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  • 5 min read

Post Malone has cemented himself as one of the most prominent alternative hip hop artists of our generation. His dance beats combined with his lyrical poetics are representative of the melting pot of music that has made America one of the leaders in music distribution. 

Naturally, all of this has led him to a lot of success, and he’s not afraid to show it by flaunting some of the most insane jewelry of any hip hop icon today.

If you want to party like Post Malone, let’s take a look at some of the hottest pieces in his collection, as well as ways that you can mimic his style without maxing out the credit cards.

Stainless Steel Rolex Watch

Watches are one of the best jewelry items because not only do they look absolutely stunning at all times, but they can also provide you with functional ability. With that said, we’ve lost track of time because of how long we’ve stared at Post Malone’s stainless steel Rolex watch.

His manager gifted Malone this piece to celebrate the artist’s 21st birthday. It’s safe to say he appreciates it; Malone doesn’t seem to take it off very often.

While it’s not studded with diamonds or decked out in gold, we have a huge appreciation for the subtle, pristine, and mature essence that this watch gives off. And since it’s a Rolex, it costs anywhere from $6,500 to $75,000.

You don’t need to spend that much to get a watch that looks just as good (if not even better). OurHalf Iced Presidential Watch in White Gold has the same professional and versatile qualities as Malone's piece, with just the right amount of iced-out diamonds on the band.

This gives you a bit more flash and power in comparison, making it more of astatement piece that people will definitely notice.

Hello Kitty Pendants

If you’ve ever seen Post Malone, you know that he’s got one of the most unique styles of any musician in the game. He once said that the reason he wears jewelry is that he “looks like a hobo” and “needs to give people a reason to talk to him.”

And while we’d definitely want to be friends with him despite the jewelry, his awesome custom Hello Kitty pendants make us want it even more.

A single Hello Kitty pendant might be enough for some people, but for Malone, he needed an extra. Both of his pendants are studded with diamonds while still retaining the immaculate detail of the cartoon character’s face and body. They’re adorable, in all honesty, and it fits right in with his cheeky personality.

While pendants can let you tell a personal story and symbolize your beliefs, they can also just look cool and fun. ThisIced Panda Pendant has the same kitschy feel as the Hello Kitty Pendant, except it’s only a fraction of the cost. Plus, its white and black monochromatic hues let it match with pretty much any outfit, so you can freely wear it whenever you please.

Richard Mille Skull Watch

Malone himself is somewhat of a watch aficionado, so let’s cover another of his iconic timepieces. He has a crazy collection of expensive and beautiful watches, and this one is probably his most valuable.

This is another watch that doesn’t have any diamonds or gold to be seen, but it still runs a price tag of a whopping $1 million. Why exactly is that? The watch face itself is open concept, meaning you can see the gears underneath. However, the mechanisms align in a way that makes a skull shape. It’s complete with a red flashing light underneath to give it a sinister appearance.

Even if you knew nothing about watches, you would take one look at this and know it’s special. He got it from Angel City Jewelers in LA, which is one of his personal favorites.

Diamond G-Link Chain

You can’t really be a hip hop icon without rocking a diamond chain, and Post Malone definitely has a fair share of stunning pieces to choose from. But one of his personal favorite pieces also happens to be on the extravagant side.

His Diamond G-link Chain is reminiscent of nautical mariner chains, except this one is a bit more rugged and bulky. It’s studded withpure diamonds andwhite goldon all sides; even the clasp is completely covered in diamonds.

But you can get pretty much the exact same thing from our collection. OurG-Link Diamond Chain will have Post Malone wondering if you shop at Angel City Jewelers just as much as he does.

Cowboys Star Chain

Despite being born and raised in Syracuse, NY, Malone is partial to a certain Texas-based football team on game day: the Cowboys. So naturally, his pal at Angel City crafted him a custom Cowboys star pendant that runs for over $250,000.

While the logo itself is obviously nothing more than just a star, it’s the fact that it is completely covered in pure diamonds on all corners and surfaces. It’s a piece that is easily recognizable, but because of the way it reflects the light, it’s also completely unmistakable.

Show your support for your favorite team with acustom picture pendant. Not only can you throw in a logo of your favorite sports team, but you get to choose thetype of base metal, the type of gems, and even the matching chain to go along with it. It’s fully customizable so that you can control every inch of your style.

Candy Necklace

One of your first introductions to jewelry when you were a kid was probably also an edible piece. Those candy necklaces are easily recognizable and nostalgic, so Post Malone naturally needed to get a permanent one to wear around his neck.

While the chain isn’t real candy, itlooksgood enough to eat. He admitted that he stole the look from The Neighborhood’s Jesse Rutherford, as he saw a picture of him wearing it and immediately fell in love.

You can steal Post Malone’s look by just hitting up your local candy shop and getting a necklace that looks exactly the same. Or, you can go with something that has a little bit more sentimental value, like aheart locket. Have full control over the image you lock away inside, making for the perfect gift for someone you love.

Blending Genres, Blending Styles

Post Malone is one of the most down-to-earth artists in the game right now. And he’s one of the few that doesn’t wear flashy jewelry for attention — he does it purely because he loves it. And his collection has some of the most high-quality jewelry that we’ve seen, especially when you take a look at his watch collection.

Start to build your own repertoire with6 Ice, the finest purveyor of hip hop jewelry. From bracelets to chains, earrings to custom pendants, there’s something here for everyone. And with a lifetime guarantee and 24/7 chat support, you can have full confidence over the investment in your look.



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