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  • 5 min read

Even though “No Love Entertainment” Choppa is the perfect name for this gritty and tough Memphis-based rapper, he definitely does love at least one thing – expensive jewelry. NLE Choppa has some of the most stunning jewelry in the game. And even though he might not be as renowned as moremainstream artists like Drake or Lil Wayne, you’d never know from just looking at him.

Let’s take an exclusive look at his insane jewelry collection so you can gain more respect for this artist as well as start to build up your own collection from the ground up.

1. “No Love ENT” Custom Pendant - $40,000

Custom jewelry is one of the best ways to tell a story without ever needing to open your mouth. And Tennessee rapper NLE Choppa knows how to do just that. His custom “No Love ENT” pendant is not only entirely representative of his famous stage name, but it’s also just entirely stunning.

The giant piece features the words “No Love ENT” in striking font, and they’re covered with pure diamonds. Not to mention, the “O” in “Love” is heart-shaped and covered in a unique pink diamond hue, giving it unique design elements compared to pretty much all of the other custom pendants in his collection.

What’s even more impressive is that ENT Choppa doesn’t even know exactly how much he spent on this piece. While he thinks it was somewhere between $40,000 to $50,000, he doesn’t even know for sure.

And even though you might be envious of his ability to drop racks without needing to worry about the credit card bill, you might be surprised at how easy it is to get your very own high-quality jewelry at an accessible price.

You can have full control over your style and preferences with thecustom jewelry collection at 6 Ice. From the base metal to the diamonds, from the text to the coinciding chain, you can have the freedom to be as expressive as you want so you can truly feel like the icon that you are.

2. Diamond Grill - $25,000

While bracelets, pendants, chains, bracelets, and rings can give you an endless supply of material to deck out your look and never wear the same fit twice, for people like NLE Choppa, that’s just not enough. Sometimes you just have to take it to the next level by icing out your teeth with high-quality diamonds.

NLE Choppa’swhite gold and diamond grills are truly a sight to behold. While his real teeth might be just as pearly white, these grillz are impossible not to notice. Not only are they stunning in general, but they make his gleaming smile look even more priceless.

While we don’t offer grillz at 6 Ice, we do offer a wide variety of diamonds and white gold pieces that you can use to deck out the other parts of your body. In fact, clusteredtennis bracelets are one of the hottesttrends in men’s fashion right now. And while it might not deck out your teeth, it will definitely take your wrists to a whole new level.

3. Spiked Diamond Bracelet - $???

NLE Choppa claims that he built up his entire collection in the short span of less than a year. And while we can’t confirm or deny, we can definitely see it, especially since he has said himself that most of his jewelry items are “cheap.” 

His stunning spiked diamond bracelet features diamonds studded on all sides. But the true draw of this piece is the unique spiked points that jut out from the center ring. It looks like a gorgeous and expensive custom piece, but according to NLE Choppa, this piece didn’t cost him much at all.

Choppa says he'd rather put his money towards investments. And while we can respect that, we also think that buying jewelry is an investment in and of itself. ThisIced Nail Bracelet is just as unique as Choppa’s piece, and it might be just as inexpensive. With that said, it looks priceless, and people on the street will never know.

4. Diamond Watch - $???

Most of Choppa’s pieces are actually gifted from his friends. And because of that, he doesn’t even know how much some of his pieces are even worth. However, we’d bet that his diamond watch is worth a pretty decent chunk of money.

This piece is covered with handset stones on all sides, even on the entire watch face. It’s gorgeous, and despite the fact that Choppa got a major scratch on the front, you can’t even tell because of how high quality the gems are. And that’s a good thing, as the rapper has admitted that he has OCD — so not noticing the blemishes probably helps him feel better about wearing it.

A watch is one of the most pristine ways to make your look more poised and professional. ThisIced Presidential Watch looks just like NLE Choppa’s. And while it would make a great gift, we don’t blame you for just keeping it yourself. Plus, you can even have total freedom to choose the color of your watch face to match your personal style.

5. Top Shotta Pendant - $???

One of the best things about pendants is that they can be more creative and symbolic as compared to other pieces of jewelry, and this Top Shotta pendant that Choppa likes to wear around his neck is no exception.

Not only does it have huge, diamond-encrusted lettering on the bottom, but the main attraction of the piece is the Mexican flag that sits right on top. It lets Choppa harken back to his roots through both the visual flag as well as the Jamaican word “Shotta,” which Choppa translates to “Top of Them All.” With so much individuality, it’s no wonder why this is one of his favorite pieces.

Unlike most hip hop celebrities, Choppa remains humble about the price of his pieces. We can only guess how expensive this detailed and colorful piece was for him. The cool thing is that you can get a similar piece yourself without needing to guess the price.

Customize your own pendant with our easy-to-use customization tools. Or, tell a story of your own with a premade piece like thisCrucifix Pendant. You really can’t go wrong with a pendant in any way, shape, or form.

Ice To Flaunt

NLE Choppa’s humble collection only further proves why he’s cemented himself as a pop culture icon. Nobody does it quite like him, and we honestly don’t think anyone will ever be able to match his quirky personality.

However, you can match his style without burning a hole in your wallet. From diamond watches to golden chains, custom pendants to original bracelets, you can completely deck out your look with high-quality jewelry from6 Ice.

Nervous about your purchase? We offer a lifetime guarantee because we know you’ll be happy with what you get.Learn more about how we work as the finest purveyors in hip hop fashion.


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