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  • 5 min read

Playboi Carti might not have anything to do with the Playboy bunnies or the Cartier jewelry brand, but he might be even more popular than the two of these things combined. He’s an American rapper that you probably recognize from songs like “Miss the Rage” or “Shoota.”

Despite the fact that he’s relatively new to the scene, having garnered success after his debut mixtape in 2017, he’s risen to a tremendous amount of success since then. With his second album, Whole Lotta Reddebuting at number one on the Billboard top 200 and several nominations for Grammys and BET Hip Hop Awards, this young rapper has cemented his place in the mainstream.

How do we really know that he’s achieved so much success from his work? Well, you can take one look at the millions of diamonds on his wrist and neck at all times to know that he’s at least making a sustainable living from his music.

Let’s take a look at his stunning jewelry collection so you can get a better idea of how to craft your own style.

Playboy Bunny Pendant

It only seems fitting for someone with the stage name Playboi Carti to have a Playboy bunny pendant. While the piece itself is small, it’s covered on all sides with luminant diamonds. And the fact that the pendant hangs upside down shows that this guy is slightly different from the women you know and love in the Playboy club.

The Playboy bunnies are waitresses that work at the Playboy club, not to be confused with the Playboy playmates featured in the iconic magazine. Regardless, how exactly does any of this relate to Carti?

His name used to be Sir Cartier, which was reminiscent of his always affinity for opulent things in life, such as diamond pendants. He later changed it to Playboi Carti, and because of that, he proudly wears this Playboy bunny logo to symbolize his moniker as well as his love of dazzling jewelry.

It’s a great piece that is impossible to turn away from. While you might not have much of a reason to wear a pendant like this, you can still make one yourself that looks and feels just as unique.

At 6 Ice, you can have full control over the style, look, and appearance of your custom pendants. From word pendants to picture pendants, you can make a meaningful piece just like this custom Playboy bunny to symbolize the special moments in your life.

Butterfly Rings

When you look at Playboi Carti, you might not really think that he’s got much of a sensitive side. Then, when you take a look at the butterfly rings and necklaces that he often wears, you start to see a different perspective of him.

These butterfly rings are subtle yet detailed depictions of the insect in solid gold. He often wears multiple at one time, giving the impression of a swarm living all over his body. 

Even though jewelry never needs to have a deeper meaning, it seems like Carti enjoys symbolism. These pieces represent his famous song “Butterfly Coupe,” featuring fellow SoundCloud rapper Yung Bans. They’re beautiful additions to his look that don’t detract from his outfit, and they only serve to enhance any huge statement pieces that he might be wearing as well.

Rings are an often overlooked piece of jewelry, but they can make such an impact on your appearance overall. And if you want a ring with the same essence as Carti’s butterfly pieces, we’ve got you covered.

Our diamond Owl Ring might not be a butterfly, but it’s got the same beauty and finesse. With pink gold stones for the eyes surrounded by highly detailed gold plating and high-quality CZ, this is a piece that will turn heads without making it feel like you’re overdoing it.

Iced Out Watch

Rappers like Playboi Carti lead busy lives, and it’s important that they can keep track of all of their responsibilities. Since Apple Watches and Google calendars don’t have enough diamonds, wearing some iced-out watches to keep track of the time is often the go-to.

Carti loves to show off his variety of presidential watches that are covered in white gold and diamonds. Most of them also feature a colored watch face to act as a stunning, unmistakable contrast. Plus, when these are paired with matching rings or necklaces, it helps to make the entire look feel more cohesive.

Of course, pure diamond watches aren’t exactly easy to get your hands on unless you’ve also had tons of hit singles like Carti. The good news is that you can achieve an identical look without paying identical prices.

Our Iced Rocketeer Watches are sleek enough to have Carti jealous. With CZ diamonds engulfing a gorgeous bezel of your choosing, there are enough options here to satisfy any timekeeper of any style. Check out our full watch collection here.

Skull and Crossbones Chain

While it seems like Carti’s overall style is more subtle and subdued, he still likes to wear a statement piece every now and then. There’s no better example of his bold side than his skull and crossbones chain that he got to celebrate his first album, Die Lit.

This chain is massive and detailed, with the skull and crossbones heightened by sinister-looking red diamonds in the eyes. It was designed by Avianne & Co, a flagship store in NYC responsible for making hip hop jewelry for tons of hip hop icons. Not to mention, they even threw in a matching ring.

The pendant hangs from a chain that’s equally stunning: a Miami Cuban link that’s covered with diamonds on all sides. It’s a huge piece overall that probably causes Carti to have some neck problems, but at the end of the day, it’s worth it when he looks so polished.

While his skull and crossbones chain has a personal meaning, not every piece of jewelry you wear needs to symbolize something. In fact, some of the best pieces are those that you just wear because they match your style. Our Skull Pendant in White Gold looks just as kitschy as Carti’s, but it comes at a much lower price tag.

In Conclusion

Carti has skyrocketed into the mainstream ever since his debut on SoundCloud, and with great success comes great responsibility to dress to impress. By taking a look at his jewelry collection, he’s done a pretty good job of providing us with tons of fodder for our own styles.

From custom pendants symbolizing his albums to rings emblematic of his softer side, Carti has something here that can work for anyone. Despite the fact that he prefers more subtle pieces, that doesn’t mean that he’s afraid to show off every now and then.

If you want to look like Carti without spending Cartier prices, 6 Ice is the purveyor of high-quality jewelry at accessible prices. Take a look at our catalog right here to mimic his look, or craft your very own.



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