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What Are Pendant Necklaces: Pendant vs. Necklace

If you take a look at any hip-hop legend or music star of today, you’ll probably notice a few similarities in their style. One of the most prominent features of a huge rap icon is a giant golden necklace, or chain, around their neck.

What sets some of these pieces apart from the rest of them are the giant, intricate pendants that many of these artists hang from those chains. Let’s understand what a pendant necklace is, the different types, and how they differ from just a regular necklace.

What Is a Pendant?

A pendant is a piece of jewelry that hangs from a chain. A pendant itself requires a necklace in order for it to be held onto your body. However, a necklace doesn’t require a pendant in order to stand alone as its own piece of jewelry.

Pendants are typically used to spark some kind of symbolism, whether they’re word pendants to symbolize a name or picture pendants to hold someone near to your heart at all times. Pendants have the potential to be some of the most highly personal jewelry items, especially since you can usually get them customized yourself.

What Are the Different Types of Pendants?

There are many different types of pendants to choose from, and they each can have a different effect on your look as a whole.


Amulets are among some of the most common pendants. While these were used hundreds of years ago as a sign of magical or spiritual power, they can be worn today to amplify your look.

If you have a pendant with a design on the front that does not necessarily take the shape of something, then it’s likely considered an amulet.


Lockets are sometimes the most meaningful types of pendants. These are hollow pendants with a space on the inside to hold a personal item, such as a small photograph or a lock of hair. These are often worn to represent a loved one who has passed.

Fashion Pendants

Newer pendants in the modern era might not necessarily have a symbolic nature to them. If you wear a decorative ornament around your necklaces or even your bracelets, these are probably just fashion pendants that are worn as a statement piece.


Medallions are coin-shaped pendants that are usually granted as awards or for religious blessings. Most people do not wear medallions for casual wear.

Choosing the Right Pendant

There are a few different factors to consider when it comes to choosing a pendant that suits your own personal style. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Pairing With the Right Necklace

A necklace can exist without a pendant, but a pendant can’t exist without a necklace. And the type of necklace you use is essential because not every single one is meant to hold onto a customized pendant or symbol of your choosing.

In general, make sure that your necklaces are thin enough to actually latch onto a pendant in the first place. Typically, this means that you want your chains to be about 3mm to 5mm in thickness in order for the clasp to fit around the piece.

Also, it can be challenging to hang pendants from pieces that also have diamonds on them. You usually need to get solid gold or white gold chains for a pendant since diamonds often make for a rough surface that is too bulky for the pendant to hang from.

When choosing the right pendant for a necklace in terms of color, consider matching the pendant’s color to that of the chain. This helps to make for a more uniform appearance that is more pleasing to the eye. Of course, there are exceptions, and mixing and matching two types of gold is a good look if you feel like it aligns more with your personal style.

Choosing the Pendant Variation

Once you’ve got the right necklace down, it’s time to decide which type of pendant you want to wear. There are many different styles and options to choose from, so take some time to consider your goals before you throw one on.

Do you want your piece to represent something more symbolic or meaningful? If so, go with a picture pendant or a word pendant. A picture pendant lets you put a logo or a photo of something with sentimental value into a piece of your choosing. This gives you a chance to hold a person or an object close to your heart at all times.

A word pendant lets you choose a custom word or phrase that you feel represents you so you can show it off without ever needing to open your mouth. It’s an excellent way for people to get a glimpse of your personality with just one glimpse of your style.

You can also use pendants as a way to symbolize devotion to your faith. Many people get pendants in the style of a cross, or other religious symbols, to carry their beliefs around with them at all times — no matter where they go.

While premade pendants can be perfect, there’s nothing better than making your very own. 6 Ice gives you access to a wide range of customization options. Now you can make a picture pendant or a word pendant look however you want.

Considering the Quality

While pendants are some of the most beautiful jewelry items you can have, they are also some of the most intricate and complex. For that reason, these have a tendency to run a higher price tag while being a little bit less durable than other pieces due to their fine details.

That means you want to double-check that you’re getting your pendants from jewelers you can trust. One way to tell if a retailer is reputable is by checking to see if they offer a lifetime guarantee.

A lifetime guarantee not only ensures that your piece can be fixed or replaced from normal wear and tear, but it also proves that the brand has confidence in their product to a point where they feel like you won’t even need to use this feature.

6 Ice falls into this category, offering up some of the highest quality pieces of hip-hop jewelry on the market. From chains to rings, from bracelets to pendants, there’s something here for everybody’s style. And with our lifetime guarantee, you can feel confident about your purchase.

In Conclusion

Pendants are pieces of jewelry that hang from a chain. They are often intricate or meaningful designs that serve to amp up your style or give more meaning to your outfit as a whole. Necklaces can exist without a pendant, but you need a necklace to wear a pendant.

There are loads of different pendant styles to choose from, but some of the best designs are those that you make yourself. Customize your very own pendant from 6 Ice to bring new life into old looks.


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