And for men, surfing the waves or reeling in a big one are some of the best ways to spend a day at the beach. With a Baguette Mariner Chain, men can wear a taste of the ocean around their wrists, all while showing off some seriously fashionable links.

The 15mm Baguette Mariner Bracelet Rose Gold combines everything we love about men’s style. For one, it’s unique. The links on a mariner chain are reminiscent of ones attached to the anchor on a ship, and it makes for a style that feels more fresh and different compared to the ever-popular Cuban chain.

Also, the rose gold hue is nothing short of bold. A man who isn’t afraid to wear pink is a man who feels entirely comfortable with himself, and this bracelet will immediately show people that you’re not afraid to break some boundaries.

This one is meant for men who are used to wearing jewelry and are looking for a bracelet that can really spruce up their collection. With that said, you can hit the ground running if you make this piece your inaugural debut.

5. 8mm Miami Cuban Chain White Gold

Diamonds are just as much a guy’s best friend as they are a girl’s. However, gemstones aren’t for everyone. And they don’t have to be.

The 8mm Miami Cuban Chain White Gold ditches the diamonds so that you can bask in all of the bright white gold shine. And it looks just as pristine and polished as its iced-out counterpart.

This bracelet feels a lot more subtle than a lot of the other ones on this list, so it’s perfect for a man who is still a bit wary of sporting jewelry out and about. It’s a great stepping stone towards more bold pieces in the future.

With that said, this bracelet stands on its own. Plain white gold is something that will never go out of style, so there’s nothing wrong with wearing this piece even if you think of yourself as a connoisseur.

6. 4mm Diamond Beads Bracelet White Gold

While pretty much all of the bracelets on this list are some variation of a chain, there are still plenty of other options that are equally in style. This 4mm Diamond Beads Bracelet White Gold is a prime example of a more traditional bracelet that still maintains a fashionable essence.

The diamond-encrusted beads on this thin bracelet are impossible to look away from, but it’s small enough that it won’t distract from the rest of your outfit as a whole. It’s like a grown-up version of the bead bracelets you made in elementary school. The biggest difference is that this one will make any man look and feel like a champion.

Brace(let) Yourself For Impact

Men really should be wearing jewelry, as it’s one of the best ways to truly express themselves. However, it can be hard to know exactly where to start. This list has options for everyone, and you really can’t go wrong by picking any one of these pieces.

With that said, there are a lot more to choose from, and every single one of them will be able to boost your wardrobe to new heights. Take a look at 6 Ice’s high-quality collection of bracelets, rings, earrings, and more.



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