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  • 6 min read

Mother’s Day is an underrated holiday that deserves more attention. Moms across the planet work their butts off 24/7 to bring love, care, food, fun, and overall good vibes to their families and communities. Where would we be without them?

That’s why we all need to make a commitment tocelebrating Mother’s Day the right way this year.

That’s right – nab her some candles for self-care time, start cooking her favorite dinner, line up that classic movie she loves (even if you hate it), pick up a flower bouquet, and be sure to have at least one or two AMAZING gifts ready to rock when the time comes.

Sounds like a plan? There’s just one problem – what do you buy for the best mom (or mother-in-law) in the world? Not every mom is the type to appreciate kitschy keepsakes from Etsy or DIY succulents to appeal to her non-existent green thumb. If nothing comes to mind, here are nine great gifts for her that’ll make it a Mother’s Day to never forget from the moment she opens the gift box.

1. Round Cut Diamond Tennis Chain

Who said that picking jewelry for Mom would be easy? There are tons of options out there, but a few key criteria you need to keep in mind: quality, clarity, shape, and shine.

If you can nail those things, you’re on your way to finding the perfect gift. Don’t want to look any further? ThisRound Cut Diamond Tennis Chain checks all the boxes.

All the Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

3mm Round Cut Diamond Tennis Chain White Gold

Glistening round gems and enough shine to last you for decades ahead – this is a straight-up winner. This necklace will steal the show anywhere, from family events to the holidays and beyond.

There’s no way she won’t be excited to unravel this marvelous piece, so ramp up the wow-factor without breaking the bank.

2. Ancient Symbol Pendant With Real Meaning

For many mothers out there, faith is a big part of their lives. Spirituality counts for a lot when life is crazy with kids, jobs, relatives, and everything else. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to give her a pendant that gives her strength from her higher power.

Maybe she never misses church on Sunday – get her a cross that she can wear with pride to service every week. Or, maybe her faith aligns more with a uniquesymbol like the Ankh, and that makes for a great pendant as well.

All the Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Bundle White Gold Diamond Ankh Key + 3mm Diamond Tennis Chain

The choice is yours when picking the perfect pendant for Mom this year. You’re one of the few people who knows what she loves, so use that inside knowledge and give her a legendary piece built to last.

Remember, a pendant doesn’t have to be super serious, either. Find her something lighthearted and fun that will put a smile on her face whenever she wears it.

3. Frozen Glacier Ring For The Queen

Is your mom the type of person to always one-up the competition? She HAS to have the luxury ride, the extra acrylic manicure, and the latest phone in her pocket. If that sounds like her, we’ve got a ring with her name on it.

It’s called theGlacier Ring for a reason. If it were made of ice, this thing is big enough to melt into an ocean-sized pool. It’s a rock-solid gemstone that will turn heads from across the room when your Mom wears it out in public.

All the Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Glacier Ring

Trust us when we say this is a big ring for a big personality.

If Mom is more quiet and reserved and loves a good Mother's Day brunch, you might want to look elsewhere, but if she loves to be the center of attention at all times, this is 100% the best gift to give her.

4. Dripping Infinity Chain From The Future

Every once in a while, you see a piece of jewelry that doesn’t fit the mold. That’s thisDripping Infinity Chain, which features a psychedelic design that has to be seen to be believed.

All the Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Dripping Infinity Diamond Chain White Gold

This is the necklace for moms who do things differently. Maybe she cooks with crazy ingredients, or she's obsessed with the latest crazy gadgets, or she keeps funky soaps and essential oils in the tub for a spiritual pampering experience at home.

If this sounds familiar, you’ve found your Mother’s Day gift with this next-level necklace.

When she hosts her next dinner party or enjoys drinks with her girlfriends, this piece is going to take her cosmic energy to new heights.

5. Diamond Prong Cuban Bracelet For Her Tough Side

For all those tough moms out there, we salute you. Breaking up fights, diffusing family drama – we’ve seen it all go down, and Mom saves the day.

All the Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

12mm Diamond Prong Cuban Bracelet White Gold

This  one-of-a-kind, no-nonsenseCuban Link Bracelet is the perfect piece for any Mom who knows how to lay down the law at the right moment after a long day. It’s thick and intimidating but has enough appeal to maintain that feminine vibe.

For the multi-tasking mom who does it all, this isthe gift she deserves this May.

6. Beach-Ready Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Those bold Cuban Links won’t go with every fit, which is why Mom may prefer a lighter look on her wrist if she wants to rock her diamond birthstone.

3mm is plenty of thickness to load up thisclassic tennis bracelet with gorgeous gems, but it’s still slim enough to travel easily and hang out outside.

All the Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

3mm Round Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet 18k Gold

Tennis is just a suggestion, after all. Maybe your madre prefers to take things easy at the beach or just stroll along the sidewalk in her neighborhood on a power walk. However, she chooses to move and groove, this is the piece she’ll take every step of the way.

7. Oval Cut Ring

The oval is among the most iconic diamond cuts out there. These days, it’s still a slick design that hits all the right notes.

For many moms out there, it’s better to play it safe when it comes to jewelry, and that’s totally fine. They know what they like, and they don’t want to mess with tradition. From their perspective, why fix something that isn’t broken?

In that case, go for theOval Cut Ring, which adds a new spin to the classic design we all know and love.

All the Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Oval Cut Ring

If your mom is a little fancy, this is a smart gift for Mother’s Day, offering her a ton of versatility. Don’t be surprised if she ends up wearing it every single day for years to come.

8. Eternity Ring

Speaking of rings, there’s a chance that Mom is ready for something brand new. She’s seen the standards time and time again, and it’s time for a mind-blowing ring reinvention. Lucky for her, we’ve got the blueprint.

All the Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Baguette Eternity Ring White Gold

This deluxediamond eternity ring is literally brimming with sparkling gems and will bring that 10,000-watt shine wherever Mom walks. Take your pick between different colors of metal, like timeless yellow gold or contemporary white gold,  and decide what works best with her style and skin tone.

This is your chance to show her something brand new (especially if she's a new mom), so don’t shy away. Once she cracks open that jewelry box on Mother’s Day, she’ll be obsessed.

This ring is right in the sweet spot between chill and over-the-top, and Mom will find any excuse to show it off to the world.

9. Everlasting Memory Picture Pendant

Can you think of anything Mom loves more than friends and family? The people in her life are important, and she dedicates so much time and energy to keeping them on top. Mother’s Day is our chance to give some of that love back, and a precious pendant with a picture inside is a brilliant gesture—basically a picture frame, but way cooler.

What makes this thoughtful gift rise above the rest? We saved it for last because it’s unique and personal. What mom wouldn’t want to wear a pendant with a picture of her kids or crew of best girlfriends?

With so many pendants to choose from, you can pick the one that fits her style and load up the best photo from your phone or computer. It’s an easy process with nothing but upside, so make sure you plan ahead and lock it in for mid-May.


We owe so much to the Moms in our lives, and they all deserve appreciation, so show Mom that you care. Any of these unique gifts will goabove and beyond this Mother’s Day so she can enjoy the day. You'll stand out from the crowd of gifts like audiobooks and gift cards with these sick picks. Just make sure you write her a nice Mother's Day card to go with it.