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  • 5 min read

If you’re shopping for yourself or looking for a gift for the special people in your life, jewelry is never the wrong choice. Rings, chains, and earrings all have their place, but why not go with something different?

Tennis necklaces feel both classic and modern all at once, making them the perfect choice to enhance your outfit without going too overboard. If you need some assistance, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s your guide to buying tennis chains in 2021:

What Makes a Tennis Chain Different?

These chains have an interesting history. Chris Evert, a tennis player back in the 80s, was playing a match with a diamond-studded bracelet around her wrist. But right after she hit her finishing serve, she noticed that her bracelet was missing. All of the pieces had broken off and scattered around the court.

Her tennis mishap had spurred the name “tennis bracelet” to describe these stunning pieces. And it’s now stuck for nearly 40 years.

Tennis chains aren’t your typical chain. What makes them unique is that instead of interlocked links, they’re made with connected gemstones all along the surface. Here’s a good example if you need a refresher of what they look like.

5mm Round Cut Diamond Tennis Chain White Gold

Tennis chains are great because theyreallystand out. The sheer amount of gemstones are enough to make anyone turn your way. They’re a must-have addition to your typical collection of rings and chains.

Picking the Right Size

The first thing you want to consider before getting a tennis necklace for yourself, or someone else, is the vibe that you want to give off when you walk into a room. The size of your tennis necklace makes a huge impact.

While the actuallengthof the necklace is important, we’re talking about itswidth. For tennis chains, this equates to the size of the diamonds themselves.

Naturally, larger diamonds are going to equal a much bolder look. If you want to make a serious statement when you walk into a room, go for something that is10 mm in width or larger. These will capture the light and reflect it all around the room, catching the eyes of anyone nearby. Large diamonds like this are definitely geared toward a night out at the club.

Cushion-cut Cluster Tennis Chain White Gold

But if you want to go with something more subtle, you can find smaller diamonds that serve to amplify your look without overpowering it. That’s where this 5 mm round cut piece can shine, both literally and metaphorically. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a casual fit, but it can also work for professional gatherings all the same.

Choosing the Right Cut

Once you’ve nailed the diamond size, it’s time to think about the shape or cut. The great thing about tennis necklaces is that they come in pretty much any cut you can think of.

The traditional tennis chain usesround cut diamonds. These are circular gems that reflect the light in a classic way. It’s hard to go wrong with these, so they're great for people who are new to wearing tennis chains and are nervous about making them work.

But you can change things up a bit with cushion cut gems. These are rounded stones with pronounced corners, taking the shape of a pillow or cushion. The rounded edges here still feel subtle, but they’re a bit more noticeable. These are great for people who want something between subtlety and flashiness.

And finally, if you want to make a bold move right out of the gate, you might want diamonds with sharp edges, just like you. Square baguette tennis chains are meant to be worn by people who mean business. These are hard to pull off, but if you can do it right, people will take a step out of the way when they see you coming.

Square Baguette Tennis Chain White Gold

Don’t Forget About Color

Tennis chains don’t just come in different shapes and sizes -- they’re full of color as well. While we think you’ll want to keep the gems looking translucent and clean, you can have some fun playing around with different colored settings or platings to match.

Typically, the gems rest over some form of gold. Traditional gold has that brassy luster that feels contemporary. It’s reminiscent of hip-hop legends of the past, making you feel like a king or a queen immediately. The brassiness also helps to offset the diamonds, making the gems really pop out to another level.

Baguette Tennis Chain 18k Gold

But if you want something that feels a bit more polished and uniform, you can look for white gold plating. White gold matches the color of the diamond nicely, making for a necklace that works for any occasion.

Baguette Tennis Chain White Gold

This sort of style looks especially great on top of darker colored solid shirts, especially black. It’s professional enough to be worn to work but fun enough to be worn for a night out.

And if neither of those colors does it for you, why not go for some rose gold? This is a hue that will look perfect around your girlfriend’s neck, but there’s no shame in throwing one on yourself. This is a distinct style that looks completely unique from alternatives. It’s best worn over lighter colors, but it’s really hard to wrong.

Clustered Tennis Chain Rose Gold

Ballin’ On a Budget

Tennis necklaces look so unique because of the fact that they are truly covered in diamond gemstones. But that can also equate to a uniquely high price tag.

Here’s the thing: there’s really nothing like the real thing. Diamonds are the most durable material on the planet, so a pure diamond tennis necklace will last you a lifetime. Not to mention, the bragging rights that come along with owning a true diamond gemstone are unmatched.

However, you don’t need to spend a million bucks to look like you have that in your bank account. Thanks to diamond simulants like cubic zirconia, high-quality jewelry is much more accessible.

Cubic zirconia crystals are assessed with the four C’s, just like real diamonds. The difference is that they are synthetically produced, so they can be made at a much more affordable price. And the best part? No one will be able to tell the difference.

With proper maintenance and care, your cubic zirconia pieces can last just as long as higher-quality jewelry. While treating yourself with a quality piece is always justified, you never need to max out the credit cards to max out your style.

One Love

Tennis chains set themselves apart from other chains because they are covered in diamonds rather than metal. And for that reason, you need to take some extra care making sure that the stones are the right size, shape, and color to suit your style.

A lot of diamonds are typically synonymous with spending a lot of money, but not when you go for synthetic diamond alternatives. Pieces made with cubic zirconia, for example, look exactly the same but cost only a fraction of what the real thing does.

Tennis necklaces are perfect for any moment in your life. From hitting the clubs to heading out to a casual dinner, tennis necklaces will take any outfit from a five to a ten in an instant.



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