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  • 5 min read

The Migos have become a household name in hip hop, and they’re one of the only rap trios in existence. While every single member has their own special, unique personality, there’s one thing that unites them — a stunningly expensive and extravagant collection of jewelry.

With that said, Quavo’s collection might be even crazier than the rest of the group’s. Let’s take a look at his insane jewelry collection so you can start to come up with your own ideas for how to craft your very own style.

Diamond Mariner Chain

Quavo’s chain choice is an immediate indicator that he likes to set himself apart from the pack. While most rappers are wearing Cuban chains or Franco links, Quavo chooses to go for one of the more unique-looking chains in the pack: the Mariner chain.

This nautically-influenced piece is big and hefty enough to anchor a boat to shore. It’s covered in diamonds on all sides, and its giant links are heavy, high quality, and hard to miss. So you’d probably think a piece like this would have run the rapper over $100k. But it actually cost him nothing.

With that said, we’re not all fortunate enough to receive gifts from custom jewelers like Icebox. The good news is similar chains are entirely affordable from 6 Ice. We’ve got mariner chains galore in white gold, traditional gold, and even rose gold. You can have full freedom to customize as you please.


Rings are one of the most subtle pieces you can wear, but when you use them incorrectly, they can completely override your look. Quavo’s huncho rings are the quintessential way to maximize your look without putting in too much effort.

Each individual ring is its own letter, and when you combine all six, it spells out “HUNCHO,” which is a slang term for a leader or person in charge. And considering each one of these rings is made with solid gold and real diamonds, we definitely think that Quavo has earned this title.


You can customize your own personalized jewelry with any word or phrase you can imagine with 6 Ice’s customization collection. Have full creative freedom over the word, diamonds used, gold color, and even a matching chain.

Make your very own Huncho ring to mimic this rap icon, or stray from the norm and choose a saying with even more sentimental value to you alone. 

Diamond Watches

If you don’t own a personalized watch covered in diamonds and gold, then it’s hard to say that you’ve actually made it in the hip-hop world. Quavo doesn’t just have one watch — he’s got a ton to show off.

Quavo has a collection of high-quality, diamond-encrusted watches that add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars total. This includes a Patek watch at $80k, a rose gold Sky-Dweller Rolex at $70k, and another white gold Sky-Dweller at the same price. 


But you don’t need to drop a fortune to look like a million bucks. Our Iced Rocketeer Watches fit right into Quavo’s collection despite being just a fraction of the price. Choose between polished and chic black or white watch faces, or go for something bolder with a colored face. Either way, you’ll never lose track of time because of how often you’ll keep looking at your wrist.

Giant Two-Tone Cuban Chain

We mentioned earlier that Quavo seemed to stray too far from the norms to wear a simple Cuban chain. But when he does wear one of the most common chain links in existence, he takes it to a whole new level.

His two-tone traditional and white gold Cuban chain is absolutely giant. It’s so big that it cost the rapper $95,000 total. With that said, this is one of the largest Cuban chains we’ve ever seen, and we can’t help but feel like it might actually be worth that insane cost.

Two-tone chains let you get the best of both worlds if you can’t decide which color you want to go for. And luckily, 6 Ice has plenty for you to choose from that don’t require you to take out a loan. This 19mm Diamond Prong Cuban Chain 2 Tone White/ 18k Gold is the statement piece you didn’t know you needed.

Crash Bandicoot Pendant

You have the power to attach sentimental value and meaning to your pieces, and it’s one of the many ways that you can show off your sensitive side. But you can also just wear it because it looks cool, and Quavo’s Crash Bandicoot pendant is for sure not meant to be taken too seriously.

Quavo shows off his affection for being a 90s baby with this detailed, colorful, and diamond-covered custom pendant of a tiki mask from the hit Crash Bandicoot game. It’s a fun piece that incorporates colored gold in the feathers on top of the mask to really make the piece stand out on its own. And with a $150,000 price tag, we’d sure hope that it’s at least a little flashy.

chain panda

Custom jewelry can let you tell a story without ever needing to open your mouth, but if you just want to have a good time like Quavo, we’ve got affordable options for any occasion. This Iced Panda Pendant’s white and black design matches any fit without making yourself look too serious.

Edna Pendant

Of course, jewelry still does have the power to speak volumes. While it’s fun to wear Crash Bandicoot pendants and giant, flashy chains, it’s also nice to attach meaning to them. That’s exactly what Quavo does when he throws on his custom word “Edna” pendant.

Edna was his mother’s name, so wearing this pendant allows him to take her with him everywhere he goes. And on top of that, this was a piece that was gifted to him by his brother, so it has double the sentimental value.

Use custom word pendants and picture pendants to your advantage, crafting up your very own unique piece that lets you commemorate and celebrate the people in your life that have made a difference. From honoring those who have passed away to giving extra love to those that are still with us, custom pendants allow you to be sensitive without giving up on your look.

Set Yourself Apart 

Quavo might be just ⅓ of the Migos, but he’s got about 100% of the clout. By taking just one look at his jewelry collection it becomes pretty clear that he’s gained tons of success from being a part of this iconic rap trio.

From custom watches to dazzling pendants worth upwards of $150,000, Quavo’s got the perfect mix between sentimental, emotional pieces plus quirky, bold, and unmistakable gems. If you’re looking to get your own ideas for how to spruce up your jewelry box — he’s definitely an icon to watch.

6 Ice is the purveyor of fine hip hop jewelry, and we’ve got alternatives to all of Quavo’s looks that will fit your style without breaking the bank. Plus, our lifetime guarantee ensures you’re getting the highest quality from start to finish.



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