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  • 6 min read

Philadelphia has treated hip-hop to some of its all-time greats, like Black Thought and Cassidy. But arguably its most prominent rapper is one of the youngest and newest on the scene.

Meek Mill hails from the city of brotherly love, but his music has now made ripples worldwide. With multiple songs peaking in the Billboard Top 100s and his very own label imprint, Dream Chasers Records, it’s proof that Mill has been able to chase his dreams much further than most.

Through constant battles with the criminal justice system and multiple civil suits against magazines and media outlets, Mill has developed a reputation that has made him divisive. But if there’s one thing that everyone can agree on, it’s that his jewelry game is top tier.

Let’s take a look at Mill’s wild jewelry collection while also taking a look at how you can recreate his style without recreating the price tags.

Dream Chasers Pendant

Being a rapper is one thing, and while you still need a lot of talent and success to be able to pump out bangers, there’s a fairly large rap scene in the mainstream. But starting your own record label takes courage and finesse that’s unmatched.

So when Meek Mill started his Dream Chasers record label in 2012, he became a force to be reckoned with. Not only that, it’s named after his wildly successful mixtape series, further proving that he has a natural gift.

Naturally, Mill wanted to commemorate this stepping stone with a piece of jewelry. The iced-out pendant features 250 carats of real diamond and gold, all studded over the Dreamchasers logo. It’s a bulky, solid, and mesmerizing piece.

This might make it worth the $540k price tag, but it’s tough to really say. This is because you can get an equally iced-out look for a fraction of the price.

Better Alternative

The pendant itself is a fairly simple word medallion that doesn’t do anything too flashy. But the reason that Mill’s piece is so pristine is because of the sheer number of diamonds that are handset all over.

Pure diamonds used to be expensive because of their rarity, but since diamond supplies have become more abundant, they’re actually only expensive because of monopolies on the market. You pay thousands for a diamondjust because it’s a diamond. But you can garner a champion look without having to break the bank.

Diamond simulants such as cubic zirconia are popular alternatives to the real thing because they really look just like them. They’re cut and styled in the same ways, allowing them to have nearly identical reflection and luster.

Dripping Heart Pendant

With all of this in mind, if you want to impress with something like Mill’s custom logo, go for something big and bold like aDripping Heart Pendant. This is just as unique as Mill’s pendant, and with hand-paved 5A cubic zirconia stone, it looks even more legitimate.

Solid Gold Birthday Watch

One of the perks of being a famous rapper is that you often have famous rapper friends who are willing to splurge for your special day. This is even more true when youdateone of them.

Although they’ve since broken up, Meek Mill once dated Nicki Minaj, the self-proclaimed queen of hip-hop. On his 29th birthday, Minaj treated him to an assortment of gifts. But most notable was the blinding gold and diamond watch that she had gifted him at his party.

The watch is massive, sporting solid diamonds on all sides and solid gold directly underneath. Although it’s unknown just how much Minaj had spent on the watch, it was probably a price fit for royalty.

Better Alternative

Watches are great pieces of jewelry because they have a functional purpose as well. And although most rappers probably don’t need to worry about setting the time, it’s a nice bonus when you decide to throw one on in the morning.

But what’s great about watches from a visual standpoint is that they have a wide surface area, meaning that there’s extra room to fully ice out every tiny detail. When compared to chains and bracelets, watches just have a high-class feel that is tough to recreate.

Iced Jet-Setter Watch 18k Gold

Mill’s gifted watch looks strikingly similar to thisIced Jet-Setter Watch in 18k gold. It features 3,000 hand-set VVS diamond simulant stones that give it a luxurious look and feel. With 14-18k gold plating over a 316L stainless steel base, it’s a piece that’s built to last. 

And the best part is that you don’t need to wait until your birthday to get one. Grab one today, and you’ll see why every famous hip-hop artist always has one around their wrist.

Patriots Super Bowl Ring

Philadelphia sports fans are some of the most devoted fans in the country. Being born and raised in the city usually means that you’ll live and die for the Philadelphia Eagles football team.

But Mill is a bit of an outlier. Although he loves the Eagles and even has mentioned the team in a number of songs, he also considers former Patriots owner Robert Kraft aclose personal friend. So when the New England team won the Super Bowl in 2018, Mill had no problem flaunting a huge Patriots ring on his finger.

It’s not often that an Eagles fan can cross the line and still support their rival team, but Mill’s loyalties are far-reaching. And when you can get yourself a giant diamond ring, why not pledge allegiance wherever possible?

Better Alternative

Wearing a Super Bowl ring around your finger is one of the most prestigious things a person can do. However, it’s also extremely hard to come by unless you’re as renowned as someone like Mill.

But you don’t need to be famous to feel famous. Rings are nuanced ways to complete a unique and modern icy look.

Diamond Prong Cuban Ring 18k Gold

ADiamond Prong Cuban Ring catches the light from every angle thanks to meticulously handset cubic zirconia stones. This is a ring that stands out on its own but looks exceptional when paired with chains or bracelets in the Prong Cuban family.

The best part is that you don’t need to be loyal to a specific sports team in order to wear it. 

Lil Snupe Tribute Pendant

One of the best things about jewelry is that each piece can have sentimental and personal value. Although Mill is known for his “in your face” style of chain and pendant, he knows that jewelry can hold a lot of meaning. This is why Mill got a customized tribute piece to one of his collaborators and friends, Lil Snupe.

Lil Snupe, orAddarren Ross, was signed to Mill’s Dream Chasers label and quickly became his protege. Mill had signed Ross after listening to his mixtape for only 20 minutes. So when he was untimely gunned down at the young age of 18, Mill felt an immense heartbreak.

To commemorate his life and ensure that he will never be forgotten, Mill got a large picture pendant of Ross as a child surrounded by brilliant gemstones. It’s a gorgeous piece that he often wears everywhere he goes.

How To Get Your Own Custom Pendant

A personalized medallion is a touching way to commemorate a loved one, either living or dead. And since custom jewelry continues to be on the rise, you can easily get your very own pendant just like Mill’s tribute piece.

3D Circle Custom Picture Pendant

A3D Circle Custom Picture Pendant looks exactly like the one that Mill used to memorialize Ross. Upload any picture you like, and then choose between 18k, white, and rose gold for the metallic finish. You can even select the perfect chain to match. With full control, you can make the perfect piece for that special someone.

But pictures aren’t the only ways to customize your look. Choose from word pendants, lockets, andmore, allowing you to have extensive agency over your commemorative chain. 

In Conclusion

When it comes to wild jewelry, Meek Mill might do it best. His half-million-dollar pendant is able to speak for itself. But on top of that, his rings, bracelets, and chains are always iced out to the max. Matching his look is easier, and cheaper, than you might think. 

But one of his most personal pieces, his Lil Snupe tribute, might be his most profound. Customizing a pendant in honor of a loved one is a beautiful way to always hold someone close.

Mill’s persona is big, but his heart might be even bigger. His luxurious jewelry collection is well-deserved.



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