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12mm Diamond Prong Cuban Bracelet White Gold

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  • 5 min read

We don’t need to tell you that 2021 has been a strange year. And while the world has changed in pretty much every way possible, one thing that’s stayed the same is the popularity of men’s jewelry and accessories.

As men become more comfortable showing off their individual style with some studs in their ears or diamonds on their wrists, it’s important to stay up to date with the new designs so that you don’t fall too far behind. In general, 2021 is all about subtlety. Thin, nuanced chains are in and having quite the fashion moment. 

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of our top picks for must-have pieces that every modern man should have in their collection of jewelry. These are sure to give you the versatility to amplify your personal style no matter the circumstance.

Here are some of our top recommended jewelry pieces for men:

1. 12mm Diamond Prong Cuban Chain White Gold

If you take a look back at any hip-hop fashion trends from the 80s onward, you’ll notice one thing that unites them all: giant gold chains. And you know that chain necklaces are always in style when you consider the fact that they’ve never gone out in over 40 years.

Cuban links are one of the most classic and traditional variations of all time, but this white gold Cuban chain adds some modernity and sophistication to the more contemporary gold pieces that defined a generation.

As far as alternative metals go, white gold feels and looks like platinum, giving this chain a clean and polished appearance that works in relaxed and formal environments alike. Combine that with high-quality diamond accents on every surface, and you’ve got a piece that isn’t afraid to be bold while holding up to scratches. 

Its 12mm length teeters on the edge of being big and bulky without quite making it there. It means that this piece is perfect for making a statement without overdoing it. 

This chain is a great addition to solid black t-shirts, or other darker colored clothes, as the white gold provides an excellent contrast to help it really pop.

2. Iced Presidential Watch in White Gold

If there’s one thing that can unite all men, it’s that they can appreciate a nice watch. Men's watches are one of the only jewelry items that have a functional purpose. Of course, if you need to look down at your wrist to tell the time, you’ll want to enjoy what you’re looking at.

That’s where this iced presidential watch really shines, literally. It has over 2500 hand-setted VVS simulant diamonds to reflect the light in a brilliant way, giving you even more incentive to lift your wrist and stare at the mirror-like watch face.

It’ll also pair perfectly with the white gold Cuban chain, helping to give you an all-around iced-out look that feels balanced and clean. It’s also a good alternative for men who want the essence of a diamond bracelet but still want the masculinity associated with watches.

3. Diamond Buckle Link Bracelet 18k Gold

As much as we love white gold, there’s something about traditional 18k gold that exudes the best experience for unmatched brilliance. And while 18k gold can sometimes feel dated and overdone, it can help bring a contemporary twist to your wardrobe when done correctly.

This buckle link bracelet in 18k gold is a perfect example of how you can combine 18k gold with an intricate design and diamond studs to make for a perfectly balanced piece. With a large surface area, there’s plenty of room for the baguette diamonds to rest on these gold bracelets. 

This is a piece of jewelry for a man who is looking to stand out. If you want to walk down the street and get noticed, wearing something as unique as this is the way to do it.

4. Double Step Signet Ring White Gold

Rings are possibly one of the most common jewelry items for men because of how easy they are to pull off. They’re subtle enough to go unnoticed, but they can also pack a serious punch.

A ring that falls right in between is this double step signet ring in white gold. With two layers of full-on diamonds, it’s like you’re getting two times the quality for the price of one. Not to mention, it gives the ring a depth that most other similar items lack, making this feel more unique than any other ring on the market.

This is the perfect ring for a man who wants to add a little bit of extra power to their everyday look. This ring looks great on the job, at the pub, or in the club. It’s an all-around piece that can work on pretty much any occasion.

5. Clustered Tennis Chain 18k Gold

Tennis chains have long been a staple of women’s fashion ever since the tennis mishap that made them famous. But 2021 is a men’s jewelry renaissance, and tennis chains are now a unisex item for any gender that should become a mainstay in any man’s collection.

Tennis chains are unique because instead of traditional chain links like the Cuban or the franco, the links on these are the diamonds themselves. This means that if you’re looking for something that emphasizes the gemstones over the metallic finish, this chain variation is the way to go.

18k gold acts as a perfect contrast to the translucent sheen of the giant handset gemstones, making this piece feel balanced and neutral. The clustered tennis chain pairs perfectly with the buckle link bracelet in 18k gold, but it also makes waves when worn on its own. With that said, it’s subdued enough so that it doesn’t draw attention from the outfit as a whole. Perfect for those with subtle tastes. 

6. Diamond Cross Pendant

Pendant necklaces are the most personable of all jewelry items, as they give you the ability to fully express yourself in ways that traditional bracelets and chains just can’t. This includes the ability to express your faith.

For men who hold their religion close to their hearts, the diamond crossnecklace lets them do this both literally and figuratively. But of course, it’s studded with diamonds from top to bottom, ensuring that their style doesn’t need to be compromised.

This is a subtle piece that can pair perfectly with any chain 3 mm or smaller. Its gold finish allows it to fit in with 18k gold chains, but the reflective diamonds let it work with white gold or silver chains all the same.

Best Men's Jewelry

Jewelry has long been an area of fashion dominated by women, but that’s not the case anymore. Men can and should enjoy the way that jewelry can amplify any look. When looking to complete an outfit, don't forget about money clips or slick cufflinks on your cuffs. 

If you’re a man who has never worn jewelry before (or maybe just wedding bands), it can be hard to know where to start. However, these six pieces are a great blueprint to start building your collection towards a set that suits your personality. These are neutral pieces that can work for anyone, but they won’t make you stand out in a crowd.

So whether you're dressing up for a live video collaboration, a special event on the runway, or looking to take your everyday look to a new level, consider the retailer 6 Ice for high-quality materials, interesting textures, and top durability. Everything from our men's bracelets to men's rings is perfect for events from Los Angeles to London.

The only way to go wrong is by not trying to wear pieces in the first place. So give these must-haves from the top designers a try before they go out of style in 2022.



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