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  • 5 min read

There aren’t very many rappers in the game that can do it quite the same way as Tyga. He’s been in the business for years, and he’s paved the way for some of the more up-and-coming rappers on the scene. With that in mind, he knows a thing or two about showing off his worth with some insane jewelry.

Let’s take a look at this classic hip hop artist’s collection so you can get some ideas for how to copy his look without copying his prices.

Richard Mille Watch

Watches are one of the most professional and pristine types of jewelry you can wear, because not only do they look fresh, but they can also help you keep track of time during your busy schedule. While we’re sure that Tyga has his own personal assistant to keep track of his Google Calendar, having a $70,000 Richard Mille watch on your wrist can definitely help.

While this watch isn’t fully covered with diamonds or gold, it really doesn’t need to be. The watch face is open, allowing you to see all the mechanisms and gears on the inside. The outer rim is plated with solid yellow gold to help contrast with the gray and black interior.

It’s an extremely clean piece, and since it’s not loaded with diamonds, it’s a little bit less expensive compared to a lot of alternatives (which is saying something).

If you want to make a bit more of a statement with your watch, our Iced Presidential pieces are the way to go. These are loaded with handset crystals from the rim to the band, making it unmistakable from all angles. Plus, you can have full control of the color of the watch face to match your preferences.

But if you want to be a bit more poised and subtle like Tyga’s piece, the half iced presidential watch in 18k gold is more in line with your style. This only has diamonds on certain parts of the band, allowing the more nuanced gold to shine through. Plus, both options are just a small fraction of the cost compared to what Tyga had to fork over.

Diamond Signet Ring

Rings are an often overlooked piece of jewelry that might be small in size but large in impact. Tyga is no stranger to covering his digits with diamonds. His diamond signet ring is giant and covered with pure diamonds, which helps explain why it ran him over $20,000.

Tyga claims that this is his “everyday ring” that he just wears when he’s running errands. But for most of us, this is a piece that we would only wear on the most special occasions. The good news is that you can get pretty much the same piece for much, much less.

Our Double Signet ring is filled with layers of CZ or VS diamonds with your choice of white gold vermeil or solid white gold. The white gold combined with the diamonds makes for a polished, clean look that you could mix and match with an outfit at the club as well as your fit for work the next day.

Goyard Chain

If you’ve ever felt like wearing one chain wasn’t cutting it, then you should look into getting a Goyard Chain like Tyga. This is one of the most unique chains we’ve ever seen, consisting of two interlocked franco chains depicting the Goyard logo. It’s made of pure white gold and pure diamonds, and he typically uses it to hold onto some of his pendants.

Of course, you can just get two chains for a lot less than the price of just this one. Buying two smaller rope chains and wearing them together is a unique look that you might prefer over just wearing a single chain.

This allows you to mix and match a few different pendants at one time. A layered look is definitely an easy way to amp up your style, and it’s something that veteran jewelry-wearers and newbies alike can pull off with ease.

Hotel California Tennis Chain

Cuban chains and Franco chains are usually the most common link styles that most rappers wear, but Tyga does things a little differently. His tennis chain is one of his most prized pieces… probably because it cost him a whopping $250,000.

Every single diamond on this piece could be broken down and used in engagement rings. It is a stunning piece with some of the largest rocks on a tennis chain that we have ever seen. He uses it to hold onto a Hotel California pendant to commemorate his first album.

Tennis chains and tennis bracelets have long been seen as more feminine accessories, but they have been transformed into the perfect addition to any man’s outfit. With so many different gem shapes, designs, and sizes to choose from, there’s a tennis chain to match anyone’s preferences and styles.

Iced Out Wallet Chain

When we think of jewelry, we often think about bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings, but not everyone does. Many rappers like Tyga think outside the box and like to put jewelry anywhere and everywhere. That’s why wallet chains that hang from the side of the hips are popular in the hip hop world – it’s just another place to flaunt some wealth.

Tyga’s G-link wallet chain is huge, covered in diamonds, and layered with white gold. It somehow takes away the attention from the other expensive pieces that he has on the other parts of his body. But we love the creativity, and you can do the same without breaking the bank.

This 19mm G-link Diamond Chain has the primary purpose of being worn around your neck, but if you want to be like Tyga, you can hang it from your pockets or a belt loop to amp up your lower body just as much as everything above the waist. It’s a simple trick that can go a long way to make for a more cohesive look.

Layered Diamond Earrings

Tyga is always wearing some giant diamond earrings on his lobes, and he admitted that he only ever got his ears pierced after receiving his first pair of earrings. But it’s worth the investment, and wearing some diamond earrings is a super simple way to keep yourself looking fresh without needing to put in too much extra effort.

Our Princess Cut Clustered Earrings look almost identical to the ones that Tyga wears. Choose a white gold base to match his look, or go with 18k gold to step outside the boundaries and go in a different direction. Either way, these will look great when paired with the diamond chain and pendant of your choosing without drawing away from your look as a whole.

Sleek Style Essentials

Tyga is one of the most famous names in hip hop because of his music, but he’s maintained his star status by having some of the best jewelry in the game. While it might not be as flashy as some of his counterparts, Tyga’s style is one that you can easily mimic while still sprucing things up to maintain some of your individuality.


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