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  • 6 min read

Hip hop usually makes us feel pumped up. Dancing, partying, and clubbing are staples of the hip hop genre. But it also can be highly personal, making us feel emotions that other genres can’t come close to replicating.

Few rappers can achieve that kind of emotion like Drake. Born in Toronto, Drake has skyrocketed to international fame because of his production value, catchy beats, and highly personal lyrics.

And this fame is pretty apparent just by looking at him. The Canadian rapper is no stranger to icing out his neck, wrists, and fingers with some of the most “in your face” accessories that the hip hop industry has ever seen. 

It’s normal to want to be like one of the most respected rappers in the game, but it’s not as easy to drop hundreds of thousands on chains and pendants. Let’s take a look at Drake’s arsenal of neverending drip and then see how you can replicate it without needing to take out a personal loan.

The OVO Owl Necklace


Check Out Drake’s Insane Jewelry Collection


Drake is seen as having one of the best jewelry collections in the world. This might be best represented by the fact that he opened up his own jewelry line, OVO. While his line of jewelry seems pretty standard, his original owl pendant was bigger than his palm.

The jeweler responsible for crafting the piece said that the pendant used over a kilo of gold and contained over 100 carats of pure diamond. Considering a one carat diamond can range from around $1,000 to $12,000, you can probably do the math to figure out just how much this life-size necklace might have cost him. 

Even though Drake released cheaper versions in his clothing line, they sold out so quickly that they are no longer available for purchase. So if you want to mimic his iconic look, you have a few options.

Better Alternative

The reason that diamonds are so expensive is only because of the hype behind them. Diamonds aren’t necessarily a rare gemstone: they are just expensive because of market monopolies. This means that if you go for diamond simulants in place of real diamonds, you are maintaining the quality without dropping racks on your next piece.


Check Out Drake’s Insane Jewelry Collection

Praying Hand Pendant


Pendants are a great way to show off your style quickly and effectively. One of the main reasons that Drake’s owl pendant is so spectacular is because its entire surface is studded out with gems. You can replicate a similar look with Praying Hand Pendant, which is sure to grab some attention on the street.

Not to mention, since this uses diamond simulants instead of the real thing, you’ll be sure to make bold statements without spending bold prices. Plus, diamond simulants like Cubic Zirconia are cut and styled in exactly the same way, so no one will ever be able to tell the difference.

The Cartier Bracelet

Perhaps the most iconic symbol of wealth and success is Cartier. Popularized by hip hop legends like Kanye West and Cardi B, Cartier designs are staples of a rapper’s wardrobe.


Check Out Drake’s Insane Jewelry Collection


Drake is also no stranger to the brand, and he’s known for sporting a classic Cartier diamond band around his wrist. Cartier made him a custom solid gold band that’s studded with diamonds around its entire length. It truly is a stunning piece of jewelry.

A normal, uncustomized Cartier diamond bracelet already runs a price tag of over $42 thousand dollars, so we really can’t even imagine how much Drake dropped on his custom fit. But what we can imagine is a way for you to replicate the exact same essence without breaking the bank.

Better Alternative

Cartier is a designer brand among the likes of Gucci, Prada, and Tiffany. This means that their products rack up a price tag purely because of the name, regardless of the actual quality of the products themselves.


Check Out Drake’s Insane Jewelry Collection

Iced Band Bracelet


So if you want a bracelet that looks the same as one from Cartier, you can do so at a fraction of the cost. This Iced Band Bracelet is so similar to the real thing that Drake might even be wearing one himself. 

And you don’t have to worry about a drop in quality just because of the low cost. This model uses flawless VVS Diamond Simulants, meaning that the gemstones used in the piece are of the highest quality based on the Gemological Institute of America’s assessment scale.

The Ski Mask Cupid Chain

When you think of hip hop fashion, the first thing that comes to mind is the gold chain. But in typical Drake fashion, his gold chain is a cut above the competition.


Check Out Drake’s Insane Jewelry Collection


His custom-made Ski Mask Cupid pendant is blinged out with 75 carats of pure diamond and over half a kilo of pure gold. It clocks in at a whopping price of 300 thousand dollars.

While this pendant is pretty personal to Drake, you can definitely match the chain and amulet.

Better Alternative

For the chain itself, Drake sported a fairly classic look. This really allowed the Cupid pendant to stand out. But if you’re looking for a chain that’s even bolder than his, look no further than a Baguette Cuban Chain in White Gold. Cuban chains are iconic and fresh, with their interwoven ovular design.


Check Out Drake’s Insane Jewelry Collection

Baguette Cuban Chain in White Gold


The white gold looks especially good on an iced out chain like this one because it seamlessly integrates with the diamond’s luminance. It’s truly a chain that even Champagne Papi would be jealous of.

As for the pendant, it might be pretty difficult to find something that looks quite as specific as Drake’s Ski Mask Cupid. However, if you really love the design and you want to embody him to the fullest, you can customize a pendant yourself.

One of the best things about these custom designs is that they use the same high-quality simulants as the other non-customizable alternatives. It means that you can show off your personality at only a fraction of the cost.

The Heart Necklace

As if Drake’s collection couldn’t get more expensive, the Toronto rapper really pulled out all of the stops when he dropped $1 million dollars on a diamond heart necklace.


Check Out Drake’s Insane Jewelry Collection


You read that number right: Drake droppedseven figureson this necklace, making it quite possibly the most expensive necklace in the game right now. It’s got over 100 carats of pure diamond, and it took months to complete.

We’d do anything to get our hands on a necklace just like this, and luckily you still can at a much more affordable price.

Better Alternative

The heart design is a classic, representing fragility and love. You could throw a Heart Locket onto an existing chain to replicate Drake’s heart necklace. And plus, you could customize it with your favorite picture on the inside.


Check Out Drake’s Insane Jewelry Collection

Heart Locket


But if you want a chain with the same essence as the heart necklace without actually utilizing the same design, you can go for something in rose gold. Rose gold symbolizes love and sensitivity in the same way that hearts do. You could try out a Clustered Tennis Chain in Rose Gold for a very similar effect.

Toronto Raptors Championship Ring

Hailing from Toronto, it’s only natural for Drake to be very respected in his hometown. But what is pretty unnatural is for him to have received an NBA Championship ring for the Raptors following their 2019 win. 

On top of that, Drake even ordered a second custom ring to go with it. 

Better Alternative

Unfortunately, there’s really no way to get your hands on an NBA Championship ring. But what you can do is find a great alternative that can make just as much of a statement.


Check Out Drake’s Insane Jewelry Collection

Diamond Clustered Band Ring


The reason the championship rings are so exciting to look at is because of the sheer amount of bling studded all over each one. To mimic that look, you can try a Diamond Clustered Band Ring that uses an insane amount of smaller studs all wrapped around one huge rock right in the middle. It’s just as eye-catching as Drake’s collection.

Wrap Up

Drake is one of the most renowned rappers of all time, and he loves to show it. From championship rings to $1 million dollar necklaces, Champagne Papi is a tour de force in expensive jewelry.

But just because he spends a lot doesn’t mean you have to. In fact, you can get similar quality pieces for a fraction of the cost, thanks to diamond simulants and gold plating techniques.

So unless you’ve got Money in the Grave or it’s God’s Plan for you to spend six digits on your next pendant, consider some of the amazing alternatives at your disposal.


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