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  • 5 min read

Running late? Running early? Running on-time? You wouldn’t know if you didn’t have an iced out watch around your wrist. And while a watch can help you manage time, it can also amplify your outfit and make you stand out in a crowd.

While a typical smartwatch or leather watch can work as a functional piece, it won’t complement your outfit in the same way that an iced out watch covered in diamonds will. 

Time is ticking. Here’s everything you need to know about picking the right diamond watch:

Understanding Iced Out Watches

There are many different types of watches that you can have the freedom to throw around your wrist. Leather watches have long been a staple of men’s fashion specifically, incorporating a leather band attached to a watch face. While these look classy, they are very subdued and won’t necessarily amp up your fit.

Smartwatches are another common option that are particularly useful for tracking your fitness progress. While these are loaded with technological features that no other watch can match, they don’t look nearly as sleek as one covered in diamonds.

Iced out watches are those that are crusted with diamond gemstones on all sides. Not only do these pieces look professional, but they’ll also make you look like a force to be reckoned with. These types of watches exude an essence that is completely different from all other types. Having at least one in your arsenal of jewelry can equip you for any occasion.

While diamond-encrusted watches have jewels on the outside, don’t be confused by the fact that most watches have jewels on theinsideas well. Even though many modern watches contain jewels in the inner mechanisms to reduce friction, these aren’t considered iced out.

Choosing the Right Iced Out Watch

Take one look at an iced out watch, and you’ll probably be ready to buy it right then and there. But there are loads of different options, so it’s important to browse your options before deciding on the first one you see.

Establish a Base

While the diamonds are obviously the main attraction of an iced out watch, they aren’t the only component. The gems need something to actually attach to, and that’s where the base metal comes in. In most cases, that’s either yellow or white gold.

Yellow, traditional gold has an essence that harkens back to history. Gold has long been representative of royalty, and as it continued to maintain successful status throughout the formative years of hip hop, it’s still reigning supreme as one of the top gold variations in jewelry.

Traditional gold can look great on a watch, as the yellow color provides an eye-catching contrast to the diamonds themselves. This is a viable option if you’ve never worn an iced out watch before or if you’re specifically trying to pull off more of a tried and true feel.

However, if you want something more uniform and clean, going with white gold might be the move. White gold is made by combining traditional, pure gold with another metal, typically nickel. The end result is a platinum-like finish that feels poised and exudes confidence.

Half Iced Presidential Watch in White Gold

White gold iced out watches are the perfect accompaniment to a suit and tie to make sure you’re on time for your important business meeting. But they’ll look just as great when you need to hit up the club immediately after.

When choosing your base metal, you’ll also need to decide between solid gold or gold plating. While solid gold will give you bragging rights and a much sturdier base, it can rack up a higher price. Gold plating is an alternative that’s more cost-friendly, though you’ll just need to devote a bit more time to caring for your watch.

Nice and Iced

A watch that’s covered on all sides with stunning diamonds is undoubtedly going to turn some heads as it reflects the light from all directions. But if you’re shopping on a budget, you might not be able to accomplish that.

Much like going with solid gold, if you can get your hands on a piece that utilizes real diamonds from front to back, you’ll earn yourself bragging rights as well as a seriously durable piece. However, you don’t need to break the bank just to snag an unbreakable piece.

Diamond alternatives, such as cubic zirconia, look just like real diamonds, only they cost a fraction of the price. You can find iced out watches that use cubic zirconia to accomplish the unmatchable appearance at a much lower price point.

Half Iced Presidential Watch in 18k Gold

But if you’re committed to wearing some real diamonds around your wrist, why not meet halfway? Getting a half iced watch lets you feel the pride in layering pristine diamonds around your wrist. But, since only half of the piece is encrusted with the gems, you won’t need to spend nearly as much. This is a great piece for those who favor subtle fashion elements. Plus, this lets you show off more of your favorite base metal.

It’s all about striking a balance between value and the end result. The good news is that there are options for everyone, so don’t let the price hold you back.

Let’s Face It

One of the major drawbacks of most leather watches are that the watch face doesn’t steal much of the show. More often than not, these take on a simple white design that doesn’t bring much to the table. This is unfortunate, as the watch face takes up a large surface area, so why not utilize it?

Half Iced Presidential Watch in 18k Gold

Iced out watches incorporate colored watch faces that strike an amazing contrast to the sparkling white diamonds. For instance, a red watch face against a traditional gold watch feels unique and bold, especially compared to a run-of-the-mill leather watch.

However, black and white watch faces can still look great up against the glimmering diamonds of an iced out watch. While colors like red and blue feel bold and brazen, sticking with a classic black or white face might be a good choice if you’re new to wearing watches.

You’ll spend a lot of time looking at your watch face every time you look down to check the time, so you might as well make sure you’ll be happy to look at it every time you do.

Watch Out

Iced out watches are some of the most extravagant pieces of jewelry that you can own. Not only do they provide the functional purpose of being able to tell the time, but their large surface area makes them blank canvases for jewelers to run wild.

When choosing the right iced out watch for you, the most important aspect to think about is how you want to come off to those around you.

Looking to be bolder? Go with a full-on iced out watch with a colored watch face. Want to be more subtle? A half-iced watch with a white or black face might be more your style.

Whatever you decide, just make sure you’re getting your pieces from a place you can trust. 6 ICE offers a lifetime guarantee so you can be confident in your investment. If something breaks due to normal wear and tear, we’ll work with you to provide a replacement. And with multiple customization options, you can craft the watch you’ve always wanted.



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