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  • 5 min read

Blueface is one of those rappers that you either know or don’t know. And despite the fact that he often gets mistaken for the similarly named Blue Man Group, this rapper has some of the most fire lyrics that you never knew you loved.

He’s a bit of a meme, and he doesn’t take himself too seriously but remains self-aware. One place where he exemplifies his success without question is in his jewelry. Blueface’s collection is ever-growing, and it’s incredibly showstopping.

If you’re looking to start building a repertoire of your own, here’s everything you need to know about Blueface’s insane collar chain as well as other pieces in his arsenal.

Bandana Collar Chain

Blueface honestly doesn’t go all out with his jewelry in the same way that someone like Lil Wayne or Chief Keef does. But that doesn’t mean he’ll disappoint on those rare occasions when he does decide to pull out the flames.

His bandana collar chain is truly one of the most unique pieces we’ve ever seen. It’s a metal, diamond-studded piece that looks just like a fabric bandana. The only difference is that it latches around the neck and is filled with 12,300 handset sky blue diamonds. On top of that, it cost the rapper over $700,000.

This is one of those pieces that transcends the definition of jewelry, and it’s the end result of what happens when you take 14 karat gold and submerge it in as many diamonds as you can try to count. It’s huge, unmistakable, and completely its own.

While we might not be able to supply you with something exactly the same as this completely individualized piece, we can get you close. Our custom pendants can be completely tailored based on your preferences. Have full control over the type of gold, the look of the pendant, and even the matching chain. 

Patek Watch

When you’re a busy rapper like Blueface, you need to be able to keep track of the time. But a boring old watch just doesn’t do the trick — sometimes you need to get one valued at over $200,000 to feel like you’re making good use of your day.

Blueface has a diamond-studded Patek watch, and we can’t even imagine how much it cost. A typical Patek watch without any diamond gemstones can run upwards of $500,000. So combine that with some diamonds, and this might be a million-dollar piece that he just flaunts around his wrists.

In some ways, we can’t be mad about that price tag. These watches are clean, remarkable, and entirely unique. Plus, they’ve got the functional ability to help you stay on time for your work meetings and club outings. Patek Phillipe is one of the oldest watch-making companies in the world; their watches even outprice the timepieces made by Rolex.


But you don’t need to sell all of your assets to be able to get your hands on a stylish, high-quality watch. Our Rocketeer watches are our newest line of pristine watches with a prestige feel. These look like a million bucks without actually costing a million bucks. Give your watch a clean and polish and head out to conquer the world. 

Jeweler Tattoo

Blueface’s bandana chain is somehow not the most eye-catching jewelry-related thing about him. And while his next piece isn’t necessarily a piece of jewelry, it’s certainly a sight to behold.

Blueface gets a lot of his most precious pieces from NYC Luxury, a celebrity jeweler based in New York. And to show his appreciation for the jeweler, Blueface got “NYC Luxury” tattooed on the side of his head in big, bold font.

While permanently attaching your jeweler to your skin isn’t something most people do, this is somehow right in line with Blueface’s personality. In any case, we think this was probably a tactic to secure himself some free jewelry the next time he goes back into the shop.

Tattoos are a great way to enhance your look, but so is a piece of jewelry. And the major difference is that you can remove a piece of jewelry whenever you want.

If you want to show some love to your favorite jeweler in a less permanent way, why not go for a custom word pendant instead? It’s got the same sentimentality without the potential to disappoint your parents.

Catch Em’ Slippin’ Pendant

Blueface is one of those rappers who doesn’t take himself too seriously, and this is seen loud and clear with his “Catch Em’ Slippin’ Pendant.” This is a giant, diamond-covered piece that looks just like a wet floor sign. The logo in the middle depicts someone falling on their face because they’ve been caught “slippin’.”

It’s these types of cheeky pieces that seem to stand out the most above the rest. It’s a gentle reminder that while jewelry can have a deep, sentimental meaning — it can also just be a lot of fun to wear.

If you’re looking for a piece that isn’t meant to be taken too seriously, 6 Ice has a wide range of handmade pendants that will satisfy your need to make people laugh. Take this Iced Panda Pendant, for example. It’s perfectly stylish, but it won’t make anybody think you take yourself too seriously.

Benjamin Franklin Blueface Pendant

When it comes to making custom pieces, many jewelers like to make their mark by making sure their pendants are as detailed as possible. This Benjamin Franklin Blueface Pendant definitely makes its mark.

This piece is an exact replica of that famous photo of Benjamin Franklin that you’ve definitely seen in the history books, but the glaring difference is that his face is completely covered with blue-tinted diamonds. It’s attached to a unique Royal Blue tennis chain, and the whole thing is an “in-your-face” Blueface exclusive.

Cuban Link Chains

Blueface is always seen wearing a giant, bulky Cuban link chain. And these chains are some of the most popular on the market when it comes to skyrocketing rappers into mainstream success. But Cuban links don’t need to be reserved for the rich and famous.


Cuban links are as versatile as they are stylish, and you can pair them with pretty much any outfit or alternative piece of jewelry, too. Choose from white gold, traditional gold, or rose gold, and mix and match these classic chains as you please. It’s the easiest way to look like hip hop royalty without having ever written a single bar.

In Conclusion

Blueface is a divisive rapper that many seem to call a one-hit wonder, but his jewelry collection is an everlasting testament to his success, even if it did just come from a single song. 

From his stunning bandana collar chain and his custom Ben Franklin piece to his more subtle chains and watches, there’s something in his collection for every single occasion. And considering he got his jeweler’s name tattooed onto the side of his head, it’s proof that this guy takes his look very seriously.

You can start to take your look just as seriously as Blueface without needing to spend serious cash. 6 Ice is the purveyor of high-quality hip hop jewelry at accessible prices. From watches to rings, bracelets to custom pendants, and everything in between — we’ve got you covered.



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