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  • 5 min read

Anyone who’s not familiar with gold chains might think that they’re all built exactly the same. But any veteran chain enthusiast will tell you that every link’s design is completely unique and different from its counterparts.

But perhaps one of the most recognizable chain variations out of all of them is the Cuban chain. This is probably what you’re envisioning when you think of a gold chain, and it has cemented itself as a staple in both hip hop culture as well as mainstream style.

So what exactly makes these pieces stand out from the rest of the pack?

Here’s everything you need to know about how Cuban link chains have risen to their well-earned fame.

The History

While the exact origins of a Cuban link chain aren’t entirely known, we do know that it had humble beginnings in Miami during the 1970s. This explains why these chains are often referred to as “Miami links” rather than Cuban chains.

Miami links rose to popularity, likely during the hip hop cultural movements that occurred around the same time. DJ Kool Herc, one of the founding fathers of the hip hop movement, used to throw huge parties in his home where he’d play original songs and mix them by hand using his record player.

As his style of music began to take off, other rappers began to take some skin in the game, and in order to stand out among one another, each artist started to show off the biggest and brightest golden chains and diamond gemstones in the game. And the Cuban link was by far one of the most prominent styles to be seen.

As the Miami Cuban link slowly became synonymous with success and wealth, it started to trickle into popular culture as well. Because of that, the Cuban chain has become a staple of men’s and women’s fashion as one of the most accessible variations of necklaces on the market.

The Design

All chains have a unique history behind them, so that’s not the only reason why these pieces are so different from the rest of the pack. Cuban chains are also unique because of their intricate design pattern.

Cuban chains feature interlocking round or oval links that lock together, creating a uniform pattern and design. Additionally, the way the chain falls on your chest allows the piece to fall flat, making for a more comfortable wear all around.

It’s a standard design that is easily accessible for anyone, regardless of how often you wear jewelry. It means that you can easily sport a golden Cuban chain even if you’ve never worn one before.

The Versatility

Another reason that Cuban chains remain one of the most unique links in the game is that they’re extremely versatile. For one, their simplistic design leaves a ton of room for different customization options that jewelers can run wild with.

8.5mm Diamond Cuban Chain White Gold

For instance, the width of Cuban chains can easily be adjusted to match certain preferences. Cuban chains can be as thin as 8.5mm for a subtle, sleek design. Or, they can be as thick as 19mm (or more) for people who are really looking to make a bold statement wherever they go.

But the variations don’t stop there. The width of each individual link on a Cuban chain can also be modified, making it possible to craft unique and eye-catching pieces that are covered in diamonds. A diamond prong Cuban chain, for instance, is a style that just can’t be achieved by most other link variations.

On top of all of that, the simplistic design of a Cuban link chain makes it so that it can be worn with any outfit. The links are simple enough to a point where they don’t distract from the outfit as a whole. But, since these chains can vary based on size and structure, you can find options that act as more of a statement piece if that’s what you’re looking to achieve.

This also means that they can easily be worn alongside other pieces with ease. For instance, a Cuban chain will always look good when paired with any type of earring, bracelet, watch, or ring because of its fairly neutral design. In other words, these chains are special in that there’s pretty much no wrong way to wear one.

The Customization

Cuban chains just have an essence that makes them more versatile and usable as compared to other types of chains. It’s just one of the many reasons why these pieces continue to be among the most commonly used as standalone accessories. However, it also explains why they’re such a necessary base component for holding onto stunning pendants.

Throwing on a pendant to any chain helps to bring a level of individuality and personality that can’t be achieved with a standalone chain. And Cuban chains are like a blank canvas that’s begging to be utilized.

If you think you want to get a Cuban chain with the intent of adding on a custom pendant, just make sure that the chain is slimmer in width so that the piece is actually able to attach to the chain in the first place.

The Evolution

Cuban chains deserve a lot of love for multiple reasons. But one of their most underappreciated features is the fact that they spurred an entire movement of different chain variations that would have never existed without their fruition.

19mm G-Link Diamond Chain White Gold

Miami Cuban chains were some of the earliest used chain link variations in jewelry, and because of their simplistic design, it gave jewelers a ton of leeway to mix things up. Cuban chains acted as the foundation that led to tons of other unique chain designs, like G-links or Tennis chains.

If it weren’t for the rise in popularity of Cuban chains, those types of pieces might have never become such important parts of modern fashion. And because of their strong presence, they’ve slowly evolved into more intricate chain designs to allow you to have more freedom when it comes time to show off.

Off The Chain

Cuban chains, also known as Miami links, are a staple of both hip hop culture as well as modern accessorizing. And there’s no shortage of reasons why these links stand out from many other variations as one of the best.

For one, their rich history has its foundation in hip hop roots, making each piece exude the essence of rap and hip hop icons legends from the 70s and 80s. But in addition to that, the design of Cuban links makes for a comfortable, neutral, and subtle wear that can work with pretty much any outfit.

But the benefits don’t stop there. These pieces are highly versatile, and their simple design makes them ripe for jewelers to throw on some diamonds, thicken the chain width, and more. They’re a fantastic baseline that acted as the starting point for almost all other chain variations on the market today.

For high-quality chains, from Cuban to Franco, 6 Ice is the purveyor of luxury jewelry that you need more of in your life. With affordable pricing and a lifetime guarantee, you can have trust in your investment.



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