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  • 5 min read

In every group of friends, there’s always that person who has the latest tech, the freshest clothes, and tickets to the concert everyone wants to see. They’re successful, well connected, and never seem to have a dull moment.

These people seem to have it all, and when it’s time to buy them a present for their birthday or a special occasion, it seems impossible. They already own everything they want, so how are you supposed to choose the right gift and make a great impression without embarrassing yourself?

You can always find a unique gift that will make them smile – you just need to think more creatively than usual.

If you need a little inspiration, we’re here to help. Here’s a list of some items to buy for the people in your life who already have everything. 

1. Tri-Color Chain

Most men and women these days have a decent collection of chain necklaces to choose from. But if you take a closer look, these chains aren’t very original. That’s not to say they aren’t high-quality, but you typically see the same standards over and over again.

Break up the monotony of the same old chains for your friend or family member looking to try something new. Atri-color chain - with rose gold, white gold, and classic yellow gold – is an exciting take on a look that everyone loves.

At first glance, you may not see anything that stands out about this chain. But when you first see the multi-tone pattern of the bold chain links, you’ll know that this one is a winner.

The best part? It’s a slim-to-none chance that friends or family already have a piece like this. It’s something they’ll love and wear all the time, with you to thank.

2. Gold Bracelet

Bracelets have become even more popular these past few years, with men and women finding their groove with amix of styles.

You may have noticed a lot of bead bracelets, leather wraps, and big stacks of mix-and-match bracelets on many arms. But what about a classic gold bracelet that’s built to last and make a big first impression? 

There are bracelets that look cute and fun, and then there are bracelets that broadcast to the world that you are a BOSS to be respected in every situation. You know the difference when you see it, so pick smart and give the gift ofan unforgettable gold bracelet this year.

3. Not Another Boring Watch

Most people have a modest set of basic watches that they can show off at formal events or wear casually to a party.

But wheremost watch collections fall short is on style, which requires bold risks with color, gems, and design features that set them apart. When you see a next-levelPresidential Watch with a night-vision background and diamond-studded exterior, you know you’ve got something special.

There’s nothing wrong with a conservative watch that draws from old-time designs, but there’s also nothing memorable about those tired timepieces.

If you have a friend or relative who is stuck in the 20th century, this is your chance to upgrade them to the new millennium with a watch they’ll love on sight.

4. Mix And Match Set Of Chains

Is your best friend super successful but still wearing just one chain necklace at a time? Maybe they haven’t gotten the memo that they can double (or triple) down on their chain game and push their style into unexplored territory.

When designers and icons first started wearingmultiple diamond chains back in the day, we all thought it was a little out there, but now it’s no big deal. In fact, everyone is trying out this look for themselves. That’s just the cycle of evolution and adaptation in the world of style.

5. Earrings For Any Occasion

We have no problem gifting clothing like shirts, socks, and even underwear, so why is it so rare that we give earrings? There is something personal about earrings, but it’s time we started working them on holidays and birthdays.

They frame the face and make your eyes the center of attention in any situation. Male or female, you can’t help yourself from admiring someone with a gem on either ear.

There are countless crazy earring styles out there at the moment, and you may not want to take such a wild risk. Stick with some classic styles likeround cut orprincess cut diamond earrings to give the right gift.

6. Pendant With A Personal Touch

If your long-time friend has everything, there’s one way to ensure that you don’t give them a repeat gift: go custom.

Find a jeweler that lets you piece together thecustom lettered pendant of your dreams. Use their full name, make it a family name, or try a nickname from back in the day for a blast of nostalgia.

If you’re not sure about ordering custom jewelry online, let go of those old assumptions. Today’s brands are super responsive, trustworthy, and give you a lot of creative input for the perfect gift.

Plus, the best companies offer a warranty to make sure those custom pieces last a lifetime, and the recipient will never be without their favorite pendant.

7. One-of-a-Kind Necklace Design

Tennis chains and Cuban links are tried-and-true classics, and there are other trendy necklace styles for men and women that are just a bit too predictable. They may already have something just like it, and it will likely just get lost in the shuffle.

The way to solve this problem is by giving a designer necklace that’s out of this world.

We’re talking about original patterns that look fresh out of a fashion week sketchbook and exclusive to the VIP stars of New York and LA. When you see a piece like theDripping Infinity Necklace, for example, you’ll think it’s a custom piece for an A-List Celeb.

This isn’t the necklace you wear to grab groceries or pay your parking bill. This is the red carpet, Instagram-exploding piece you need to put on top of a killer outfit. 

8. Fun And Fresh Pendants To Remember

The world’s most successful people are often into some pretty unique stuff. When you’ve got money, your tastes expand – that’s just a law of nature.

That’s the exact reason why you should consider giving eccentric pendants to your friends or family members who like to think outside of the box with their lifestyle and fashion.

Maybe they have an interest in esoteric stuff like pyramids or ancient symbols. They could be religious and have a taste for Christian or Islamic themes. However they live their lives, there is adistinctive pendant for them. 

9. Original Rings

We tend to think of rings as symbols of commitment, but they can also be fun accessories that show friendship. It’s all about selecting aring with the right look and fit, reflecting the personality of the person receiving it.

Maybe a minimal band will fit the mood of the occasion, while a bold 360-degree blast of rotating diamonds is better for the celebration at hand. Gauge the situation and give a ring that fits in every way.


Now that you think about it, there’s always a perfect gift to give, even if you think you’re out of ideas. After all, that person who has everything still deserves more.