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  • 5 min read

French Montana is one of the most prolific names in rap right now. He’s got some of the most insane features on his songs, and he really knows how to combine deep downbeats with catchy, lyrical verses. And his success hasn’t gone unnoticed.

That’s because this 37-year-old Moroccan-American hip hop artist has more jewelry than we can even count, and he (rightfully) loves to show it off. We’re going to go over some tips to get those flaunt-worthy pieces of your own.

Let’s take a deep dive into his stunning collection so you can get some ideas of your own for how to grow your chart-topping arsenal of accessories. 

Clustered Diamond Tennis Chains

If you ever see a rapper hanging out in New York City, there’s a good chance they’re building up their collection of fine jewelry. NYC has become somewhat of abling hotspot for designer chains, bracelets, and rings, and French Montana has taken full advantage of it.

He took a stop at Eric the Jeweler’s shop and spent $100,000 on three matching diamond chains. Tennis chains are always stunning, but these ones might take the cake. The giant diamond clusters are pristine and impossible to miss. These sparkling clusters really act as a major statement piece when Montant stacks all three of them on his body at once.

Trying to match his look? The good news is you don’t need to travel to NYC to feel like just a hip hop icon. TheseClustered Diamond Tennis Chains look nearly identical to the pieces that Montana just dropped $100k on.

Now, you can look and feel just like a celebrity every time you leave the house. And for the same price as Montana paid, you can get your hands on (way) more than three of them.

Mister 16 Jersey Pendant

When most people celebrate a big event in their lives, they might go grab a drink with friends or treat themselves to a cake. But French Montana took a personal celebration to a whole new level by buying himself a giant custom pendant completely shrouded with pure diamonds and gold.

To commemorate the release of his “Mister 16: Casino Life” album back in 2011, Montana got himself acustom pendant of a football jersey with the number 16 engraved on the back. This pendant is probably as big as his hand, and it’s completely filled with gems on all sides. We can only imagine how much money he dropped on this one.

Custom pendants are one of the best ways to show off your personality, and you don’t need to be a famous rapper in order to get a high-quality one. Show off your favorite catchphrase or lucky number with aSolid Block Custom Pendant. This is just as bold as Montana’s piece, and its 3D design is impossible to miss at any type of social gathering.

Akon’s Hublot Timepiece

There’s really no better jewelry item than a stunning new watch. Not only do these serve a functional purpose, but the surface area of a watch face is like a canvas for a jeweler to play around with. And fellow rapper Akon was kind enough to give French Montana a Hublot timepiece – one of the most renowned watches in the entire game.

But when Montana went to get the diamonds switched out at a local jeweler, he was stunned to find out that the piece was a knock-off, and he had been finessed by Akon. We’re still not sure if Akon ever got him a replacement, and we also don’t know why exactly he pranked him like this. But what we do know is that Montana probably won’t make that same mistake again.

If he had only bought his watch from 6 Ice, then he wouldn’t have had a problem from the get-go. Not only are ourIced Out Watches carefully handset with 2500 VVAdiamond simulants and 18k real gold, but we’ve got a one-year warranty so you can have confidence in your investment. So if Akon ever tries to gift you a watch, make sure it’s from us.

Drake’s Personalized Cuff

As much as Montana loves to wear jewelry for himself, he’s also a thoughtful guy who likes to spread the love. And that’s exactly what he did for Drake’s birthday. The rapper gifted his good friend a $175,000 diamond-encrusted cuff that spells out Drake’s name. It’s a truly striking piece that honestly looks like it’s worth the price.

And unlike Akon’s gift to Montana, this one was entirely legitimate. In fact, Drake was so happy with his present that he showed it off on his Instagram story for the entire world to see. That’s some serious “Hotline Bling,” if we say so ourselves.

Jungle Rules Pendant

So we’ve seen how nice Montana is to other people on their birthday, but the good news is that people are just as generous to him on their own. He was gifted a stunning “Jungle Rules” pendant for his birthday that he’s proudly worn out and about.

This custom pendant is double layered and covered in diamonds on all sides. The contrast with the traditional gold makes for an eye-catching piece that allows the letters to pop against any outfit.

You can make a nearly identical custom piece with a catchphrase of your choosing. ThisBrush Font Custom Letter Pendant uses a similar font, and you can have full control over the color of the base metal. So you can be just like French Montana and make another “Jungle Rules” pendant, or you can feel free to express yourself in whatever way you want.

French Cuff

We’re not sure if Montana was inspired by the gift he gave to Drake or if Drake’s cuff was inspired by Montana’s own. But, Montana proudly sports a diamond cuff with the letters “French” engraved all around his wrist.

This huge, bulky piece is unmistakable, and it serves as a reminder of how far Montana has come since his humble beginnings. We definitely don’t know how he wears this and is still able to lift up his arm, but we love it nonetheless.

Styles That Shine

French Montana has cemented himself as one of the most influential figures in modern hip hop, and his jewelry collection really exemplifies his success. He’s casually dropped over $100,000 on necklaces and bracelets, and he’s not afraid to drop hundreds of thousands on birthday presents for his friends.

It’s easy to look at Montana’s style and get a little bit envious, but you can match his style without needing to hand over all that cash.

6 Ice is the finest purveyor of hip hop jewelry, and we are committed to making high-quality pieces accessible for everyone. From Cuban links to custom pendants, from stunning watches to glistening earrings, we’ve got everything you need to amplify your reputation as an icon in your own right.


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