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  • 5 min read

2 Chainz is one of those hip hop icons who has been relevant in almost every single transition period that the genre has ever gone through. Between his intelligent lyrics and gripping beats, it makes a lot of sense why the rapper has no problem remaining in the mainstream.

And with great power comes great responsibility to dress to impress — and 2 Chainz does not fail. 2 Chainz has hundreds of chains at his disposal, so let’s take a look at his impressive collection.

King Tut Custom Pendant

2 Chainz is pretty outspoken about his success, and he’s often mentioned that he feels like he’s earned lots of his fame and clout. We won’t deny that, and that’s why we respect his King Tut custom piece as a representation of his royal status over the hip hop realm.

This is a highly detailed golden pendant with a 3D King Tut statue poking out from the center. Complete with blue diamonds in the eyes, this is a piece that is hard to miss and easy to love. It’s a custom pendant that probably ran the rapper at least $50k.

Custom pendants are a staple of any hip hop legend’s wardrobe. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to break the bank in order to get your hands on one. 6 Ice has custom word and picture pendants to suit your style.

Have full creative freedom over the content of the piece as well as its base metal and matching chain. Plus, they’re backed by our lifetime guarantee so that you can always have confidence in the quality of your look.

Teardrop Chain

2 Chainz’s chains are off the chain, and his teardrop piece is one of his personal favorites. The rapper mentioned that he gets lots of compliments on this one, and we definitely see why. A variation of a classic tennis chain, this piece utilizes teardrop-shaped stones to embody the rapper’s softer side.

This is a custom-made piece by one of 2 Chainz’s favorite jewelers on the market. This is a stunning piece that glistens in the light in a way that a typical tennis chain is just unable to match.

With that said, tennis chains are a staple of any wardrobe no matter who you are, and we think that 2 Chainz would be a little bit jealous of some of the options at his disposal from 6 Ice. This 5mm Round Cut Diamond Tennis Chain is a classic for a reason, and it can be worn on any occasion, no matter how professional or wild you think things might get.

Audemars Piguet Diamond Watch

You’d be hard-pressed to find a rapper who doesn’t own at least one watch. And 2 Chainz naturally carries around seven at a time — one for every day of the week. But when asked which one was his favorite, he had to go with the Baguette Audemars Piguet.

While some of his Richard Mills pieces have a special place in his heart, he likes to wear diamond-encrusted watches that catch the light in a way that stainless steel counterparts are just unable to do. 

That’s why his giant, detailed, and expensive AP watch is his all-time favorite. And the listing price for a watch like this? Over $1 million. (We can only hope that he actually paid for it… unlike some other rappers in the game).


But don’t worry – you don’t need to be a millionaire to look like a million bucks. Our Rocketeer Watches take the essence of those quintessential watch brands and combine them with 14k gold plating and sweeping quartz movements. This is all at an affordable price despite the extra-luxurious style.

T.R.U. Pendant

2 Chainz dropped a mixtape a long time ago with a song called “tru Religion,” and this ad-lib sort of stuck around. 2 Chainz always preaches and practices “you” first, so the acronym “T.R.U” stands for “The Real You” in order to remind his fans to always be themselves.

This pendant is a bit of a play on Thompson Rivers University, which goes by the name TRU. 2 Chainz’s pendant features the letters TRU in giant, gold font with the phrase “The Real University” underneath. This cheeky piece is entirely representative of 2 Chainz’s personality.

You can make a custom pendant that looks nearly identical with 6 Ice arsenal of custom designs and templates. The hardest part is deciding which font and style to choose from.

Cuban Chain

2 Chainz has so many chains that he said it’s hard to take them all off at once. So he always sleeps with at least one or two chains on. While that’s not the inspiration for his name, one of those chains is almost always a Cuban link.

Cuban links chains are perhaps the most popular chains on the market because of their classic look and feel. And, of course, 2 Chainz owns some of the biggest and baddest that we’ve ever seen. One of our favorites seems to be a 19mm gold Cuban link that hangs around his neck more often than not.


Everyone should have at least one Cuban chain at their disposal, but when you see all the options we’ve got in our catalog, you’ll be eager to load up on even more. From chains to bracelets, we’ve got enough Cuban links to hold you over for a while. This 19mm White Gold Cuban Bracelet looks exactly like some of the ones that 2 Chainz wears, but we can almost guarantee it’s at just a fraction of the price.

Jaguar Ring

Rings might be small in size, but they can still make major waves when worn properly. And 2 Chainz jaguar ring is one of those few statement-making rings that can completely steal the show.

This detailed, golden piece features a spotted jaguar with a natural diamond in the mouth, giving it this extra “kick” that would’ve been missing if it weren’t for that hint of detail. It’s one of those pieces that is unmistakable, and we wouldn’t blame him for never taking it off.

No matter how new or experienced you are when it comes to wearing jewelry, rings can work for anybody. This Diamond Owl Ring in White Vermeil gives you the same essence as 2 Chainz’s jaguar ring. With red, diamond eyes and detailed animations — this is a piece that will have 2 Chainz feeling a little bit jealous.

In Conclusion

There are plenty of reasons why 2 Chainz has remained at the top of the hip hop totem pole for so many years, and a major reason is that his signature style is impossible to ignore. From custom word pendants to detailed jaguar rings, he has enough impressive jewelry to keep himself at the forefront for years to come.

If you’re looking to make waves just like him, 6 Ice is the purveyor of high-quality jewelry to suit your needs. Between high-quality bracelets to fully customizable pendants, there’s something here for everyone. Pair that with our lifetime guarantee, and you can have confidence in every single one of your shiny new pieces.

Check out our entire catalog today to start growing towards the best version of yourself.



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