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  • 5 min read

It’s rare to see one of the founders of hip hop continue to garner mainstream attention over 30 years after their initial debut. But Slick Rick is one of those people who’s so talented that it’s pretty much impossible to deny his cultural influence.

From heavy chains to custom pendants, Slick Rick knows a thing or two about amping up his wardrobe with some of the coolest pieces of jewelry on the scene right now.

Let’s take a deep dive into his collection so you can get some ideas of your own.

Diamond Rings

Nowadays, it seems like everyone has a diamond ring to flaunt on their fingers. While it makes these pieces seem a little bit less rare than they once did, Slick Rick continues to wear rings because of their sentimental value.

The rapper reminisces about his start in the 80s, and even though he didn’t have a lot of money from the get-go, he still tried to make it seem like he was opulent by wearing giant rocks on his fingers.

Rings often go unnoticed by the everyday person, but for performers, they’re sort of like a secret weapon. As they hold the microphone up to their lips, your eyes are naturally drawn to it.

He has a few different rings, but his favorite is a simple round-cut diamond gemstone because it was one of the first pieces he had ever worn at the start of his career. It goes to show how powerful emotions can be attached to even the simplest pieces.

Rings are the ultimate piece of jewelry to wear if you’re ready to get into the game, but you don’t want to completely drown out your style. They’re subtle enough to go unnoticed yet are polished enough to amp up your look with ease.

And if you’re looking for a piece that looks just like Slick Rick’s — this Emerald Cluster Ring looks almost exactly the same.

Eye Patch Pendant

Outside of his music, one of Slick Rick’s defining characteristics is the eye patch over his right eye. This is to cover up his eye, which was blinded as an infant due to broken glass. While it made him shy and insecure as a child, he now embraces it as part of his signature identity.

He started to take his appreciation for his iconic look to a new level by getting a custom-made eye patch pendant so he could wear a patch around his eyes andneck. This piece includes a dazzling, giant, diamond-studded eye patch attached to a bulky Cuban chain. It’s one of those pieces that really wouldn’t feel right if it were worn by anyone else.

This piece can also double as a functional eye patch. All he needs to do is swap out the huge chain for a smaller one, and it fits perfectly around his head. We love the versatility here, and we think more pieces of jewelry should be able to double as eyewear.

While we don’t sell eye patches at 6 Ice (yet. One day? Who knows?), we do have plenty of pendants and chains to choose from to match your style.

If you’re looking for a chain that’s as quirky and fun as Slick Rick’s eye patch, something like this Baguette Owl Pendant is what you need. Choose between 14K and 18K gold and rock 65.5 grams of the highest quality metals and handset cubic zirconia. 

Diamond Watch

If you’re looking to snag a piece that can help you accomplish tasks while making you look great, then throwing on a watch is the way to go.

Slick Rick has plenty of watches, but one of his most iconic is a diamond watch with multiple layered rings of pure diamonds around the watch face. Those rings didn’t exist when he first got the watch in the 1980s, but as the rapper continued to garner success, he continued to add rings.

While we’re not 100% sure how much he spent on this piece, it probably ran him a pretty penny. But it’s most definitely a conversation piece that’s impossible to miss given its wide surface area and bulky matching chain.


Watches are one of those pieces that can amp up any look with ease, helping you get noticed at a work meeting or at the club. Our Rocketeer Watches will send you sky-high. With the same technologies as Swiss watch manufacturers, these are timeless timepieces that will fit into your look whether you like to dress up or dress down.

Scale Pendant

Jewelry is one of few fashion items that can have a super sentimental meaning, and one of the most beautiful things about a pendant or a ring is that it can symbolize something greater. For instance, the Beyonce and Jay-Z ad is proof of the power that jewelry can convey.

You can also just wear a pendant because it looks cool.

Slick Rick’s Scale pendant is one of the biggest pendants we’ve ever seen. The rapper saw it in the window of a Chinatown, NYC jeweler and immediately knew he had to have it. The pendant depicts a diamond-studded balance scale up against a golden backdrop, and the entire thing is legitimately larger than the rapper’s head.

It’s a piece that Slick Rick has admitted really has no meaning. He just thought it looked cool. And we appreciate a piece that’s purely for style in the same way that we appreciate a piece meant to convey meaning.


If you’re looking for a piece that isn’t meant to be taken too seriously, our Iced Panda Pendant in white gold is exactly what you need to add to your wardrobe. It maintains a seriously sleek style without being too “in your face.” It’s perfect for the smallest or largest gatherings imaginable.

In Conclusion

Slick Rick is one of those rappers that doesn’t need much of an introduction. He’s hip hop royalty, with his reign spanning back to the earliest days of hip hop. And considering he’s had plenty of time to build up his collection, it’s not much of a shock that it’s one of the best in all of hip hop history.

From things like his giant custom pendants to his unique custom watches, Slick Rick knows how to get the conversation going. And while most of his pieces are unmatchable, it’s easy to draw inspiration when it comes to crafting a look of your own.

All we know is that you need to buy your pieces from places you trust, and 6 Ice’s lifetime guarantee is the perfect place for you to have confidence in your purchases. Plus, our crazy collection of pieces will suit any style and preference. Take a look at our full collection now.



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