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  • 6 min read

Jewelry is one of the best ways to show people what your true personality is really like without ever having to open your mouth. A studded chain, icy bracelet, or blinged-out ring can make an immediate bold statement that people would never forget.

But the most personal type of jewelry is arguably a pendant. These are visually distinct and unique, allowing them to symbolize individualized style and sentimentality that no other type of jewelry can match.

Pendants are increasingly common for expressions of faith. Cross pendants are especially popular given the abundance of Christianity throughout the world. A cross pendant can be both a devotion to your faith as well as a stunningly icy piece to compliment your look.

However, there are some factors to keep in mind when sporting your cross pendant, and you need to think about your look holistically before you throw one on. One of the biggest factors to keep in mind is the chain from which the pendant will hang, so let’s look at the best chains to help show off your faith.

History of the Cross Pendant

Before you decide to wear a cross pendant, it is important to understand its meaning and history so that you can fully appreciate what the symbol represents. 

The cross is a universal symbol of the Christian faith, which is the most populous religious group across the world. Although the cross is easily recognizable as a representation of the faith, it has a much deeper meaning that might be just as universal as its nature.

The literal representation of the cross is related to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Christ died on a cross, which is a large reason why the symbol has become so synonymous with Christianity.

Crosses weren’t used in jewelry until about the 6th century, but they became popular as medallions for clergymen. Cross jewelry became especially abundant during the rise of the Byzantine Empire, as Christianity was its dominant religion.

Early cross pendants were typically large and made with solid gold, often holding a large gemstone in its center. They were often signs of nobility and hierarchy. However, even civilians crafted their own cross necklaces out of stone and animal bones.

But besides that, the cross represents love, peace, finality, and fulfilled prophecies. It is symbolic of a number of facets that unite the human race, even if religions differ. Christ’s ultimate sacrifice can also have a deeply personal meaning among individuals that might be unrelated to the common meanings that are often attached.

With that in mind, it’s a popular medallion to wear around the neck because of its individualized nature. You’ll want to make sure you’re doing it correctly.

Types of Cross Pendants

The type of chain that you’ll ultimately need to coincide with your cross pendant is dependent on a few factors, so understanding the wide array of cross pendants on the market is important for consideration.

Cross pendants can come in many differentcolors that will dictate the type of chain you should wear with them. The most modern-looking pendants are studded with diamonds. This one of the best looks if you want to show your devotion to faith but don’t want to have to compromise a fresh outfit in the process.

Diamond Cross Pendant

However, you could also go for something where gold is more of the focus, like a Diamond Nail Cross Pendant. This is a bit more nuanced, so it won’t make as much of a statement when compared to a purely diamond one. Sometimes, though, that’s exactly what you need.

There are also many different sizes of pendants that might change the type of chain you decide to use. Larger pendants are capable of being loaded with more diamonds, but they’ll naturally be a bit heavier than your standard cross pendant.

With this in mind, let’s start to look at how your specific cross pendant can be worn around the best type of chains.

Best Chains For Cross Pendants

When browsing for a chain that will work best for you, it is best to think about it based on the elements of your cross pendant itself.

Match the Colors

Mixing and matching different types of metals and hues between bracelets, rings, and necklaces is fine, but when it comes to pendants, it’s important that it flows well with the chain from which it hangs.

If you have a diamond cross pendant that looks crystalline and metallic in nature, then you need to make sure that your chain matches the color scheme. White gold chains or diamond-cut chains are the best options, as your pendant will look like it truly belongs on the chain that you’re using.

5mm Round Cut Diamond Tennis Chain White Gold

On the other hand, if you have a bronze-colored golden cross, then you’ll want to get a similarly gold chain to match. A Franco chain in 18k gold would be a perfect accompaniment to any medallion.

Matching pendant and chain colors show that you know a thing or two about style, but it also doesn’t make your chain stand out above the cross pendant itself. You want to make sure that your faith protrudes front and center. 

You can have some freedom with color schemes by trying out different metals on bracelets or rings. Make a really bold statement with something like a Diamond Star Ring Rose Gold. This is a unique piece that will get people talking just as much as your cross pendant will.

Consider the Size

Again, you want your cross pendant to be the focus of your piece, so you need to make sure that the chain does not overpower it. If the pendant itself is on the smaller side, you’ll want a chain to match.

Smaller, traditional diamond pendants might look best when dangling from a chain 5mm thick or less. These will be thick enough to support the pendant and allow it to steal the show, but it won’t make the chain completely vanish into the background.

12mm Diamond Cuban Chain 18k Gold

For bigger, bulkier pendants, you want to make sure that your chain is thick enough to support the piece without fear of it snapping or coming loose. 12mm chains are a good size to be able to hold heavier pendants without weighing down your neck unnaturally. It will also provide a more even balance to your look as a whole.

Bling or No Bling

Although it’s not fully necessary, you may decide that you want to match the gems on your pendant and chain for a more uniform appearance. 

For example, if you have a cross pendant that is studded with diamonds, a chain that is also coated with the gem could look especially icy all around. A white gold chain with diamond studs might look especially clean.

Rope Chain 3mm 18k Gold

On the flip side, a gold pendant with no diamonds might look best if it hangs from a chain without diamonds as well. You could go for a Rope Chain in 18k gold for a look that’s not overbearing but is still sure to turn some heads.

Don’t Forget Other Body Parts

Necklaces and pendants look great by themselves, but they look especially killer if you load up your wrists, fingers, and ears with jewelry as well.

Although the chain and pendant should match, you can have some freedom to experiment with other pieces. You could try wearing a rose gold bracelet to counter the colors in your 18k gold cross pendant. 

The biggest rule of thumb is to just keep trying different combinations until you can come up with something that works best for you. The more options you have, the more creativity you could use in crafting your perfect look. 

In Summary

The cross pendant is one of the best ways to show you’re a devout Christian without having to say a word. It has a rich history that made it reserved for the most elite members of society, but more accessible options are now available.

There are many different types of cross pendants to choose from, but ones made of diamond are particularly icy. With that said, golden pendants look great, especially when they are paired with the perfect chain.

When choosing the right chain for a cross pendant, or any pendant, it is important to think about coordinating colors, matching the size, and using similar gemstones. These will help to ensure that the pendant remains the focus of the piece without your chain getting overshadowed.

Regardless, wearing a cross pendant in any fashion is a great way to keep your spirituality and beliefs close to you at all times.



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