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  • 6 min read

No one is truly able to embody finesse and prestige like the one and only Floyd Mayweather. In the ring, his smooth jabs and killer uppercuts make him a force to be reckoned with. But outside of the ring, his unstoppable prowess isn’t diminished in the slightest.

This is because Mayweather isn’t afraid to flaunt his success. He proves to the people around him just how much wealth he’s earned through designer watches, thick chains, and stunning bracelets. It’s truly a sight to behold.

Mayweather’s collection is something to be jealous of, and considering the amount that he’s spent on his whole wardrobe, it’s unattainable for most of us. However, let’s take a look at his crazy collection and then help you consider some more accessible alternatives that would knockout Mayweather himself.

The Billionaire Watch

Watches are some of the most sought after pieces of jewelry for a few reasons. For one, they have a practical application in telling you the time. But more importantly, their large watch face allows for a bigger surface area to really fill with glittering diamonds.


Floyd Mayweather Shows Off His Crazy Jewelry Collection


And Mayweather is no stranger to big and bulky pieces. He got himself a designer watch from NYC based jeweler Tadashi, who made him a custom watch that is covered from front to back with pure diamonds. 

Despite its name, the watch only cost him $18 million. Still, that’s much more than most of us can drop on something like this. The good news is that there are a ton of ways you can get extremely similar-looking watches without needing to be a boxing legend.

Better Alternative

Mayweather’s watch is stunning, but it doesn’t do anything too crazy from a design standpoint. The only reason the watch has garnered such a high price tag is because diamonds themselves are inflated due to market monopolies and their complex history. What this means is that you can find jewelry that uses alternative materials without having to sacrifice appearance.

Iced Presidential Watch in White Gold


With that in mind, this Iced Presidential Watch in White Gold might look even better than the multi-million dollar custom piece that Mayweather has around his wrist. This is a larger watch with even more studs, giving it a fresh appearance on all sides. And with its white gold plating, it looks clean and cold. It will give you a high-class look and feel that is sure to spark a conversation.

A Pear-Shaped VVS Diamond Ring

On his Instagram, Mayweather claims to have bought from every single jeweler in NYC, Vegas, LA, Detroit, Houston, and Miami. While this is unconfirmed, we could definitely believe it, considering he spent over $5 million on an LA jewelry shopping spree.

He visited Peter Marco’s shop in Beverly Hills and got himself a few chains and bracelets valued at a few million. But the most eye-catching piece of his trip is definitely a huge 30-carat diamond ring valued at $2.3 million.

Considering most diamond engagement rings are between 1.08 and 1.2 carats, you can probably imagine just how big this rock really is. If you’re looking for something that’s going to feel just as bold, you don’t have to look very far.

Better Alternative

Diamonds are graded on a scale based on 4 Cs: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. A 30-carat ring with VVS (nearly flawless) diamonds ranks extremely high in both the Clarity and Carat categories, which helps explain why Mayweather’s ring cost him so much money.


Floyd Mayweather Shows Off His Crazy Jewelry Collection

Glacier Ring


Large rings are in right now, and they’re symbolic of someone who means business. Something like this Glacier Ring would do a perfect job of replicating the finesse that exudes off of Mayweather’s $2.3 million ring, only without actually costing that much money. And since diamond alternatives like cubic zirconia are easier to work with than diamonds, you can obtain the VVS quality of a real diamond without having to jump through hoops.

A Pure Diamond Necklace

If you’re as successful as Mayweather, you can just keep buying new ice every single day if you wanted. For the most part, it seems like a trip to designer jewelers is a part of his daily routine.


Floyd Mayweather Shows Off His Crazy Jewelry Collection


During another one of his impulse buys, Mayweather dropped racks on a diamond necklace and ring combo. His reps said that, in total, he spent between $10-15 million.

The necklace in question is undoubtedly stunning, fit for a champion like him. It’s a clustered diamond necklace that’s made with 74 real, pure diamonds. 

Better Alternative

Chains are a staple of men’s fashion, as they look great with any type of fit. They’re easy to pull off, especially when yours looks like you spent just as much as Mayweather.


Floyd Mayweather Shows Off His Crazy Jewelry Collection

Cushion-cut Cluster Tennis Chain White Gold


Cushion-cut Cluster Tennis Chain White Gold is exactly what Mayweather spent millions on, except you can find identical options for a much more affordable cost. These chains are very different from your typical Cuban links or Franco chains that are common in the men’s fashion sector, so you’ll really be standing out from the crowd with something like this.

If you really wanted to be like Mayweather, you could buy a 50-carat diamond ring to match. This is where the Glacier ring might come in handy, or switch things up with a Baguette Diamond Cluster Ring. Either way, you’ll be looking like a champ.

Tons of Pendants

Mayweather is always wearing so many pendants at one time that it can be nearly impossible to decipher just exactly how much each one cost. What is universal between them is that each one is made with solid gold and diamond.


Floyd Mayweather Shows Off His Crazy Jewelry Collection


One of his most notable pendants is a Jesus pendant, in which the figure’s face is studded with diamonds and gold. It’s symbolic of Mayweather’s devotion to his faith, yet simultaneously able to up his game by a mile.

Better Alternative

Jesus pendants are fairly popular pendant designs because of their symbolic nature. They don’t go unnoticed when you’re walking through a crowd.

While a solid gold piece like Mayweather’s could cost hundreds of thousands, you can get an affordable version if you look for something that uses gold plating technology. Gold plating works by overlaying a thin layer of the metal over top of a base metal, like stainless steel. They look exactly like solid gold because you never actually see what’s under the surface.


Floyd Mayweather Shows Off His Crazy Jewelry Collection

Big Jesus Piece Pendant


With this in mind, a gold plated Big Jesus Piece is nearly an identical copy of what Mayweather continually wears around his neck. Be sure to have your favorite chain around so that you can throw this pendant on whenever.

Solid Gold Cuban Chains

Mayweather loves to be bold and different, but he also knows when the classics are meant to come back into play. He often sports huge Cuban chain combinations around his neck, each made with solid gold, to prove that he can pull off any style known to man.

At one point, Mayweather was spotted wearing 11 Kg of gold around his neck at one time. One kilo of gold costs about $60k, so doing the math brings his chains to a total of nearly $700k.

But replicating the classic Cuban chain look is much easier than Mayweather makes it seem.

Better Alternative

If you want chains that make the same impact as Mayweather’s, the bigger, the better. Wearing something that’s at least 19mm thick is a surefire way to look bold and feel high class.


Floyd Mayweather Shows Off His Crazy Jewelry Collection

19mm Diamond Prong Cuban Chains


Combining the benefits of gold plating and diamond simulation is a perfect way to get bulky 19mm Diamond Prong Cuban Chains without spending nearly as much as Mayweather. This two-tone design is also something that Mayweather doesn’t seem to wear often, so he might even be a bit jealous that you’re able to pull this off.

Wrap Up

When you start from the bottom and work your way to the top, it’s a good reason to show off your accomplishments. And that’s just what Floyd Mayweather does through his jewelry collections.

Based on the sheer amount of pieces that Mayweather has shown off on his social media, it’s safe to assume that he’s spent close to $1 billion on all of his designerwear. Although he’s definitely earned it, there are better ways to replicate his drip.

Using gold plating and diamond simulants are effective and affordable ways to look great without breaking the bank. If Mayweather had just gone with some of these alternatives, he might have been able to buy himself even more multi-million dollar cars.


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