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  • 6 min read

There are so many aspects of traditional marriage that we forget about these days since they don’t seem to matter much anymore. Beyond wedding ceremonies and religious rituals, some rules apply to gift-giving as well. With each anniversary, there are guidelines to follow that tell you which type of gift to give at each the stage of the relationship – not to mention that it makes choosing a gift that much easier. 

At the four-year mark, your marriage is solid, and it’s time to give your man something that will last. We’re not talking about a lame gift that will soon be forgotten – this is your chance to present him with a reminder of wy you got married in the first place.

When you’re short on ideas for your 4-year wedding anniversary gift, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a full list of quality gifts to give your man that will last forever. 

1. Handwritten Pendant

Words can do some crazy stuff—they make us feel things without a single word being spoke. That’s a feeling the money can’t buy, and you can capture that power with a pendant crafted with custom letters for your man. 

The handwritten pendant font is the way to go for an anniversary gift. With his initials worn around his neck in cool lettering, any husband will be beaming. Can you think of a better way to celebrate an anniversary? All that’s left is the steak and champagne.

2. Heavy-Duty Diamond Prong Cuban Bracelet

What are the first words that come to mind when you think of your man? He is strong inside and out, masculine through and through, and doesn’t buckle under the pressure no matter what life throws his way. 

A great anniversary gift will take all these qualities and express them in a single piece of distinctive jewelry he will love.

Made from prong-setting Cuban links, this White Gold-Plated bracelet embodies all the most important traits in a modern man. Strength in the face of danger, with style to make his way through any situation. Plus, a little bit of flash and fun to keep things light. 

The 12mm width is the perfect compromise between thick and thin, maximizing the versatile nature of this piece with almost any outfit. It’ll glisten in the sun on a daytrip to the beach and glow with the moon on a night out. 

This is an all-around winner that will up your man’s style game and make this anniversary one to remember.

3. Custom Pendant With Chain

Is there a picture of you and your boo that you always go back to? Maybe it sits in a frame on your bedside table, or you keep it as the background of your phone to remind you who is Number One every time you check notifications. 

For an incredible anniversary gift, you can place that all-important pic into a custom pendant, attach it to a chain and give it to the man of your dreams as a sick gift. 

Pick a picture pendant that best expresses your relationship. It could be a classic heart locket that opens and shuts, or maybe it’s a spinning circular frame that goes round and round. You’re in the designer’s seat, so you call the shots. 

If you’re looking to capture a moment in time and preserve it forever, this is the way to do it. Just find a jewelry company that has your back during the design process and will walk with you every step of the way. This is a next-level present for the man who has your heart.

4. Square Baguette Tennis Chain

Is your husband the kind of man who can seal the deal at a business meeting, go crush a heavy workout at the gym, then meet up with you for a romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant? You’ve got a winner on your hands, and he deserves a chain that will serve him well through all his daily activities. 

Tennis links are known for their adaptability in any situation, just like the man of your dreams. These chains are lightweight enough to wear with a formal outfit, show off with some muscle on the bench press, then sparkle in a pic.

This piece can do it all when it comes to jewelry, and you can select between 18k yellow gold or 14k white gold to match his distinctive style.

5. Ride-or-Die Diamond Clustered Band Ring

The most important ring on your man’s finger has been there for four years already. Now you’ve got the chance to add some company to the wedding band with something bigger, bolder, and more flashy.

This Diamond Clustered Band Ring is just the thing for your king.

There’s nothing wrong with a plain wedding ring. That’s kind of the point. But why not load them up with diamonds and plate with 18k gold? He can wear it on his thumb to boost his powerful aura or on his pinky to show off some swag.

Hand-set stones make all the difference when selecting a ring for your man. They should be clustered in perfect order, drawing attention to the main event: an eye-popping center stone that steals the show. What man could resist a ring like that?

Of course, you want to lock in a Lifetime Warranty for a piece like this, so make sure you only buy from a brand that has your back, no matter what might happen. 

6. Princess Cut Diamond Earrings

You know royalty when you see it. Your guy is a natural leader, so show him you know that with somePrincess-Cut Diamond Earrings for your upcoming anniversary celebration.

Don’t let the name mislead you – these earrings are sleek and strong, with a bold angular cut that shines like a star in any light.

Plus, if you spring for 925 Solid Silver, you’ve got earrings that are built for a long and luxurious life ahead. These are the majestic earrings you’ve been waiting to see your husband wear for years, so make your vision a reality with this stellar gift.

7. Tri-Color Diamond Prong Chain

You and your husband are a great match, but the triple threat of 18k yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold is hard to beat. This trifecta of color and diamond flash comes to life in a bold Prong Cuban Chain that your man will want to wear 365 days a year.

This is NOT a chain for boys – real men only. It’s a beefy piece weighing in at 120 grams and comes in 18 or 22-inch lengths, depending on your preferred dimensions.

An anniversary is an excuse to go all-out, so don’t hold back. Triple down on your love with a tri-color chain that will supercharge his confidence every time he puts it on.

8. Create-Your-Own Jewelry Stack

Maybe you’ve been thinking about a few different small gifts to give on the anniversary day, but you aren’t sure how they all work in tandem.

We think you should put together a few distinct jewelry pieces and give your man a set that works altogether. That should make it easy for him to fall in love with you all over again. A cool chain, a simple ring, and maybe a nice bracelet. No problem.

Let’s be honest here – men like to keep things simple and straightforward. This is your time to shine by assembling a gift bag with a few pieces of jewelry that complement each other with color, texture, and design.

You’re the designer here. Make your ideal image come to life, and he’ll appreciate the thought and care of a mix-and-match gift, even if the individual pieces aren’t the most expensive in the world.

9. Timepiece To Last

As time ticks on, the love between you and your partner continues to deepen and grow stronger. What better way to signify the passing of time than with aPresidential Watch studded with brilliant diamonds?

This watch is right in the sweet spot between sleek and shiny, with over 1500 hand-setted stones around the watch face and throughout the band.

Whenever your man looks down to tell the time or gets a compliment on his watch, you will be the one to come to mind right away.


Can you believe that four years have gone by since your wedding? Now you just have to figure out the best way to celebrate.