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  • 5 min read

Taurus Tremani Bartlett is much better known for his professional name, Polo G. And while he has only recently risen to stardom thanks to his hip hop hits like “Pop Out” and “Finer Things,” he has amounted to a crazy amount of success in such a short amount of time.

And if you’re a hip hop artist, the only way to prove to people that you’ve made it is by expressing it outwardly through crazy jewelry collections, and Polo G accomplishes just that. His jewelry collection rivals those who have been in the game for years.

Let’s take a look at his crazy collection, as well as how much he’s spent on all of his pieces, so you can find more accessible alternatives to emulate this growing icon.

GOAT Custom Pendant

    Plenty of rappers claim to be the GOAT or the “Greatest Of All Time.” And while Polo G is a bit young to be considered the GOAT just yet, his album of the same name goes hard enough to cement him as a worthy contender.

    To commemorate the album release, Polo G hit up his friends at IceBox to craft him a custom pendant of a literal goat’s face. This piece is stunning yet simple, as it is covered with flawless diamonds on all sides to create a detailed goat figure that’s impossible to ignore. It even incorporates a touch of yellow gold at the top to give it some realistic-looking horns.

    Polo G has said it’s one of his favorite custom pieces, mostly because people look at it and think he’s in the Illuminati. And while his goat pendant has a sentimental value to commemorate his first album, it also just looks fun and kitschy.

    You can get a pendant with the sole purpose of enhancing your style without breaking the bank. This Iced Panda Pendant is studded with diamonds in the exact same way to create a realistic-looking piece that still brings out the best of your outfit with a hint of whimsy.

    Capalot Word Pendant

    Polo G seems to be a big fan of customized pendants, probably because he has always been one to stray away from the mainstream. And his diamond capalot word pendant helps cement him as an individual, especially because this piece has even more personal meaning to him.

    One of his most famous songs, “Ms. Capalot,” has garnered attention and success, and it was one of his earlier pieces to enter the public sphere. The word “Capalot” is slang for a person who lies all the time. But we’d be cappin’ if we said that this piece wasn’t worth the $40,000 that he dropped on it.

    The thing is, you can get a practically identical word pendant for just a fraction of the price. These Brush Font Custom Pendants give you full control over the word you want to exemplify, the gold color you want for the base, the type of diamonds for the exterior, and even the matching chain. So you can make a piece that looks even more high quality than the one that Polo G likes to wear often.

    1300 Custom Pendant

    If you’re noticing a pattern here, it’s probably that Polo G really loves himself some high-quality custom pendants. We don’t blame him, especially since custom pendants tend to be more expensive than other types of jewelry. So not only is he getting a piece that is fully unique to him, but he’s also subtly flexing his wealth on everyone he passes by.

    His 1300 custom pendant might be his most striking one, simply due to its size. The number is bigger than his hands, and it probably weighs down his neck with solid gold and pure diamonds every time he puts it on. But his four-digit pendant actually ran him six digits — $115,000, to be exact.

    While the pendant is symbolic of the 1300 block of Chicago where the rapper grew up, you don’t need to drop hundreds of thousands to get a custom piece that speaks to you. Browse our collection of word pendants to mimic his style or come up with your very own.

    NBA Logo Pendant

    Polo G is a huge basketball fanatic, and if you’ve listened to his music, you’ve probably heard him make a reference to the sport. So naturally, he needed to hit up a custom jeweler to get another diamond pendant to represent this love.

    This pendant features a diamond-studded silhouette of Polo G within a rectangular base to mimic the NBA logo. This thick piece utilizes white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, making it like a Neapolitan ice cream cone for his neck. It sits attached to a diamond tennis chain, which is subtle enough to let the piece speak for itself.

    The side of the piece is engraved with the words “Only dreamers achieve.” So if you’re hoping to get your own custom pendant featuring a diamond-studded version of yourself on the NBA logo, be sure to keep on dreaming and working towards your goals.

    Iced Presidential Rolex

    Polo G loves his custom pendants, no doubt, but that’s not the only thing that he wears to amp up his style. He’s also got a crazy collection of watches that would make anyone pretty jealous.

    Watches are great because they’ve got a huge surface area to allow jewelers to really run wild in order to make beautiful pieces. Polo G’s diamond Rolex is covered on all sides with pure yellow gold and diamonds. It’s even got pointers running down the middle of the band to give it an extra elegant look that’s fit for a king.

    If you’re in the market for an iced-out watch to help you keep track of time, don’t worry – you’re just in time to get your hands on one. Our Iced Presidential Watch in 18k gold has the same elegance and luster as Polo G’s for just a fraction of the cost of a Rolex. But with four different colored watch faces to choose from, you can have the ability to customize your piece so that it best suits your wardrobe and style.

    The Finest Things

    Polo G might be a fresh face in the hip hop scene, but he wears jewelry like he’s been in the game for years. From an extravagant amount of custom pendants to a fresh set of stunning watches, he’s got a collection that jewelry connoisseurs would just have to respect and admire.

    Start building out your collection to gain more respect with 6 Ice, the finest purveyor of hip hop jewelry. From custom pendants to iced-out watches, detailed chains to accessible rings, there’s something here for everyone. And combine our high-quality products with a lifetime guarantee and 24/7 support, and you can have confidence in your investment.


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