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  • 5 min read

Jewelry has long been an aspect of fashion dominated by women. But believe it or not, men can wear jewelry too. And in all honesty, a man who can pull off golden chains, earrings, or rings looks far more exceptional than a man who sticks with nothing more than a t-shirt.

In fact, jewelry for that special guy in your life can make a really great gift for birthdays or a special event. 

2021 was a year of change, and the trends for men’s jewelry are entirely evolving too. Let’s take a look at what to do (and what not to do) when it comes to wearing men’s jewelry in the modern-day.

Men's Bracelets

If you’re new to wearing jewelry, bracelets are a really good place to start. They’re not immediately noticeable, so these accessories won’t stand out. But they do complement an outfit really nicely, giving you an extra ounce of enhancement to your typical clothing or cufflinks options. Bracelets come in a wide range of materials, from sterling silver to stainless steel to a rugged leather bracelet. 

A few years ago, it was all about being bigger and bolder. But right now, men’s bracelets are shifting towards subtlety. Something like this 5mm round cut tennis bracelet is a good example of what we mean. It’s thin enough that it won’t feel heavy on your wrist or heavy on the eyes, but the diamond accents will be enough to gain you some compliments.

5mm Round Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet 18k Gold

As you start to become more comfortable, you can layer up bracelets as well. Don’t be afraid to load up your wrist with a bunch of different pieces that compliment your personal style.

The only thing to keep in mind is that you want to make sure the metals and gemstones vibe each other. Also, take your comfort into consideration. Lots of bracelets will weigh down your arm.

Men's Chains

Golden chains were popularized by hip hop legends in the 1970s, and they’ve stuck as a staple of men’s fashion since then. The chain necklace is a jewelry item that looks exceptional on men specifically, as long as you wear it correctly.

Current trends in 2021 are shifting more towards subtlety in the same way as bracelets. For that reason, you might want to try to keep the width of your chain under 8 mm. This will be enough for people to notice, but it won’t overpower your outfit as a whole.

As far as length, you can have a bit more freedom. Chains 22 inches in length down to 18 inches will be more chest tight. This means they won’t hang down past the bottom of your chest. 24 inches and above will hang further down on your torso. 

Most men like to purchase shorter chains, especially if they’re new to wearing jewelry. Typically, this is because they’re more comfortable to wear and don’t feel as bold. With that said, there’s nothing wrong with challenging the norm and wearing a variety of styles.

6mm Franco Chain 18k Gold

As far as styles, thetraditional golden chain has the brassy, bronze appearance that is familiar, iconic, and timeless. With simple designs, it’s hard to go wrong with gold chains, especially with yellow gold over top of a solid black or white tee.

If you want more of a modern, polished feel for your overall look, then you can go for a chain inwhite gold. White gold was made to be a more affordable alternative to platinum, andmost people can’t even tell the difference.

12mm Diamond Prong Cuban Chain White Gold

For that reason, these tend to give off more of a professional and clean impression. White gold is great for going out to the club, but they can also be worn to business meetings or fancy dinners.

Diamond Cross Pendant

A great addition to a chain is a pendant. Cross necklaces are a great example, along with similar items

Men’s Earrings

Unlike necklaces and bracelets, which can just be thrown onto your body, earrings require a level of commitment. This is because you need to actually get your earlobes pierced in order to enjoy them. But trust us, it’s well worth it.

A man who wears earrings is a man who isn’t afraid to challenge societal tropes and really express themselves. And plus, it gives them the ability to wear stunning pieces like this princess cut diamond earring.

Princess Cut Diamond Earrings

When it comes to men’s earrings, studs tend to be the most popular. These are skin tight and don’t dangle from the earlobe. However, pulling off a small hoop or a dangling earring is a bold maneuver that has immediate benefits. Doing that will make you stand out for sure, which is the best experience. 

Men's Rings

Rings are often a forgotten jewelry item because they often go unnoticed. But in 2021, that might sort of be the idea. Again, current trends aren’t in line with big, bulky bands around your digits.

Instead, men are going to want thinner and more subtle pieces to wrap around their fingers. Something like this baguette eternity ring is a great example of the perfect jewelry piece. It’s small and won’t feel uncomfortable when you’re wearing it around all day.

Baguette Eternity Ring White Gold

One important note is that you always want your ring to match your bracelet. They’re both right next to each other, so if someone notices one, they’re sure to notice the other. If you’re wearing a white gold bracelet, throw on a white gold ring. Diamond bracelet? Make sure your ring has some diamonds, too. It just makes you look a bit classier and organized.

If you're looking for wedding bands, ask a jewelry consultant about meaningful engravings. Titanium and tungsten are popular for these items. 

Men's Watches

Many men already wear watches for the functionality of being able to tell the time. But why not combine this with the ability to express your style a little bit, too? Watches are the only jewelry item that also works as a realistic tool. If you’re going to be wearing it all day long, you might as well like to look at it.

Watch faces have a large surface area, so you want to make sure that it is being complemented by the metal and gems surrounding it. These iced presidential watches in white gold are exactly what we mean. White gold works with any color watch face perfectly, so you really can’t go wrong.

Iced Presidential Watch in White Gold

Watches are bulkier than the traditional bracelet, so people are sure to notice them. If you want to wear a watch, it’s best to make sure that you’ll only be receiving accolades.

Best Men's Jewelry

Men can, and should, wear jewelry just as much as women. A guy who can pull off some bracelets and chains is a guy who isn’t afraid to be bold.

The biggest thing to keep in mind when it comes to wearing bracelets, chains, rings, earrings, and watches is that 2021 is about being more subdued than anything. This year is a men's jewelry renaissance: Bulky chains and designs will have their time once again, but for now, it’s best to stick with the thinner and more lightweight pieces.

With that said, there’s nothing wrong with going against the trends. The great thing about jewelry is that it’s a very personal experience. If you’re happy with the way you look, then who’s to judge? Mic drop. 



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