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  • 5 min read

The diamond ring has become synonymous with marriage, and a man needs to remember a slew of guidelines before purchasing an engagement ring that might theoretically bind them for life. But men can wear diamond rings, too. In fact, theyshouldwear diamond rings all the time.

Diamond rings just have an essence and quality to them that is unmatched by most other types of jewelry. They’re easy to throw on, and they can work with pretty much any type of outfit.

However, it’s also possible to get some things wrong. Don’t worry; we’re here to help you out. If you’re new to buying a diamond ring for yourself, or you’re buying an anniversary gift for that special guy in your life, here are some essential tips to keep in mind.

1. Figure Out Your Budget

As much as we wish it weren’t true, money has a pretty firm grasp on our ability to enjoy ourselves. Before you ever decide to go to the jewelry store to browse your options, sit down and think about how much you are willing to spend.

It’s no surprise that diamonds are expensive. With that said, there is no better way to show someone that you love them (or yourself) than with a pure diamond ring. Diamonds are the hardest material on planet Earth, meaning that a ring made with real diamond will last a lifetime. Not to mention, the feeling of wearing a real gem around your finger is incomparable.

With that said, you don’t need to max out the credit cards to get high-quality diamond rings. One thing you can do is sacrifice the caratage, or the size, of the diamond. Diamonds under one carat are still pricey, but if having a real gem is important to you, you can get stones around .5 carats that won’t run you dry.

Another option is picking a diamond alternative, such as cubic zirconia. Synthetic diamonds look just like the real thing, except they’re only a small fraction of the cost. While they might not be appropriate for an upcoming engagement, they’re perfect for treating yourself to a brand new piece of quality jewelry.

2. Know His Size

Rings are a tough jewelry item for sizing purposes because they need to be almost perfect in order to fit properly. A ring that’s too big will fall right off, but a ring that’s too tight will cut off your circulation.

If you’re getting a ring for yourself, sizing is easy. You can just use a piece of string, wrap it around your finger, and mark where they overlap. Then, measure the string up against a ring sizing guide.

But if you’re buying for someone else, it might take some detective work. Grab another ring that they have in their collection and place it on a sheet of paper. Trace the inside with a pencil so that you have an outline of the inside of the ring. This can then be measured to give you a pretty accurate estimate.

3. Know His Preferences

The classic diamond ring has a metal band with one giant stone right in the center. This is a classic and traditional look, especially as an engagement ring. These are better for men who are a bit on the shy side and don’t want to make a bold statement when they enter a room.

However, you can get rings that are loaded with diamonds on the entire surface area. Thisspinning layered diamond ring is a prime example of a diamond ring that doesn’t take subtlety for an answer.

Spinning Layered Diamond Ring White Gold

As a rule of thumb, more diamonds equate to more attention. If the man you’re buying for isn’t afraid of standing out and getting a ton of attention, then he’s definitely going to want some more diamonds to wear around his fingers.

4. Pick the Right Band

The gem on a diamond ring is arguably the most important part, but it’s not theonlypart. The metallic band on which the stone rests needs to be of high quality, just like the stone.

Traditional gold bands are usually the go-to. The warm luster is classic, and it contrasts with the diamond perfectly. Gold bands will really make the gem pop, so they’re great if the stone is on the smaller side.

3 Row Eternity Ring 18k Gold

But if your man wants something on the more polished and professional end of the spectrum, you might want to consider some white gold. White gold looks similar to platinum, and this metallic sheen flows well with the translucent appearance of diamonds. White gold diamond rings are uniform and feel clean on any part of the body.

Double Row Eternity Ring White Gold

While solid gold will give you the highest quality, gold vermeil or gold plating are inexpensive alternatives that look extremely similar. If you think the guy you’re buying for will be able to spend the time to maintain their ring, you might be able to get away with one of the alternative options.

5. Consider Matching Accessories

If you buy your man a ring, chances are he’ll be ready to complement it with some other jewelry items too. Consider pairing his ring with a matching bracelet or necklace so he can really complete the look.

Diamond Prong Cuban Ring White Gold

Conversely, if he already wears a ton of jewelry, think about getting a ring that will fall in line with his style. Does he tend to wear bigger, bulkier chains around his neck? Make sure the ring is just as bold. Does he wear Cuban chains? Get him a Cuban link ring to bring everything full circle.

6. Returns and Exchanges

If you’ve never bought a ring for your man before, or if you aren’t entirely confident about his size, make sure you’re buying from a retailer that makes the return process easy. You don’t want to be stuck paying for a ring that he can’t even wear.

Also, consider if your retailer offers a lifetime guarantee on their products. This can be useful if you think that the rugged life of that special guy in your life will make the ring prone to normal wear and tear. That way, he can get a replacement to ensure that his style never needs to be sacrificed.

A Style That Rings True

Dogs aren’t the only best friend a man can have -- diamonds can give them just as much joy. But when buying diamonds for a special man in your life, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Namely, the size and budget are two of the most important things to consider. Though, you also want to make sure that the ring matches his style and matches some of his other pieces of jewelry. Not to mention, it’s useful when your retailer offers a seamless exchange policy, just in case you need to make some changes.

With that said, one benefit is that men really aren’t picky. The only way to go wrong is by not giving them a ring at all.



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