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  • 5 min read

“Hot Girl” Megan Thee Stallion is perhaps one of the most influential names in modern hip hop. In a genre long dominated by men, Meg has transcended industry norms and become one of the most successful rappers of all time.

And with that success comes a whole lot of cash, and the “Plan B” rapper has never been afraid to drop a few racks on a brand-new set of diamonds. Let’s take a look at her collection so you can start to get a few ideas for how to max out your own style, too.

Hot Girl Diamond Necklace

Even though hot girl summer is coming to an end, the woman who coined the term is just getting started. This certified “Hot Girl” is taking the industry by storm with her stunning diamond necklace to commemorate the success of her album.

This giant word pendant is studded in solid white gold and pure diamonds. It spells out “Hot Girl” with a bunch of detailed, tall flames coming out the top. It’s exactly the type of piece that someone like Meg would be wearing.

And the price tag matches her style. This Elliot Eliantte custom piece ran her a whopping $425,000 — which makes sense considering it’s made with approximately one kilo of 14k gold and all-natural VS diamonds.

The piece took six months to complete, but her look will last a lifetime. While it might be hard to match the essence of her piece, you can still get custom jewelry yourself without needing to take out a loan.

6 Ice has custom pendants in all shapes and styles. You have full control over the content of your word pendant or picture pendant — all you need to do is choose your base metal and matching chain. At just a fraction of the price, these pendants will have Meg feeling a little bit of regret.

Cuban Link Choker

When most people get sad, they might drown their sorrows in a tub of ice cream, watch a favorite Netflix show, or just cry it out. But Meg does it a bit differently. When she gets sad, the rapper has said she cheers herself up by buying some new jewelry.

She took to Instagram to show off some of her haul, which included a Cuban link choker that is absolutely stunning. This take on a classic Cuban link is neck-tight, giving the rapper a domineering feel that she so eloquently portrays.

This piece is giant, and we can tell it’s made with pure diamonds and solid gold. While we don’t know exactly how much it cost, we’d think it cost at least tens of thousands.

There’s a reason why Cuban chains are so popular, and if you don’t already own one, it will be tough to achieve the same status as famous rappers like Meg. We’ve got Cuban chains galore at 6 Ice, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. But if you’re looking for something more in-line with Meg's style, this 12mm Diamond Prong Cuban Chain in White Gold is what you’ll want.

“F**k You” Rings

Despite the fact that rings are one of the most subtle pieces you can put on your body, they can still make a major statement if you use them right. This custom set of rings that Meg likes to flaunt makes a rowdy statement, at the very least.

The rapper has been seen wearing a set of seven diamond-encrusted rings that, when worn together, spell out “F**k You” in all of its explicit glory. It’s a clear indication of how Meg feels about her haters, and it makes us love her even more than we already do.

Reportedly, this set of rings cost the Hot Girl rapper over $200k, and considering that it looks like every single ring is made with solid diamonds and pure white gold, we’d believe this is true.

Rings can be as subtle or as eye-popping as you want them to be, and 6 Ice has options for everything in between. While we might not have any explicit pieces like Meg herself, these high-quality rings will definitely have people feeling pretty jealous.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Watch

Meg is a busy person with lots of places to be, and she needs to be able to keep track of time. So why not do it in style with a high-quality Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch?

Audemars Piguet is one of the most sought-after watch brands in the entire world. This luxury brand has made custom watches for almost every single celebrity you’ve ever laid eyes on, and it’s one of the main reasons why influencers are trying to get their wristson these stunning pieces.

Meg’s piece is a part of the Royal Oak collection, which has a steel case and octagonal bezel. But it looks like hers has been custom-made to include diamonds on the band as well as around the watch face. It’s an amazing piece that is just as beautiful as it is rare.

This piece probably cost the rapper at least $100,000 – but you don’t need to max out your credit card to max out your style. 6 Ice’s collection of Rocketeer Watches has the same prestige and polish as those sought-after brands at just a fraction of the cost. 

Cross Pendant

Cross pendants are some of the most commonly worn pendant variations in the entire world. Religious pendants are fantastic ways to show your devotion to your faith without sacrificing your style. Sometimes, it doesn’t even need to be strictly about faith. In fact, a well-placed cross pendant can enhance your look — especially when you have a unique one like Megan Thee Stallion.

The rapper has been seen wearing a cross pendant that seems to be wrapped up in a diamond-encrusted snake. It’s a unique take on a classic piece that’s almost impossible to look away from. While we can’t even begin to imagine how much it cost her, we can’t help but feel like such an intricate piece is entirely priceless.

If you’re looking for a cross pendant to show off your own beliefs while still enhancing your style, 6 Ice has you covered. This Celtic Cross Pendant in White Gold is a striking variation of the classic design that is still subdued enough to work with any outfit.

In Conclusion

Megan Thee Stallion continues to make waves with her catchy beats and catchier lyrics, and her success is entirely proven by her crazy jewelry collection. From custom pendants to explicit, diamond-covered rings – there’s really no look that this iconic rapper can’t handle.

With that said, she’s probably a little jealous that none of her pieces have a lifetime warranty like 6 Ice. We’re the purveyors of high-quality hip hop jewelry, so you can match the looks of your favorite icons with an added peace of mind. If your pieces are damaged from normal wear and tear, our lifetime guarantee will help you get a replacement or fix.

Take a look at our catalog to start your journey towards the best version of yourself today.



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