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  • 5 min read

If you’ve spent just a couple of minutes on social media, then you’ve probably seen Lil Yachty creating a meme for himself. However, before he gained internet fame, he gained success in the hip hop realm.

Lil Boat is best known for his song iSpy, and because of his success, we spy him wearing thousands of dollars worth of jewelry at any given moment. Let’s take a deep dive into his collection to see how much he’s spent. Plus, we’ll discuss how you can dress just like him on a budget.

Self-Portrait Chain

You know when a rapper has made it big when they can get a custom pendant of themselves, and that’s exactly what Lil Yachty did. This cheeky caricature of himself covered in colorful diamonds ran him $50,000.

This is a highly detailed piece that looks nearly identical to a picture taken of Yachty a few years prior. It’s even complete with a gold grill in the mouth — just like one of Yachty’s actual gold iconic gold grills that he never leaves the house without.

Custom pendants can have a meaning unlike any other piece of jewelry, and you can make your own easily. From word pendants to custom picture pendants, you can have full control over the style and appearance of your very own pendant from start to finish.

The only major difference is that you don’t need to spend nearly as much money to get something just as high in quality.

Baby Boat Pendant

Lil Yachty is often lovingly referred to as Lil Boat, and to celebrate his newfound nickname as well as his sheer success as a rapper, the Georgia-based rapper paid $60,000 for his first-ever chain out of pocket.

This baby boat pendant is covered in pure diamonds from top to bottom, and it’s a highly detailed depiction of a yacht to represent his namesake. It’s one of those pendants that has so much sentimental value, but it’s not too flashy or ”in your face,” making it the perfect piece to wear whenever he feels like it.

If you want to dress to impress like Yachty without needing to take out a second mortgage, the freeway pendant in 18k gold is exactly what you need. It looks nearly identical to his custom piece; the only difference is that it costs just a fraction of the price.

You can have full control over whether or not you want the piece to be gold plated or solid gold. It’s your way or the freeway.

Rosary Bead Chain

Every rapper needs an iconic chain or two… or maybe more. But Lil Yachty’s Rosary Bead chain really might be the only one he needs. This chain made with real diamonds and white gold ran him $50,000 for the chain alone.

Bead chains are intricate because each little bead is completely covered with tiny diamonds, which explains why they tend to be a little on the pricier side. Yachty himself even admitted that he spent a bit more on this one than he probably should have.

But considering we’ve got a nearly identical one for much less, he’s probably a little mad at himself that he didn’t check out our website before committing. This diamond beads chain in white gold is fit for a king like Yachty without the royal price tag.

Boat Simpson Pendant

Lil Yachty is a 90s kid who grew up on cartoons, so it’s only natural that he dropped $100,000 on a custom pendant that depicts himself as Bart Simpson. It’s a highly detailed piece that looks exactly like the iconic character; the only difference is that it’s loaded with diamonds and complete with Yachty’s iconic dreadlocks.

Yachty mentioned that one of the main reasons he got this piece in the first place was because he saw Gucci Mane wearing a Bart Simpson pendant, and he wanted to one-up it. And while we do love Gucci’s original version, we have to say that Yachty’s pendant is a personal favorite of ours.

While pendants are great because they can tell a story or symbolize an important time in your life, you can also just get some to have fun. Like this Bart Simpson pendant, this panda pendant can have as much (or as little) personal meaning as you want without sacrificing a single ounce of style.

Lock Chain

A chain and padlock are one of the most common ways to keep a door shut or a gate closed, but it’s also a fashion statement. And Yachty’s golden lock chain is truly one of a kind. It even comes with an iced-out key to unlock it, which is the only way to actually get the pendant off.

This is a huge, heavy pendant that is definitely a statement piece. It’s iced-out on all sides from top to bottom in solid gold and pure diamonds. It’s definitely a sought-after piece, so it’s a good thing it’s locked to his neck unless you have a key.

Our lock pendant in white or 18k gold is a nearly identical version of Yachty’s piece. It proves to people around you that you’re protected and defended, so they won’t try to mess with you.

Giant Cuban Link Chain

The Cuban link chain is one of the most iconic designs in hip hop, and of course, Yachty has one for himself. But in typical Lil Boat fashion, his is bigger and heavier than all the rest. Clocking in at two kilos in weight and a whopping $150,000 in price, Yachty has said he can’t wear this thing for more than 10 minutes without hurting his neck.

While Cuban links can certainly make a statement the bigger you go, they can also be subtle and subdued if that’s more your style. 6 Ice has a wide selection of Cuban chains in all shapes and sizes to fit any occasion, style, and budget.

Patek Watch

Whenever someone thinks of hip hop jewelry, they probably immediately think of chains and pendants. However, a gold watch can really set the tone of an entire look, and Yachty’s Patek watch can’t be ignored.

This golden watch has a blue face, making for a stunning contrast between the two hues. It’s truly a stunning piece that anyone would want to replicate. And the good news is that you absolutely can.

Our iced presidential watches come in four different watch face colors to suit your style. Plus, you’ll never lose track of time as you keep staring at your 18k gold plating or 14k solid gold finish.

Summer Songs and Year-Round Style

Lil Yachty makes big moves with his jewelry game, especially considering his entire collection is worth millions of dollars. From giant custom pendants to heavy, trendsetting chains, he knows a thing or two about making a statement.

You can achieve the same level of finesse as Yachty without spending the equivalent of a yacht. 6 Ice is the purveyor of high-quality hip hop jewelry, and we pride ourselves on making it accessible to the masses. With a huge catalog of different styles and plating options, we have something that works for everyone.


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