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12mm Diamond Prong Cuban Bracelet White Gold

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  • 5 min read

Golden chains have long been a staple of hip-hop culture, but they’ve expanded to become a large part of men’s fashion in general. Different chain styles, fromfranco chains tomariner chains, are some of the most effective ways to amplify an outdated wardrobe.

But none of these links would even exist if it weren’t for the pioneer that started it all:the Cuban link. When you think of a golden chain, you probably are envisioning a Cuban link without even knowing exactly what makes them stand out.

15mm Spiked Diamond Cuban Chain

Cuban chainsare variations of the standard rope chain that feature oval links that intersect in a rope pattern. These links then twist in a cable-like design, making for a traditional appearance that still feels fully modern.

And Cuban chains don’t just have to be worn around your neck. You can now wrap your favorite links around every single one of your fingers, too.

Ready to wear Cuban chains all over? We can help you figure out how to get the best one to match your personal style.

Determine Your Budget

We never like to let money define our lives. But coming out of a pandemic, cash might be a little tight. But just because your bank account isn’t looking its best doesn’t mean you have to suffer too.

Classic Cuban rings are going to be plated with a metal finish, and that metal is probably going to be gold. Everyone knows how expensive gold can be, but you don’t needsolidgold to give off the essence of a king or queen.

Gold plating involves taking a thin layer of real gold and laying it on top of a more affordable base metal, such as silver or stainless steel. The end result is a piece that looks exactly like solid gold, except it’smuchmore affordable. 

The only real drawback is that solid gold is much more durable. This means you’ll need to spend less time maintaining it. If you have more time than money, gold-plated pieces might be for you. But if money exceeds your precious time, then why not go for the real thing?

Of course, your Cuban link ring isn’t complete without a little bit of bling. The best Cuban rings are studded with diamonds to give them thefeel of a true hip-hop icon. But as you also know, diamonds aren’t cheap.

The good news is that diamond simulants such as cubic zirconia look nearly identical -- they just cost a fraction of the press. These are cheaper alternatives to the real stone that are perfect for people who want to treat themselves on a tight budget.

Again, though, you compensate with lower quality. Diamonds are thehardest known material on Earth, so you can expect them to withstand a lot more than synthetic alternatives.

Find Your Purpose

Cuban rings can pretty much work in any setting at any time. But there are different variations in their style that are entirely dictated by the reason behind wearing them.

Are you the type to stick with the classics? Do you prefer being a bit bolder with your jewelry choices? If you fall into either of these categories, you’ll definitely want your Cuban ring in traditional18k gold.

Diamond Prong Cuban Ring 18k Gold

The color and sheen of gold conceptualize old-world hip-hop to a T. Wearing one of these on your finger will make you feel like, and look like, one of the rappers who defined a generation.

But maybe that’s not entirely your style. Are you more professional and classy? Do you want to make a more subtle impression when you enter a room? If yes, then you’ll want to consider getting your Cuban ring inwhite gold.

Diamond Prong Cuban Ring White Gold

White gold was originally meant to mimic platinum, which compliments diamonds nicely. It makes for an overall clean look that works for nights out at the club or important business meetings alike. White gold is also a more neutral choice if it’s your first time wearing a Cuban ring.

Eyes on the Size

When you’re buying a ring in-store, jewelers can help measure the size of your ring finger on-site. This is helpful if you haven’t ever worn a ring before.

However, when you’re buying online, you don’t have that luxury. Having the right-sized ring is important because if it’s too big, it might slip off. But if it’s too small, you might need to get itremoved (and destroyed) by a medical professional.

You can measure your ring size at home by wrapping a strip of paper around your finger and then marking the area where the ring overlaps. Then, lay the paper against a ruler and match the length with a size on a ringsizing chart.

Cuban rings also makegreat gifts for a special someone in your life. If you’re gifting the ring but don’t know their size, try stealing another one of their rings to take to a jeweler for accurate sizing.

Other Things Besides the Ring

Rings are great pieces of jewelry because they’re subtle enough to go unnoticed yet bold enough to get compliments from all over. But they’re small, so if you’re serious about getting the most out of every one of your pieces, you need to wear more than just that.

Cuban rings are great because they can pretty much work withanyother type of jewelry. Of course, they look their best when paired with other kinds of Cuban links.

The classic is the Cuban chain necklace. These have been worn for decades and are staples of male fashion. It’s impossible to go wrong. For 2021, you might want to go with something a bit thinner, like this3mm micro Cuban chain.

Micro Cuban Chain 3mm 18k Gold

Cuban bracelets are a must-have if you’re going to be wearing your Cuban ring often. There’s no better look than when a bracelet and ring match, so something like aDiamond Prong Cuban Bracelet is exactly what you need.

12mm Diamond Prong Cuban Bracelet White Gold

Regardless, it is essential that you make sure the colors complement each other. That means wearing a white gold bracelet with a white gold ring or a traditional gold chain with a traditional gold ring. There might come a time when you can mix and match, but the post-pandemic world isn’t ready for that yet.

Your Dream Ring

Cuban links are one of the most iconic links in all of jewelry, and being able to slip them right on your finger is a great way to enhance your style.

When picking your ring, it’s important to determine your budget first and foremost. You can get inexpensive alternatives to both diamond and gold -- you’ll just get a lower quality piece.

After that, make sure you know what kind of color you want for a specific occasion. White gold tends to look classier in a professional setting, whereas traditional gold is iconic and is perfect for a night out.

Also, make sure the ring is the right size. You can measure your finger at home with a strip of paper and a ruler. As you do that, think about the matching accessories you want to wear with your Cuban ring, such as chains and bracelets.



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