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12mm Diamond Prong Cuban Bracelet White Gold

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  • 5 min read

Cuban chains have been a staple of men’s fashion ever since the formative years of hip hop. But in 2021, the in-style chains look much different than they did over 40 years ago.

If you’ve been stuck in the 80s and 90s, we don’t blame you. But in order to stay up to date on the latest trends, you’ll want to know what’s making headlines in 2021.

Here are the top iced out Cuban chains that need to be a part of your wardrobe before the year ends:

1. 12mm Diamond Cuban Chain White Gold

Cuban chains are some of the most iconic links that can stand the test of time like no other. And for a long time, jewelry was only used to represent wealth, power, and status. For that reason, most people wore them to social gatherings, parties, or nightclubs to let everyone know that they shouldn’t be messed with.

But everyone needs a solid chain that can be worn to a casual trip to the store or a quick stop at the office, and this 12mm Diamond Cuban Chain in White Gold accomplishes just that.

12mm Diamond Cuban Chain White Gold

The white gold color is neutral enough that it doesn’t overpower the entire outfit, but it’s also stunning enough so that it won’t go unnoticed. The 12mm width gives it tons of room to be iced out with handset diamonds, and it makes for an overall balanced feel that can work with any outfit. 

2. 19mm Diamond Prong Cuban Chain 18k Gold

When a rapper wears a chain that worsens their posture because of how heavy it is, you know that they’re the real deal. And if you want to achieve the same feeling of essence and achievement, the 19mm Diamond Prong Cuban Chain in 18k Gold is a Cuban variation that you need in your life.

19mm Diamond Prong Cuban 18k Gold

This necklace combines the traditional quality of 18k gold with the vibrant modernity of diamonds. The contrast is noticeable from a mile away, and when you pair that with the 19mm width, you have a piece that will make impressions until 3021.

This is a piece for people who aren’t afraid to be bold or for someone who is willing to try something new. While we might not recommend it for someone who has never worn jewelry before, we’d have a lot of respect if this was your inaugural debut.

3. 12mm Miami Cuban Chain 18k Gold

Diamonds are an easy way to turn any piece of jewelry into one with power and poise. But everyone needs a break from them every now and then, and you can’t wear stunning gemstones every single day.

For those days when you need something a bit more subtle without losing the feeling of authenticity and success, a 12mm Miami Cuban Chain in 18k Gold is exactly what you need.

12mm Miami Cuban Chain 18k Gold

Even without being covered in tons of handset gems, this piece is still able to control a room. With high-quality gold plating or solid gold options, this piece can be adjusted according to your personal preferences.

This is a great first-time piece of jewelry if you’re ready to get your feet wet, but it’s also a staple for your wardrobe that will let you widen your options for any occasion.

4. 12mm Diamond Prong Cuban Chain Rose Gold

2021 was a year of change for many people, and if you want to reflect that you’ve grown inside and out, wearing a stunning chain around your neck proves that you came out of quarantine with style.

The 12mm Diamond Prong Cuban Chain in Rose Gold is an exceptional piece that breaks boundaries while still fitting inside the realm of accessibility. In other words, anyone can pull this piece off as long as they’re bold enough to wear it.

12mm Diamond Prong Cuban Chain Rose Gold

The pink hue of rose gold can look great on light and dark clothing, respectively. Additionally, this chain makes a great gift for that special someone in your life.

5. 12mm Tri-Color Diamond Prong Cuban Chain

Some people like to go for traditional gold Cuban chains because they like to feel like a hip hop icon. Some like to go for white gold because it feels modern and unique. Others like to go for rose gold because it’s entirely unique, bold, and different.

But what if you were able to have all three?

The 12mm Tri-Color Diamond Prong Cuban Chain is an indecisive person’s dream. The yellowish hue of traditional gold, the white hue of white gold, and the pink hue of rose gold interlock perfectly, making for a piece that is completely unlike anything else on the market.

12mm Tri-color Diamond Prong Cuban Chain

This is what you’ll want to wear at every single function in 2021, all the way up until the ball drops. It can also pair well with any other accessory, as the tri-colors can align with either a yellow, white, or rose gold piece. Your options for mixing metals are endless. 

6. 15mm Spiked Diamond Cuban Chain

Cuban chains have soft, round links that mesh together in a way that’s unmatched by most other link styles. But if you’re rough around the edges and you want your jewelry to reflect it, the 15mm Spiked Diamond Cuban Chain is a must-have for your 2021 collection.

15mm Spiked Diamond Cuban Chain

This piece maintains the interlocking links of a Cuban chain but adds spiked edges that make it look more jagged and rebellious. This is a chain that is best worn in situations where you feel like you’ve got something to prove to those around you.

The spiked variation of the Cuban chain isn’t for the faint of heart, but it can max out any outfit in ways that no other piece can replicate. It’s worth having one for those moments where you feel it’s appropriate.

7. 2 Tone Gucci Cuban Chain Rose and White Gold

The style of a Cuban chain is iconic and easily recognizable. But in 2021, some people may want to try to stand out from a crowd a little bit more than usual after being cooped up inside for so long. If you’re one of those people, a 2 Tone Gucci Cuban Chain in rose and white gold is just what you need.

2 Tone Gucci Cuban Diamond Chain Rose & White Gold

Not only does this style combine two complementary tones for a smooth finish, the combination of the Gucci chain and Cuban chain makes for a link style that feels fresh. Not to mention, it’s loaded with diamonds from front to back.

This is a piece that will make even random passersby jealous. It pairs perfectly with dark-colored clothing, but it can also look great against a pure white top.

Let’s Link

Cuban chains are one of the most popular chain variations for a good reason, as they can work with almost any outfit during any occasion. And in 2021, it’s pretty hard to wrong with any pick.

But if you don’t know where to start, every option on this list will align perfectly with 2021 trends and will probably continue to stay relevant for years to come.

And better yet, they’re all backed by 6 Ice’s lifetime guarantee, so you can have full confidence when you end up purchasing every single one.



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