Young Thug Sued Over His Outstanding Jewelry Debt

When you think of trap music, there are really only a few names that come to mind. But it’s likely that the first one you thought of was Jeffrey Lamar Williams, better known as Young Thug.

Young Thug has revolutionized hip hop music, and he’s gotten pretty successful from doing it. And one of the best ways to show off your wealth is by wearing golden chains, stunning diamonds, and custom pendants.

You can’t look at a rapper without noticing their baller chains, and Young Thus is no exception. However, this Georgia-based rapper might not be as wealthy and successful as he appears.

Why? Because a lot of the jewelry he wears hasn't even been paid off yet.

Let’s dive deep and learn about the controversy surrounding Thug’s jewelry payments and some ways you can avoid a similar fate.

Young Thug’s Jewelry “Theft”

Thug had purchased new ice from a renowned watchmaker and jewelry maker, IceBox Diamonds and Watches. According to the company, Thug had purchased over $200,000 worth of pieces, including a $30k Rolex, $30k diamond wallet chain, $20k Cartier bracelet, a $6,500 gold clasp – and much, much more.

The problem? Thug hasn’t paid for most of it. Icebox Diamonds and Watches claims that they only received $95,000 in payments from the rapper, leaving a large chunk of money unpaid. To put the pressure on him, the jeweler gave Thug an ultimatum in October of 2018.

They told the rapper that if he did not respond or pay back the money within 30 days, they would be forced to sue him. The issue is that Thug didn’t just owe the cost of the jewelry — the jeweler added an extra $250,000 onto the lawsuit to cover punitive damages. That adds up to a grand total of $365,000 that Thug was sued over.

The good news is that the shop decided to drop all charges against him as long as he paid back the original damages. Over time, he was able to give back the missing money, and it seems like all is well. While he probably won’t be buying jewelry from Icebox anymore, it’s a lot better than being nearly $400k in debt.

The Other Side of the Story

While the charges against Young Thug were dropped, there might be a hidden reason behind why exactly it happened. Young Thug went on record saying that Icebox had actually exploited him, making it impossible for him to pay back the jewelry he had “borrowed.”

According to the rapper, the jewelry maker befriended him and would then coerce him into borrowing expensive jewelry without accepting payment upfront. Essentially, they made it seem like Young Thug was going to be able to pay back the company whenever he could with flexible rates and dates. However, Icebox then turned around on their verbal agreement and pressured him into paying them off.

But since Young Thug went public to dish out some dirt on the jewelry-maker, we think that this may have been a large part of the reason why they dropped the lawsuit and charges against him. With that said, this isn’t the first time that Young Thug has found himself in legal hot water.

Young Thug’s History of Legal Trouble

Only a year before the events with Icebox and Young Thug took place, the rapper found himself behind bars due to a failed court-mandated drug test. The test was ordered as a repercussion from a prior incident in which he was charged with eight counts of drug possession.

He was pulled over due to driving with tinted windows, and at the time, he was found carrying marijuana, methamphetamine, and hydrocodone with the intent to distribute. He was jailed for six days before being released, with the stipulation that he must undergo drug misuse counseling.

But this wasn’t even the first time he had been arrested. The rapper also faced time behind bars when he was found carrying a firearm at a Los Angeles Dave and Busters.

With all of this in mind, it can be tough to understand exactly who’s at fault in the Icebox case. The good news is that it’s been resolved, and since then, it seems like Young Thug has focused more of his efforts on music and less of his time being a rule breaker.

How To Keep Jewelry Affordable

Here’s the thing: Young Thug would not have ever found himself in a $365k lawsuit if he were just buying jewelry from more reputable and inexpensive places. At 6 Ice, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality jewelry for the masses without sacrificing the quality.

The pieces that Young Thug borrowed from Icebox, such as the Rolex watch and the Cartier bracelet, used solid gold and pure diamonds. And while they undoubtedly looked amazing, you can achieve a nearly identical look at just a fraction of the price.

We believe you should have options at 6 Ice, and that’s why you can get many of our pieces with gold plating, gold vermeil, or solid gold, depending on your style and budget.

Gold plating is an inexpensive option that involves a thin layer of gold over top of a base metal, such as nickel or stainless steel. It looks just like solid gold; the only difference is that it requires a little more care and refinement.

Gold vermeil is a good middle ground that is similar to gold plating, except the thickness of the gold layer is higher. For instance, in the US, gold needs to be 2.5 microns thick, and the type of gold must be ten karats or higher.

As far as diamonds go, you probably already know that they’re not cheap. But at 6 Ice, you have the option to choose pieces that use high-quality diamond simulants like cubic zirconia. You’d never know the difference between CZ stones and natural diamonds until you look at the price tag.

Think Sharp, Look Sharp

Young Thug is one of the most wanted performers in the country, both literally and figuratively. Back in 2018, the rapper borrowed $115,000 worth of jewelry from Icebox Watches and Diamonds, though the company claimed he never paid them back for all of it. That left him stuck with a $365,000 lawsuit.

The good news is that they dropped the charges, but only after Young Thug blasted them publicly, saying that the jeweler exploited him and pressured him into borrowing more than he’d be able to pay off.

While Young Thug has a history of trouble with the law, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t deserve respect and praise for his music. But we can’t help but feel like he would have avoided a good chunk of trouble if he hadn’t spent so much on his jewelry in the first place.

At 6 Ice, we are the purveyors of high-quality hip hop jewelry. At accessible prices with a lifetime guarantee, you can find solace in the fact that your pieces are going to last a lifetime — a look you can bank on without the bank knocking at your door.


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