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  • 6 min read

Hip-hop has its fair share of “Baby” rappers. DaBaby is one of the hottest new artists right now, and Sada Baby seems to be rising to fame all the same. But rap’s biggest baby is arguably, and ironically, Lil Baby.

Lil Baby started as an underground trap artist in his youth, but he rose to mainstream fame thanks to his 2017 mixtapePerfect Timing. Since then, the Atlanta-based artist has steadily kept himself in the Billboard Top 100 with songs like “Yes Indeed” and “Drip Too Hard.”

With success comes money, and Lil Baby isn’t afraid to show off how much he’s accomplished. And like most rappers, the best way to do it is through huge, custom-made chains and pendants that cost him a fortune. Let’s take a look into Lil Baby’s crazy jewelry collection and then see how you could look just like him for a much more optimal price.

Audemars Piguet Watches 

Watches are a great jewelry item because they’re both functional as well as stylish. And when you have the money to throw around, why not get yourself two?

That’s exactly what Lil Baby did when he bought an authentic Audemars Piguet diamond watch and a custom-made diamond watch for both of his wrists. This puts style over function, proving that he’s just happy to show off.

Lil Baby revealed that he spent a whopping $60,000 on the AP watch alone and then said that he spent even more on the other because it was custom-made from scratch. It’s entirely possible that the rapper dropped six digits on that watch alone.

But when looking at how iced out each of these pieces is, it’s hard not to feel jealous. The good news is that you can get equally beautiful pieces without having to drop racks.

Better Alternative

What makes each of these watches stand out is the gems. Watches have such large surface areas on the clock face, making them perfect canvases for loading up with diamonds and gold plating.

Rocketeer Iced Out Watch

These Rocketeer Iced Out watches looks strikingly similar to Lil Baby’s designer pieces. With 3,000 handset VVS diamond simulants, this watch has a high-class look and feel. Combine that with 14-18k gold plating over a 316L stainless steel base, and this is a piece that’s built to last even longer than Lil Baby’s.

And since its price tag is nothing compared to what Baby dropped, you could wear multiple watches on both of your wrists just for the fun of it.

Lil Baby Pendant

Pendants are excellent additions to any chain because they can help give your look a unique feel. Lil Baby took this a step further by making his own custom chain that just says his name.

It’s huge and covered with diamonds, racking in a price tag of $25k. But the diamond tennis chain attached ran him another $15k, totaling nearly $50k for the entirety of the piece. It makes sense considering the pendant was custom-made, but you can get personalized pendants without having to spend five whole digits.

Better Alternative

Personalizing your very own pendant is a lot easier than you might think, and Lil Baby’s custom word pendant could be easily recreated at a much more reasonable price. ThisBaguette Script Custom Pendant has almost the exact same font as Lil Baby’s piece, so you could have your very own version of his iconic medallion.

Baguette Script Custom Pendant

However, why not write your own name or the name of a loved one? The possibilities are endless, and you could even pick your very own chain to match.

QC Chain

QC Chains are popular among rappers and hip-hop personalities, but Lil Baby’s might be one of the most pristine. It’s a huge, solid pendant that doesn’t have a single open space without pure diamonds or gold.

Baby said that he wears this pendant when he goes out, and you can see why. It’s the type of piece that’s impossible not to notice, even in a crowded nightclub.

It’s also attached to a giant Cuban chain that’s fit for a king. In total, Baby spent a grand total of $100k on the entire piece.

Better Alternative

Because of the popularity of the QC design, you can get yourSpinning Custom Picture pendant without having to fork over nearly as much money. This one, in particular, is thick and huge, so it has a lot of room for being decked out with flawless VVSsimulated diamonds.

Spinning Custom Picture pendant 

On top of that, this is a spinning pendant which adds an extra dynamic layer that even Lil Baby’s version couldn’t match. And since they’re custom-made, you could even replace the QC logo with your own initials if you wanted.

Diamond Earrings

Earrings might be small, but they can completely change the way an entire fit looks and feels. Lil Baby knows this well, having spent $50k on a pair of huge diamond earrings that he wears around all the time.

The rapper wanted his ears pierced so bad when he was younger that he used an existing stud and pierced them himself. That commitment paid off, because now he can decorate his earlobes with huge diamond rocks.

Better Alternative

Baby’s earrings are princess cut, meaning they’re square-shaped instead of round. These studs have an elegant essence that makes them easy to love, but there’s no reason to spend $50k on them.

Solid 925 Silver Princess Cut Diamond Earrings Pair

This pair of  Solid 925 Silver Princess Cut Diamond Earrings uses flawless VVS simulants that look just like real diamonds, only at a fraction of the cost. This is sure to provide an unmatched appeal to your overall look that would have Lil Baby himself feeling jealous.

Cuban Link Bracelet

Chains are the most prominent mainstay of hip-hop fashion, thanks to legends like DJ Kool Herc andBiggie Smalls. Lil Baby proves that he’s a fan of the classic with his white gold diamond Cuban Link.

The rapper said that he almost never takes it off, and it’s easy to see why. Made with pure diamonds and real gold, it’s symbolic of his success at all hours of the day.

Better Alternative

Diamonds are really only expensive because of the hype behind them. If you just want something that looks and feels authentic, simulant diamonds will easily get the job done for a much more accessible cost.

19mm Diamond Prong Cuban Bracelet White Gold

That’s why aDiamond Prong Cuban Bracelet in White Gold is the way to go. This looks exactly like the piece that Lil Baby wears all the time. You could show it off everywhere you go as well, and at its low cost, why not ice out both arms without even coming close to the total that Baby likely dropped?

Diamond Star Rings

Chains, earrings, and bracelets can only go so far. Lil Baby said he likes having a bit of eye candy for people to look at while he’s performing, so he likes to load up his fingers with tons of diamond star rings.

The rapper usually wears these on his ring and pinky fingers so that they’re front and center while he’s holding a microphone. But since he built his fame from the ground up, he’s earned the right to show off a little bit.

Better Alternative

Star rings are popular designs for hip-hop jewelry, so you could show off too. These are large rings with a nice surface area, allowing for larger stones than most other rings. This18k Gold Star Ring even has a solid back inside, so it feels sturdy and high-quality from the moment you slip it on.

Diamond Star Ring 18k Gold

You could even try out some different colors, like a really distinctRose Gold. These retain a classic feel while still giving off an essence of boldness and prestige.

In Conclusion

Lil Baby started as an underground trap artist who rose to mainstream stardom. His fame was all his own, so flaunting it with some iced-out pieces is entirely deserved.

Like most rappers, Baby loves his chains. His QC chain and Lil Baby custom pendant ran him nearly $150k total. And when you combine that with both of his Audemars Piguet watches, it’s likely that he’s dropped $300k on those pieces alone.

But he also often wears star rings, Cuban links, and pure diamond earrings to complete his look during every performance. He’s solidified himself as a hip-hop icon, and his jewelry shows it.

The good news is that looking like Lil Baby is easy, because there are accessible alternatives to every single one of his pieces. It’s evident that you don’t have to be a rap god to look like a rap god.



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