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  • 6 min read

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and the Christmas season has a lot going for it. Family, friends, food, drinks, time off work, and snow (if you’re into the snow).

Giving and receiving gifts is also a good time, but only if you’re confident in what you have in store for loved ones. It never feels great to give a half-baked present and know that you could have done better.

Gifts for guys can be especially tough since most men play their cards close to the chest in terms of what they want. How are you supposed to know what your husband or partner wants for Christmas without asking him?

Don’t even worry, because we’ve got top-secret intel on the best gifts for men this holiday season. Scan this list, and you’ll see something for the man in your life. We’ve got one gift for each of the twelve days of Christmas, so you’ve got options.

1. Spinning Layered Diamond Ring

One of the greatest parts of Christmas is decorating the house, the tree, the yard, the patio – everything deserves bells, lights, and classic colors to amp up the holiday spirit.

When it‘s time to open gifts, this Spinning Layered Diamond Ring is like the final decoration of the season, and even better, it can be worn. 

This is a high-powered piece with glistening gems on every surface and a spinning element in the middle to create a dizzying diamond effect with the flick of the wrist. It’s a feature that never gets old.

Even if the man in your life doesn’t love rings, this is a perfect entry point to the style he will appreciate.

2. Diamond Prong Cuban Chain

There are few pieces that give off masculine power like aCuban chain, and if your man is the boss of the house, this is the best possible gift you can give.

With a chain like this around his neck, he’ll get the respect he deserves wherever he goes. The links are carefully crafted, and the VVSsimulated diamonds are high-clarity and eye-catching like nothing else.

This is the necklace that will highlight his whole Christmas and set him up for success in the New Year. It’s not just a gift – it’ll take him to new heights.

3. Clustered Tennis Chain

Looking at most tennis chains out there, it’s hard to get very excited. Let’s face it – most of them aren’t made to turn heads. It’s more of a low-key piece to make a subtle statement.

However, if you like the style and want to turn it up a notch for your man’s holiday gift, this Clustered Tennis Chain in White Gold is the necklace that does it all. Low-profile 10mm design and only 95 grams, this is a slim piece but outperforms its weight class in a big way with quality handset diamonds on every iced-out link.

4. Clean Iced Band Bracelet

Most men don’t like to go overboard on jewelry, so aim to give him something he’ll actually wear on a daily basis instead of gathering dust in the drawer.

ThisIced Band Bracelet is full of style and made with the highest-quality materials to create simple yet awesome designs.

Choose between an 18k gold or white gold finish to match your man’s style, and give him the Flawless VVS Simulated Diamonds that flash at the perfect time.

5. Diamond Cross Pendant On A Classic Chain

Maybe you’re with a religious man who respects the cross above all else. That means you can narrow down your gift selection and leave out the stuff you know won’t work.

TheDiamond Cross Pendant is a powerful representation of his faith, and the shining gems will stay strong for many years to come. He can attach it to his favorite chain, or you can select a necklace that fits the piece best.

This is one he may just want to keep on 24/7, so make sure you pick a cross you like, too.

6. Bold Solid Block Custom Letter Pendant

Sometimes you just need to spell out your love for the man in your life, and big block letters match the holiday spirit.

Maybe it’s the name of your child or a nickname from way back in the day that his closest friends still use. This is your chance to get creative, so pick a name and design that will put a smile on his face beside the Christmas tree.

Withsolid block lettering, you can be funny or keep things more serious and special – it’s totally up to you, so enjoy the flexibility of this personalized gift.

7. Jesus Piece To Celebrate The Lord

When the Christmas spirit is strong, you’ve gotta pay respect to the one who started it all. A Jesus Piece Pendant is a jeweler’s classic, and there is no better time of year to give one of these to the man you love.

Each designer does the Jesus Piece differently, and that’s part of the charm. The outline, the placement of the gems, the balance on the chain – each detail contributes to the overall impression, and he’ll appreciate every aspect.

Make sure you buy one of these pendants from a company that you trust and ensure the materials are made to last.

8. Round Cut Earrings

When you and your husband or boyfriend take a picture next to the Christmas tree, why not have some bling on your ears as well? Round Cut Earrings complete a casual look on Christmas morning and cross over easily to family celebrations through New Year’s.

Versatility is the key here – there are pretty much no situations where earrings don’t work. He will wear these at work, to the gym, watching the game with friends, and on a romantic date night with you once the holiday madness is over.

9. Iced Out Watch

When snow and ice are everywhere, you’ve gotta step your wrist game up with a watch that looks like it’s made of ice. We’re talking about a fully Iced Out Jet Setter Watch that will elevate his style in a monumental way.

With literally THOUSANDS of gems hand-set throughout this piece and gold plating over stainless steel base materials, this is a game-changing watch that will make his New Year the best one yet.

10. Custom Picture Pendant

The holidays are a time to make memories, so why not capture the moment with a picture frame pendant and make it impossible to forget these good times?

The process is easy – pick an image from your phone or digital camera, send it in a message to a jeweler, select a pendant, and present the gift Christmas morning. What’s not to love about that?

11. Iced Out Star Ring From The Heavens

We have no doubt your man is a certified STAR in your life, and this Fully Iced Out Star Ring is a gift that will affirm his role as your guiding light.

With a surface width of 26mm, these rings are large and in charge, and you get to pick the perfect color to match his skin tone and style. White gold, rose gold, or 18k yellow – the choice is yours. 

12. Tough-as-Nails Barbed Wire Bracelet

This is the time of year for fluffy sweaters and hot cocoa, but some edgy jewelry can make for a nice contrast to the cozy vibes. There are religious overtones with a barbed wire design, but worn around the wrist is can be seen as a bold, masculine style when he takes on life’s toughest challenges.

This piece is slim enough to make a subtle impression but glistens with just enough diamonds and white gold to broadcast a big statement to the world.

Maybe he won’t want to wear this to an interview or business meeting, but for those casual moments with friends or a hard workout at the gym, this is the bracelet he’ll reach for every single time.


The Christmas holiday should be stress-free and all about family. Don’t fret about getting the perfect gift because any of these 12 picks will be winners on Christmas morning.

The best gifts are the ones you get but never asked for – that’s just a fact. Be ready to receive thank yous because any of these gifts will make his holiday wishes come true, even if he didn’t expect it.