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Nardo Wick Jewelry: What Type Of Jewelry Does Nardo Wick Wear?

Have you ever wondered what kind of jewelry Nardo Wick wears? Renowned for his one-of-a-kind style, Nardo Wick has become a symbol of fashion inspiration. His love of ice and the many accessories that make his look stand out are broken down in this piece. Serving as an in-depth elucidation of Nardo Wick's individual fashion, whether you're aspiring to mirror his look or genuinely intrigued by his jewelry choices. Read on, as we carefully break down his gold collection and reveal the key elements that make up his unique style.

Who Is Nardo Wick?

Horace Bernard Walls III, better known by his stage name Nardo Wick, born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida is a rising rapper and hip-hop artist known for his unique blend of trap beats and melodic rap. With his catchy hooks and charismatic personality, Nardo Wick has quickly gained a dedicated fan base and is making waves in the music industry.

What Type Of Jewelry Does Nardo Wick Wear?

Nardo Wick is known for wearing bold and extravagant jewelry. He frequently wears a combination of gold and diamond accessories that enhance his overall appearance with a luxurious touch. Here are some of the key types of jewelry that Nardo Wick is often seen wearing:

  1. Chains: Nardo Wick is frequently seen wearing thick and chunky gold chains around his neck. Typically embellished with sizable pendants, such as crosses or personalized creations showcasing his initials or logo, these chains contribute a bold focal point to his ensembles, serving as a pivotal hallmark of his unique style.
  2. Rings: Nardo Wick is a fan of statement rings, often wearing multiple rings on several fingers. Rings featuring intricate detailing and substantial gemstones, including luminous diamonds and richly hued gems like rubies and emeralds, hold his preference. These rings introduce an element of grace and elevated style to his overall ensemble.
  3. Bracelets: Nardo Wick often wears stacked bracelets on his wrists, combining different styles and materials. Mixing gold and diamond bracelets is a favored styling technique, resulting in a visually layered and diverse appearance. These interwoven bracelets infuse a hint of edginess and distinctiveness into his complete fashion persona.
  4. Earrings: Nardo Wick frequently wears diamond stud earrings, adding a subtle yet eye-catching element to his ensemble. He prefers small or medium-sized studs that complement his other jewelry pieces without overpowering them. The earrings add a touch of sparkle and complete his overall look.
  5. Watches: Nardo Wick is also a fan of luxury watches and is often seen wearing them as a statement piece. He gravitates towards watches with striking, daring designs and sizable watch faces. His preference often leans towards timepieces that boast either a radiant gold finish or feature intricate diamond embellishments. These watches impart an air of sophistication to his ensembles, showcasing his achievement and elevated status.

Does Nardo Wick Buy Custom Jewelry?

Yes, Nardo Wick is known to buy custom jewelry. He often wears custom-made pieces that feature his initials or logo. He even went as far as getting custom, permanent diamond teeth worth over $30,000. These customized jewelry pieces add a personal touch to his overall style and help him stand out from the crowd. Nardo Wick's love for custom jewelry further demonstrates his dedication to creating a unique and distinct fashion statement.

Nardo Wick Clothing Style

Nardo Wick's clothing style is just as bold and extravagant as his jewelry choices. He is known for his high-fashion and streetwear-inspired looks that exude confidence and individuality. Here are some key elements of Nardo Wick's clothing style:

  1. Statement Pieces: Nardo Wick is often seen wearing statement pieces that grab attention and make a statement. This can include oversized jackets, patterned or embellished shirts, or unique accessories like hats or sunglasses. These pieces add an element of drama and uniqueness to his outfits.
  2. Designer Brands: Nardo Wick is a fan of designer brands and often wears clothing from luxury fashion houses. He is known to sport brands like Gucci, Versace, Balenciaga, and Off-White, among others. These high-end pieces elevate his style and showcase his appreciation for fashion.
  3. Bold Prints and Patterns: Nardo Wick isn't afraid to experiment with bold prints and patterns. From animal prints to vibrant florals, he incorporates eye-catching designs into his outfits. This adds a sense of playfulness and creativity to his overall look.
  4. Streetwear Influence: Nardo Wick's style often incorporates elements of streetwear. This can include oversized hoodies, graphic t-shirts, distressed denim, and statement sneakers. He embraces the relaxed and urban aesthetic, combining it with high-fashion pieces to create a unique blend of styles.
  5. Attention to Detail: Nardo Wick pays attention to the small details that complete his look. Whether it be a perfectly tailored jacket, a strategically placed accessory, or a well-kept hairstyle, he understands the importance of attention to detail. These small touches elevate his outfits and showcase his meticulous approach to fashion.


Style-wise, Nardo Wick is just as boisterous and flashy as he is. Everything he wears, including the handcrafted jewelry, fashion statements, and brand names, communicates his confidence and distinctiveness. Due to the use of vibrant prints and patterns and his acceptance of streetwear influences, his clothing has a dynamic and inventive quality. His meticulous approach to dressing is shown in his attention to detail. Consider adding these components into your personal style if you're a fan of Nardo Wick and want to take a page from his book of fashion in order to make a special and distinctive fashion statement.

Final Thoughts

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