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  • 5 min read

Rich the Kid is an American rapper that you probably know from songs like “Plug Walk”and “Ring Ring.” And while he’s undoubtedly garnered a lot of fame and success from his music, this kid might not be as rich as he seems on the outside.

What we mean is that Rich the Kid was sued for over $200,000 in unpaid jewelry. While there’s a lot of controversy underneath the surface, this is just one of the many feuds and controversies that Rich the Kid has been a part of.

Let’s pull back the curtains and take a look at why Rich the Kid owes so much money, as well as some of his other rebellious actions that have landed him in hot water.

Rich the Kid’s Jewelry Heist

Peter Marco from Extraordinary Jewels of Beverly Hills is one of LA’s most notorious jewelers, and he’s hooked up plenty of celebrities with stunning chains and pendants. One of his most recent clients was Rich the Kid, who purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry since 2017. However, Marco claims that none of it has actually been paid for.

Apparently, Rich the Kid would make installment payments on his pieces through wire transfer, but eventually, these stopped coming through. But during this time, Rich continued placing jewelry orders. Marco, unaware the payments weren’t going through, filled these orders. But the bills have now added up so egregiously that Marco has had no choice but to sue.

However, Rich claims that he never procured Marco’s services and that Marco is just trying to start some drama. Rich took to Instagram and made it clear that Eliantte, another famous celebrity jewelry, is the only jeweler he uses.

We’re not quite sure if he ended up forking over the money or if Marco truly was telling lies just to try to garner some attention. But what we do know is that this isn’t the first time that Rich the Kid has been surrounded by controversy… so we can’t say this necessarily helps his case.

Blueprint Artist Management Lawsuit

Just a little bit earlier than the jewelry lawsuit, Rich found himself in the midst of an even larger one revolving around his management company. In fact, his own management company, Blueprint Artist Management, alleged that the rapper owed them over $3.5 in fees stemming from a 2017 deal.

Blueprint claims they have continually asked for their payments, but the rapper has yet to pay. The company is suing for both a breach of contract plus the amount of money that Rich still owes.

The Blueprint / Maverick partnership that Rich signed was a major move for him, as this agency was the same one responsible for putting names like J Erving and Ryan Ramsey on the map. Rich has not made a comment in regards to how he plans to pay for this lawsuit, but we’re anxious to see how this and his other lawsuit pan out.

Rich the Kid is a highly successful rapper, and he’s making a lot of money from selling hit after hit. So we’re not totally sure where all of his money is going. With that said, some claim that it might all be going to the stunning jewelry that he keeps buying— pure speculation, of course.

Rich the Kid’s Jewelry Collection

Even though we don’t quite know if Rich’s jewelry is actually paid for, it’s all impressive nonetheless.

Let’s take a look at some of his most iconic pieces:

Rich Forever Pendant

One of the best things about a piece of jewelry is that it can tell a story and have a lot of meaning. And pendants are some of the most symbolic pieces in the game. Rich has a Rich Forever word pendant that is studded in diamonds on all sides. Not only did it catch everyone’s attention, but it also ran him over $75,000.

The piece was used to commemorate the opening of his personal record label in 2016 called Rich Forever Music. He gave this pendant to everyone on the team at the time, so we can only imagine the total amount of money he had spent on chains.

You can get your own forever pendant that won’t have you paying off bills forever with 6 Ice. Deck out your custom word pendant with whatever words or phrases you want, and then be sure to get yourself a matching piece of bling that it can latch onto to be worn around your neck.

Cuban Link Chain

If it seems like every single rapper or hip hop artist has a Cuban link chain, it’s probably because they do. Cuban links are some of the most iconic pieces in the game, and their interlocking oval design is a classic. But Rich the Kid took it a step further by getting some of the bulkiest chains we’ve ever seen.

One of his $30,000 pieces was gifted to him by one of the Migos, and he uses it to hold onto his Rich Forever pendant. It’s a solid gold chain that’s studded with pure diamonds on the front to help bring out a contrast unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Cuban chains aren’t just for rappers, though. These can spruce up any outfit for any occasion, and you don’t need to drop as much money as Rich the Kid. This 15mm Diamond Prong Cuban Chain in 18k Gold looks nearly identical, and with fast shipping and a lifetime guarantee, this will have Rich the Kid feeling regretful about spending so much on his own.

Star Rings

Rings are an often overlooked piece of jewelry that can go a long way, and Rich’s star ring is one that he loves just as much as some of his more extravagant pieces. Rich has said that when he wears his IceBox star ring during performances, it makes him feel super hyped up because it’s one of the first things he sees when he lifts the microphone up to his mouth.

Rings can be as subtle or as statement-making as you want them to be, and getting yourself a star ring is a great way to make yourself stand out. This Diamond Star Ring in Rose Gold uses a unique pink hue, and when you pair it with dazzling diamonds, it creates a clean piece that feels polished and mature while still livening up any party.

Noteworthy Statements

Rich the Kid is a successful rapper, but he might not be too successful at taking jewelry without anyone noticing. He allegedly owes over $230,000 to a Los Angeles jeweler, and that’s all in addition to over $3.5 million that he still owes to his management company.

If he decided not to pay for the jewelry because he wasn’t happy with the quality, he probably should have purchased from 6 Ice. With fast shipping and a lifetime guarantee for normal wear and tear, you can have confidence from the get-go that you’re getting some of the highest quality hip hop jewelry in the game.


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