Rope Chain: Different Types of Chains and Which One Is Right For You

Taking your style to the next level doesn’t require the help of professionals. In fact, all you might need are a couple of chains to drape around your neck.

Gold chains have long been a staple of hip hop culture, but now, they’re essentially a staple of popular culture in general. And with so many different types to choose from, it’s easy to find one that matches your own personality.

With that said, not everyone loves to call attention to themselves with something like a giant Cuban chain. Some people like to amp up their appearance without actuallymakingan appearance.

If this sounds like you, rope chains are your go-to chain variant. Let’s talk about the different types so you can decide which kind is right for you.

What Is a Rope Chain?

Ropes and chains are two completely different things, but they can combine to create one of the most unique types of chains on the market. Rope chains are made from strands of gold, silver, or another metal that intertwine to resemble the appearance of a genuine rope.

Rope Chain 3mm 18k Gold

Rope chains are usually small and thin, making them perfect for people who want to add something unique to their outfit without going overboard. This also makes them extremely popular for use with pendants.

It’s almost like you’re getting two chains for the price of one. As with most chains, they vary in thickness, color, and length. However, the tightness of the “weaves” differ among different types of rope chains, and this can affect their appearance and price.

World Is Yours Pendant


Walk into any jewelry store or checkout any online retailer, and you’ll notice that most chains come in two different colors: traditional gold and white gold. This is because these tend to be the most popular, as well as the most neutral, styles for chains.

Traditional gold rope chains give off the appearance of a real piece of rope or string. This gives it a bit of a rustic, natural look that you can’t get with most other gold chains. This is a style that’s great if you want to feel more like hip hop legends of the 80s who sported gold chains with ease.

Rope Chain 3mm White Gold

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with feeling a bit more modern, and that’s where white gold rope chains really shine. These have a metallic finish that’s reminiscent of platinum, giving them a clean and polished feel for pretty much any occasion. You can wear these to anything from job interviews to nights out at the club. Not to mention, they pair perfectly with diamond earrings or bracelets.


Chain width can have a big influence on how the piece feels, both to the eye and on your body. A thick chain will definitely draw more attention from passersby, and they’ll also weigh down your neck a little bit.

Chains that are above 15mm in width tend to fall on the large end of the spectrum, whereas anything from 6mm to 14mm feels more average. Rope chains don’t typically fall into either of these categories. Instead, they’re meant to be small additions to your fit that don’t overpower it.

For that reason, you’ll find that most rope chains are within the 3mm to 5mm range. While this might run on the slim end for many people, you can still enjoy the unique style of these pieces by adding a pendant or by layering up with multiple rope chains at one time.

How To Wear Rope Chains

The variant and style of rope chain that you should wear largely depends on your personal style and preferences.

Here are some suggestions:

Layer Up

Rope chains are super slim and aren’t likely to get noticed unless someone were to get within talking distance to you. For some people, this is perfect. However, if you love the style of rope chains but feel like you need an extra boost, you can layer multiple rope chains together.

The slim nature of rope chains makes them look sleek when stacked on top of one another. You can wear two to three rope chains at the same time to give a prestigious impression without the weight of other bulkier chains.

If you decide to layer your rope chains, just make sure you use the same color throughout. In other words, don’t mix and match white gold with traditional gold. Also, you may want to consider getting multiple chain lengths to make sure that each chain gets their time in the spotlight.

Add a Pendant

Since rope chains are so thin, they’re often the go-to variant for those who love wearing pendants. Pendants are by far the most expressive pieces of jewelry, so they’re great if you want to show off some of your personality.

Diamond Cross Pendant

You can choose to add a locket for a special someone, a religious pendant to represent your faith, or a poptart pendant to show off your sense of humor. No matter what you pick, it will be sure to take your look to the next level.

Keep It Simple

While layering up or throwing on a high-quality pendant are great ways to make classic rope chains feel a bit more modern, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing them as originally intended. Wearing a single rope chain by itself is a nuanced way to add some gold to any of your existing outfits.

This makes rope chains great for people who are new to wearing jewelry, as they’re subtle enough to go unnoticed but bold enough to add some extra finesse to your fit.

A Look To Notice

Rope chains are common chain variations that are marked by intertwining links that resemble an actual piece of rope. They tend to run on the smaller side, making them great for beginner jewelry-wearers who don’t want to make bold moves.

Rope chains come in traditional gold and white gold, which can fit any occasion perfectly. And their small width makes them perfect for throwing on pendants or layering up to enhance their essence.

With all of that said, rope chains might be best used by themselves. These subtle pieces are meant to amplify your outfit without overpowering it. But don’t worry, people will take notice of how complete and uniform you look as a result.



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